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Pizza Hut Wants To Dry Clean Your Pants For FREE

WingStreet will sell roughly 68 million wings during the March Madness tournament, and in doing so, will likely lead to thousands, if not millions, of people staining their pants with some sort of wing sauce or dip. Pizza Hut and WingStreet know this, and they’re ready for it.

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To help promote their wings during the famed college basketball tournament this month, WingStreet has promised that there are “no pants required” when eating their wings.

The enormous pizza chain intends to fulfill this promise by teaming up with Martinizing Delivers and 1-800-DRYCLEAN to offer select customers in select markets free dry cleaning for a pair of pants when they order from WingStreet. This deal will only be available on Thursday, March 17th, the first day of the tournament.

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“We know fans are devoted to watching every second of every game during the first day of the men’s college basketball tournament. We don’t want them to miss any of the action by having to leave the house for wings,” said Jared Drinkwater, Vice President of Marketing, Pizza Hut. “That’s why we’re serving up wing joint quality wings delivered right to your front door. Oh, and what other wing joint will clean your pants while you watch hoops? We think it’s a first.”

Please just make sure you’re wearing another pair of pants when you answer the door, the delivery driver doesn’t need that in his life.



Photo Credit: Pizza Hut, Bring The Wing 


‘Muffin Top’ Cupcake Molds, because You Only Eat the Top Anyway

Yes, you read that right. The folks over at Perpetual Kid have gone where no baker has gone before and finally created a mold dedicated to “muffin tops.” It’s about time, because let’s be real: the most delicious part of any cupcake/muffin is the top.

The silicone molds are shaped like the bottom half of a pleasantly plump individual. When the muffins bake, they squeeze out over the top, forming delicious bulges that go great with a glass of milk. Just don’t think too much about how it feels like you’re eating a tiny person made of cake, or wonder where his top half went.


My only question is what happens when you take the little muffins out of their molds? Are they shaped like tiny legs with perfect little buns? (And can I get a high five for bun puns?)

Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds $12.99 @Perpetual Kid