This Bluetooth Ingredient Dispenser Could Make Your Measuring Cups Extinct


If you thought the spray can cake batter was crazy, a Kickstarter campaign was just launched for a device that not only stores ingredients in a canister, but dispenses them in perfect measurements.

That means you could put away your measuring spoons and cups and just let this robot measure and distribute the ingredients for you. It’s even Bluetooth compatible, so you don’t even have to get your lazy ass to the kitchen to start prepping, just control it with your iPad while you’re in your living room, watching Game of Thrones re-runs.


The process seems simple enough; you attach the canister, let it identify the ingredient in the canister, select the measurement you want dispensed, and press the start button. Moreover, the integrated Bluetooth system is able to read a recipe you looked up and adjust the measurements accordingly.

The only minor downside could be that you have to swap the canisters every time you want to dispense a different ingredient. Their pledged goal is $50K by August 27.

Short of going to the supermarket and just buying a cake, baking is getting easier and easier.

H/T Engadget