Science Takes It Back, Says Bacon Will Help You Live Longer


Looks like those 3 extra pieces of bacon you had for breakfast this morning were actually saving your life. OK, that might be pushing it, but we’ve got good news for you pork lovers out there. Researchers at ETH Zurich just uncovered that foods packed with niacin – Vitamin B3 – are linked to a longer life. A team of researchers fed a selection of roundworms a good dose of niacin and the introduction of this new element increased their lifespan by one-tenth longer, in comparison to their Vitamin B3-deficient worm friends.

You can find niacin in paprika, sun-dried tomatoes, marmite (yech), peanuts but most importantly bacon. The study purports that niacin fools the body into thinking that it’s performing physical exercise, even if you might just be channel surfing on the couch. If you were thinking about scooping up that bacon-covered donut for dessert later today, you might as well, just consider that taking a tip in the fountain of youth.

Note, roundworms do not equal people. So, take this all with a grain of salt(ed bacon).

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Chili Chocolate Chip Cookies

O, how times have changed. If you would have described some of the dishes you see today to your grandparents, or actually offered it to them, they would probably think you’re going crazy… I wouldn’t blame them though, Bacon Wrapped Chocolate Covered Oreos & Chocolate Covered Mac & Cheese?

In the case of these Chili Chocolate Chip Cookies, we get to explore both savory heat and tooth-aching sweet in one complete bite.

This particular recipe calls for a mixture of different spices including chili powder, cinnamon and even cumin or paprika if you’re feeling extra adventurous! Alongside the spices are basic ingredients for a cookie like sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate chips and butter! Maybe a little bit of heat with a chocolate chip cookie doesn’t sound half bad? Throw in some cold vanilla ice cream too? Brilliant! (Thx RockRecipes)


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Joyce’s Dino Pizza

A stoner’s happy meal. We’re looking at a creation my friend Joyce was responsible for, which includes Dino Chicken Nuggets, hummus, paprika and honey all sitting on a quaint piece of flat bread. Now that you guys have the recipe, there’s no excuse but to #eaton!


The Hottest Fuckin’ Nuts


I’m warning you, these are seriously fuckin’ hot nuts. There is no other way to describe just how hot these nuts are. Straight out of Louisana these nuts are covered in salt, habanera chili, jalapenos, onions, garlic, and paprika. Keep away from pets, small children and seagulls and avoid contact with sensitive areas (Warning, seagulls may explode upon digestion). (Thx Coolmaterial)