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Papa John’s Flips Off Neo-Nazis On Twitter, Not Everybody’s Buying It

Papa John’s really, REALLY doesn’t want to be linked to Neo-Nazis anymore.

In a fiery trio of tweets, the pizza giant came out with an explanation regarding the events of the past couple of weeks. For those who need catching up, Papa John’s caught some shade for blaming the NFL’s handling of players’ national anthem protests on their drop in sales. The alt-right later made the chain their official pizza, something that Papa John didn’t want even a miniscule part of.

Papa John’s full response to their ongoing controversy is below:

Still, not everybody is buying Papa John’s apology, even if part of it flips off Neo-Nazis. Several responded to the pizza purveyor’s tweets by throwing some shade of their own.

While fans may not be completely buying Papa John’s apology, it has yet to be seen if the shareholders feel the same way. As of press time, Papa John’s stock was down 0.85 points, or 1.43 percent, on Wednesday morning.

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Neo-Nazis Claim Papa John’s Is The ‘Official Pizza Of Aryan Race’, Papa’s Not Having It


Papa John’s made some waves recently when he blamed his declining sales on the NFL’s inability to properly handle the National Anthem protests.

After those statements, a popular neo-Nazi web site proudly proclaimed Papa John’s the “Official pizza of the Aryan master race.”

The big papa was not too pleased about it, and a PR rep actually made a statement to the Courier Journal,  as they were not about to let the company be linked to the race-intolerant site, saying:

“We condemn racism in all forms and any and all hate groups that support it. We do not want these individuals or groups to buy our pizza.”

None of what Papa John’s has done over the last week has helped its stock much, as it has dropped almost 9 points since the start of November.

The pizza chain probably didn’t want to involve itself in a political battle, but it’s right in the middle of one. That may be the cause of the sales drop, or maybe more people are realizing that Papa John’s just isn’t that good.

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Papa John’s Continues to Push the Boundaries on ‘Better Ingredients, Better Pizza’

There’s a famous phrase that goes: “Not all heroes wear capes,” right? — ’cause some heroes wear aprons who happen to also deliver great pizza. There are a lot of pizzas out there to choose from, and of course, we all have our preferences: deep dish, thin crust, pan; and unlike humankind, not all pizzas are created equal. And not all pizza companies are created equal, too.

Recently, I had an inside glimpse within Papa John’s headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky to experience how they combine artistry and science into their pizza making and how they’re always trying to innovate and deliver a better pizza. I took a quick tour of their Quality Control Center and Test Kitchen, getting the lowdown on how Papa John’s stays consistent with their creations.

Last year, Papa John’s announced their elimination of artificial and synthetic flavors across their entire food menu, while also fully transitioning their chicken into a non antibiotic, vegetarian diet.

To continue with that tradition of innovation and boundary pushing, Papa John’s proudly announced on April 4, 2017 that they have begun to test the viability of organically grown and sustainable ingredients in their pizzas. To uphold their principles of “Better Ingredients, Better Pizza,” Papa John’s is working in partnership with Green BEAN Delivery in their new program to serve fresh, organic produce in their pizza.

While the operation is still being tested out in their Lexington, Kentucky locations, Papa John’s hopes to source from Certified Organic family farms across the country in the near future.

Sean Muldoon, Chief Ingredient Officer, stated that their organics initiative is just “a natural step for the company to continue their commitment to being the cleanest label in the pizza industry.”

As younger and more contemporary generations continue their quest of finding healthier alternatives without sacrificing the all-important convenience factor, Papa John’s not only recognizes these desires, but also the needs for their future.

During my visit, Papa John Schnatter himself, CIO Sean Muldoon, and their team were adamant about being the vanguards of change in the food industry. They want to be that spark hoping other corporate food giants follow suit in developing a sound strategy for sustainable ingredients. Muldoon went on to say “We don’t care if other companies follow suit. It will benefit our overall future.”

As healthier options continue to appeal to consumers, food companies must meet these increasing demands. Knowing where our food is sourced from not only guarantees its freshness on our tables, but it makes these distributors accountable for quality control and promotes local farms. At the end of the day, the positive contributions these food companies make will drive the direction of the industry and ultimately affect how we choose what we consume.


Cops Are Gleefully Rewarding Law-Abiding Citizens With Free Pizza


In a refreshing change of pace, instead of gunning down people, police officers are in the news for graciously handing out pizza vouchers.

According to CBS, the Denver Police Department has been walking the streets, keeping their guns in their holsters and handing out gift cards for a free Papa John’s pizza. The catch is that they have to spot you obeying the law, according to their judgement.

Papa John’s and Alpine Bank gave the police department 500 of the pizza vouchers that read, “You got caught doing something right.”

Officers are now walking the Denver streets, hunting down citizens who are doing astonishingly lawful deeds, such as using trash cans instead of littering, or using the cross walk instead of jaywalking.

Although you might now see Denver cops roaming around and making nice with people, the department  has been under fire after the controversial shooting of a Native American man named Paul Castaway earlier this July. Police shot and killed Castaway after he “charged at them,” but witnesses and supposed surveillance footage showed a different story than the police department’s.

But, hey. Pizza will fix it.

Maybe Castaway’s shooting wasn’t about race, but it’s still unsettling that in the US, Native Americans join African Americans as the two groups most likely to be killed by law enforcement.

Pizza can probably fix that, too.

The Denver PD could use some good PR right now, but not even the video clip they’re using to promote this does much to help ease tension in the police vs. minorities narrative. Denver has a Hispanic population of 31.7 percent, and an African American population of 11.1 percent, yet it looks like the only people who are doing any good in the clip are, um, kind of white.

But, hey. Free pizza!

It is a neat little deal, though. It shows that if you don’t piss off the police and do things they deem “good,” they’ll kill you with kindness. Just don’t run away when they approach you with the gift card, because if you’re a minority, that can still earn you a swift tackle and baton to the head, or worse.

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Grab a 2-Topping Pizza at Papa John’s for $10


Who: Papa John’s
What: Large 2-topping pizza for $10
Why: The pizza chain is celebrating the kickoff of football season with America’s favorite game time meal.
When: Now through Sunday, September 28.

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Papa John’s Porks Up Pies With New Pulled Pork Pizzas


Looking to spice up their line up with a new summer pie, Papa John’s has added pulled pork to their menu for a limited time. The new Spicy Pulled Pork Pizza features pulled pork, a blend of pepperjack and mozzarella cheeses, sweet “Kansas-style” barbecue sauce, and crushed red pepper flakes. Reminiscent of summer barbecues, it sounds like this new pie will be more of a smoky, sweet, spicy pizza.

Backyard barbecue inspired pizzas seem to be a summer trend among several pizza chains. Back in May, Pizza Hut teamed up with country crooner, Blake Shelton, to create a new line of themed pizzas, however Papa John’s is the only one bringing the heat with pulled pork.

Papa John’s Spicy Pulled Pork Pizza is $12 for a large pizza and is available until Sunday, August 24.

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