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Papa John’s Unleashes Spicy Version Of Their Garlic Sauce Just In Time For 4/20

It’s a general consensus that one of the best things Papa John’s has to offer is their fan-favorite garlic sauce. On April 19th, they’re unleashing a spicy version of the condiment that is sure to fuel plenty of 4/20 munchies.

Photo: Isai Rocha // Foodbeast

The new garlic butter dip is the same as before, but gets an added kick from both red chilies and jalapenos. It’s definitely a noticeable oomph that’ll turn up the heat on any pizza or cheesy breadstick Papa John’s has to offer. For those of you that crave some spice following a 4/20 marijuana binge, this sauce would definitely heighten that eating experience, especially when slathered onto pizza.

Photo: Isai Rocha // Foodbeast

On April 19th, every pizza ordered at Papa John’s nationwide will come with the new Spicy Garlic Sauce in addition to the standard one. From there, it’ll be available while supplies last upon request, although we suspect a lot of the spicy variant will be ordered when everyone gets the munchies the following day.

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Chicken & Waffles Pizza Is Officially Coming To Papa John’s This Year

Over the past couple of weeks, Papa John’s has been throwing up polls on Twitter asking fans to choose what the next pizza creation they debut should be. In an overwhelming majority, folks have asked for the pizza chain to bring chicken & waffles pizza to life.

Photo courtesy of Papa John’s

While there’s no official timetable as to when the pizza will launch yet, Papa John’s has released a concept photo of what the pizza will look like. The Hot Honey Chicken & Waffles Pizza will be topped with pieces of fried chicken and waffle crumbles, bacon, cheese, and a spicy honey drizzle.

The brunch-inspired ‘za had a commanding lead in the fan vote from the start, and final results gave it 70% of the votes compared to the alternative, Huevos Rancheros.

Other options that didn’t make the first cut included a pulled pork “Roast Pizza” and pizza dippers, or as Papa John’s called it, the “Un-Pizza.” Whether any of those will get a chance in the future to find a home on the menu as well remains to be seen.

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Papa John’s Founder And Ex-Chairman Just Started A ‘Save Papa John Campaign’

Papa John’s founder John Schnatter has not had a great year. After the events of his departure from the pizza empire he built, Schnatter has begun a campaign to restore his reputation and voice his side of the story in the form of

In early July, Schnatter resigned as chairman of the pizza company after reportedly using the N-word during a conference call back in May.

At the time, he was speaking with marketing firm Laundry Service about the prevention of future public relation incidents after the events of 2017’s NFL statement where he blamed the league as the reason behind declining pizza sales. This was all during a role-playing exercise, reports Forbes.

According to Time, Schnatter paid for a full-page ad on the Courier Journey (hometown paper to Papa John’s) where he directed readers to his new website.

The site Save Papa John’s states:

I built Papa John’s from the ground up and remain its largest shareholder. I love my Company, its employees, franchisees and customers.

It continues:

The Board wants to silence me. So this is my website, and my way to talk to you.

The website also includes copies of Schnatter’s interactions with the company including requests for legal documents and records of the pizza company. He states that this will be the forum where his voice will be heard moving forward.

It doesn’t look like Schnatter is quite ready to give up his pizza company just yet. I guess we’ll see in the weeks to come what he has to say about recent events.

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Papa John’s Is Now Selling 8-Pound Jugs Of Their Garlic Sauce

Whether you like Papa John’s pizza or not, one thing that most can agree on is that their buttery garlic sauce is the most superior thing on the menu, and instantly upgrades anything it’s dipped or poured on.

Papa John is no fool. He knows the love for his garlic sauce exists, and for no fully logical reason, is selling 8-pound jugs of it.

Starting Friday, May 11, the jug will be available in Papa John’s online merch store (Site goes live Friday), and will be selling for $20.

Their thinking seems to be that with that much garlic sauce at your disposal, you’ll just use it on anything and everything. While I can’t think of many more things it would go good with, other than pizza and breadsticks, I’m sure fans will get creative.

The monstrous jugs will certainly be a hot commodity, so if you’re a big fan, grab one quick and put that stuff on anything your little heart desires.

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Peyton Manning Sells All His Papa John’s Locations After They Split From NFL

Aside from Papa himself, Peyton Manning was the face of Papa John’s Pizza, as he swore his allegiance to them and even gave CEO John Schnatter a sweet peck on the cheek after winning the Super Bowl in 2016.

Well, it looks like maybe Manning wasn’t really about that pizza life, as he reportedly sold his 31 Papa John’s locations, just two days before the pizza chain split from the NFL, according to the Denver Post. In 2012, Manning went all in, acquiring 21 stores in the Denver area. Over the years, he built up enough clout to own 31 in total.

Papa John’s was the official pizza of the NFL, and Manning rolled with them for six years. Papa John’s gave the NFL legend a chance to show his silly, comedic side and they seemed like a match made in heaven.

