5 National Pizza Deals For Pi Day

March 14th, 3/14/15, will be the only day we can experience a true Pi Day in our lifetimes, assuming the average life expectancy doesn’t double in the next few decades. To celebrate, you can specifically enjoy some pie at 9:26am (and 53 seconds!) or hound down savory and sweet pies alike all day long.

The latter is highly recommended.

Here are the current national pizza deals to appease your gluttony without hurting your wallet:

Blaze Pizza


This in-store promotion lowers the price of all personal pizzas to $3.14.

Domino’s Pizza


For $15.99, you can grab a large one-topping pizza from Domino’s along with eight pieces of boneless chicken that you should obviously put on the pizza. Just make sure you use code “9171” at checkout.

Papa John’s Pizza

aeb7759b0790313ef2b3bbdf1f75dd76_Papa Johns

Papa John’s is letting patrons take 25 percent off their regular menu items, provided that they use the clever code “25OFF.”

Papa Murphy’s Pizza


Feel free to use this coupon at a Papa Murphy’s Pizza, our other pizza dad, for a $5 large cheese, pepperoni or sausage pizza.

Pizza Hut

maxresdefault (1)

As a part of their Crust Flavor Challenge and happily coinciding with Pi Day, Pizza Hut is offering a large two-topping pizza at the price of $7.99. You just have to order online and try one of their new crust flavors.

Unfortunately, this deal is only available at select locations.

Please, please eat irresponsibly.


Worker Goes Balls Deep in a Customer’s Pizza


When a customer pisses you off, you can be the bigger man and still be courteous, or you can teabag their pizza. A worker at Papa Murphy’s pizzeria in Texas chose to go with the latter.

Statesman reported that Austin Michael Symonds, 18, was arrested by police after going balls deep on a ham and pineapple pizza. Apparently Symonds was upset that the customer put in the pizza order just minutes before closing time. As payback, Symonds whipped out his privates and went all Pizza Balls. He wasn’t very discrete about it though, as the customer actually caught him in the middle of the act and called police.

The customer asked Symonds his age, then promptly scolded him saying, “So you are old enough to know better.”

The worker was charged with tampering with a consumer product and was obviously fired from Papa Murphy’s. He was arrested September 12 and later released from Williams County Jail on $10,000 bail.

And he would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for that meddling customer being fully aware of his surroundings.


Pizza Geography Map Charts the Closest Pizza Chains Near You


There’s nothing quite like the 2AM pizza delivery call to soothe our grease-lovin’ souls, and there are tons of different establishments from which we can choose. While the most recognizable are usually the chain restaurants (a la Pizza Hut and Papa John’s), have you ever thought about how prevalent these pizza chains are in the US?

Pizza Map
Nathan Yau of Flowing Data compiled all relevant research and created the above map that charts the nearest pizza chain within a 10-mile radius across the US — Chuck E. Cheese’s, CiCi’s, Domino’s, Godfather’s, Little Caesar’s, Papa John’s, Papa Murphy’s, Pizza Hut and Sbarro. While this data distribution alone is valuable, Yau broke it down in even further detail:


Where Individual Chains Can Be Found

Pizza Locations

When the data is broken down by chain, it seems that Pizza Hut and Domino’s reign supreme, although Papa John’s and Little Caesars might give ’em a run for their money. Interestingly enough, a few restaurants are still popular in the locations they originated — Little Caesars is strong in the Michigan area, and Papa Murphy’s has a decent presence in the northwest.


Location Comparisons

Pizza Map

Have a pizza hankering? This chart shows you how each restaurant matches up against each another. Simply choose a chain on the left, one from the top and follow to wear they intersect to see how they compare.

While I’m a fan of these spots, we’re just stoked people are finally recognizing that Chuck E. Cheese has some high quality pie. Truth.

Picthx Flowing Data

Fast Food

Papa Murphy’s Jack-O-Lantern Pizza Back for Halloween


In the spirit of Halloween, Papa Murphy’s is bringing back their take-and-bake Jack-O-Lantern Pizza for customers to enjoy. Shaped like a pumpkin, this pie is a designed to look like the  face of a Jack-O-Lantern, complete with a pepperoni smile and olive eyes. Like the chain’s other pies, the take-home pizza requires only 12-18 minutes to bake at 425 degrees.

Although, if it was up to me, my Halloween-themed pie would have a gaping anchovy mouth, candy corn eyes and cheesy mozzarella zombie blood all over his face. Tasty.

PicThx Papa Murphy’s


Twinkie Pizza

With all the Easter sweetness and excitement out of the way, it’s time to return to our normally scheduled programming, cut to: Twinkie Pizza. Apparently the affection for something both sweet and savory doesn’t end with bacon covered chocolate, but instead revolves around littering a Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake pizza with slices of sweet Twinkies. (Thx GrubGrade)

Fast Food

Papa Murphy’s Announces Launch of ‘Combo Magnifico’ Pizza

Papa Murphy’s took today to announce the launch of their new Combo Magnifico pizza. The pizza is the first pie to debut from their Italia line, utilizing a “not-too-thin, not-too-thick” crust, utilizing a new “zesty red sauce,” large deli sliced pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, and zesty herbs. The pizza follows the same bake-at-home process as the chain’s other products, made fresh each day at one of Papa Murphy’s 1,250+ locations and built to be baked at home at a later time.

Fast Food

Papa Murphy’s Commercial Takes Jabs At Pizza Delivery Rivals

On Saturday we revealed that Papa Murphy’s had set aside roughly $35 million dollars for an upcoming ad campaign meant to take some subtle blows at competing pizza delivery chains and positioning their take-home variety in a much better light. Sure enough, Monday is upon us and we now get to lay our eyes on the first video to fall out of their campaign:

Fast Food

Papa Murphy’s S’mores Dessert Pizza and Looming $35 Million Ad Campaign

In early February, Papa Murphy’s, the world’s largest take-and-bake pizza company, introduced their S’mores Dessert Pizza. The dessert pizza utilizes real Hershey’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate chips, toasted mini marshmallows with a crisp topping. For those unfamiliar with the Papa Murphy’s chain, they hope their upcoming $35 million media campaign will change that unfamiliarity.