Screw Washing That Pot, Here’s a Foldable Paper Version That Can Boil Water

The Hexa Pot is a foldable paper pot that is capable of doing the same stuff the current one in your kitchen has been doing for years. That’s right, boil water, hard boil an egg, make pasta, chili without the microwave. Best part about it? Screw trying to clean that soulless rust-collector, just throw it away when you’re done with it.

My ex-college self is roaring right now, smashing a beer can on my forehead out of the excitement of saved dish-washing time this will create. This Hexa Pot is made of “special non-toxic waterproofing multi-ply paper material” that is both biodegradable and folds flat so you can store it wherever you want.

This pot is not yet a reality, but is still in the pre-production and funding stages via crowd-sourced funding website Kickstarter. The folks behind this Los Angeles, CA-based design project are trying to raise a total of $25,000 to get this project off the ground. If you feel passionately about cooking your next meal in this eco-conscious disposable paper cooking pot, you might want to consider donating to the project.