However, Papa John’s took a little heat after Schnatter decided to make unpopular comments about the NFL’s National Anthem protests, later being personally endorsed by a neo-nazi website, and watching its stock fall in 2017.

In February, the NFL and Papa thought it best to part ways, as Pizza Hut swooped in and became the new “official” pizza of America’s favorite sport.

The fact that Manning bailed before the NFL split means he probably knew it was coming. Maybe Schantter and Manning met, said their heartfelt goodbyes, and gave each other a tender kiss before parting ways.



Pizza Hut Scores New NFL Sponsorship, Replacing Papa John’s


The National Football League has officially traded Papa John’s for Pizza Hut as its official pizza sponsor.

After eight years together, the dissolution of the sponsorship between Papa John’s and the NFL may have been something to be expected for some time now. Papa John’s has been under fire since November 2017 when former CEO John Schnatter blamed poor pizza sales on the National Anthem protests by NFL players. According to Bangor Daily News, Schnatter blamed poor leadership from higher officials of the NFL for the players who knelt during the National Anthem to protest against racial discrimination, injustice, and inequality. Tension continued to build as Neo-Nazis claimed Papa John’s as the “Official Pizza of Aryan Race,” and eventually, Schnatter stepped down from his position in January 2018.

However, Papa John’s isn’t totally nixed from any involvement with the NFL. According to the Washington Post, there will continue to be partnerships with 22 local NFL teams, and will focus on a “presence in broadcast and digital media and key personalities in the sport.”

Nevertheless, the NFL seems to have made the best, most logical choice in choosing Pizza Hut to be it’s newest official pizza for the next four years, starting April 2018. The pizza giant is the largest pizza chain in the United States, totaling over 7,200 locations, according to the Washington Post.

“We know many of our fans enjoy pizza while watching NFL games and we are thrilled to have Pizza Hut, an industry leader and one of America’s favorite brands, as an official league sponsor,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in an official statement. “With a focus on family, friends and fun, Pizza Hut has the creativity we are looking for in a partner and we look forward to working together with them to make the at-home NFL experience more exciting than ever for our fans.”

If an “at-home NFL experience” is what they’re aiming for, Pizza Hut may already have the ball rolling. After all, Pizza Hut has been testing out beer and wine delivery, allowing consumers to kill two birds with one stone. But sensing from the enthusiasm of Artie Starrs, President of Pizza Hut U.S., that may just be the beginning.

“Pizza Hut has a history of bringing more entertaining food and experiences to the pizza occasion and we plan to continue that through our exclusive partnership with the NFL,” said Starrs. “The capacity for what’s possible is endless and that’s going to make this league partnership great fun for Pizza Hut, the NFL and everyone who loves pizza and football.”

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Papa John Officially Steps Down As CEO Following Controversial NFL Comments

A month after blaming national anthem protests in the NFL on slumping sales for his pizza brand, “Papa John” Schnatter is stepping down as CEO.

According to CNBC, Papa John’s founder will stay on as chairman, but that Chief Operating Officer Steve Ritchie will take over as the new CEO effective January 1st. Schnatter’s previous comments had triggered backlash against the pizza giant, which led to drops in stock price, ridicule from rivals like DiGiorno, and even a brief stint as the “national pizza of the Aryan race.”

Schnatter’s controversial comments came on an investor call, where he slammed the NFL’s “poor leadership” for what he saw as improper handling of the national anthem protests that led to declining sales for his business. Steve Ritchie would not say if these remarks were the cause for the Papa John’s leadership shakeup.

A press release from the company says that “Papa John” will “pursue his personal passion for entrepreneurship, leadership development and education.” Schnatter owns 25% of the company, which he doesn’t appear to be giving up as part of these events.

This isn’t the first time Papa John has stepped away from CEO duties for his business. Business Insider reports that in 2005, Schnatter also abdicated his position following a period of struggling sales for the pizza purveyor. He later reclaimed his role in the company in 2008.

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Papa John’s Flips Off Neo-Nazis On Twitter, Not Everybody’s Buying It

Papa John’s really, REALLY doesn’t want to be linked to Neo-Nazis anymore.

In a fiery trio of tweets, the pizza giant came out with an explanation regarding the events of the past couple of weeks. For those who need catching up, Papa John’s caught some shade for blaming the NFL’s handling of players’ national anthem protests on their drop in sales. The alt-right later made the chain their official pizza, something that Papa John didn’t want even a miniscule part of.

Papa John’s full response to their ongoing controversy is below:

Still, not everybody is buying Papa John’s apology, even if part of it flips off Neo-Nazis. Several responded to the pizza purveyor’s tweets by throwing some shade of their own.

While fans may not be completely buying Papa John’s apology, it has yet to be seen if the shareholders feel the same way. As of press time, Papa John’s stock was down 0.85 points, or 1.43 percent, on Wednesday morning.