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Cereal Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Boozy Cereal Milkshakes Highlight This Breakfast Playland

The streets of Los Angeles are a bustling place, and sometimes we could all  take a beat and treat ourselves to something sweet and salty.

Milk Tavern, a Koreatown cereal bar, is home to a bevy of desserts and unique sandwiches. Notably, a line of sweet and savory paninis made with cereal.

Foodbeast’s Richard Guinto, who practically lived in Koreatown in his youth, returned to his old stomping grounds to sink his teeth into this cheesy Frosted Flakes sandwich.

“The cereal panini should be a curious item, but it’s a pleasant and surprising example of the sweet and salty flavor dynamic.”

It didn’t stop at the sandwiches though. Milk Tavern also offers a few sweet items, like boozy cereal milkshakes, Frose, and multi-layered rainbow crepe cakes.

“The milkshakes actually made me lose thought of the alcoholic novelty, only because the quality and taste were that good.”

If I wasn’t lactose intolerant, this might very well be one of my favorite spots in Koreatown. Alas, all I can really do is sit here and take in the gleeful looks of patrons as they’re handed their sandwiches and desserts — while I eat my sorbet.

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Step Up Your Dorm Cooking Skills With These 5 Hacks

If you’re in college, you’re a long way off from being a charming fella who knows your whiskies and grills steaks for the family while chatting up your wife’s friend’s husband about politics. You’re also a long way off from being a dazzling lady who earns a reputation for a dish “that’s just to die for” at a dinner party, where you explain to a fascinated table of friends how you’re restoring a classic car in your spare time.

See, you’ve got time to get classy with cooking. But, in college, all rules, bets, and expectations are off. If you can give anything the ol’ college try, go for it. Because in college, the weirder, the cheaper, the better.

Here’s some college cooking hacks that take so little and deliver so good.



Use your coffee pot as a rice cooker (yes, f’real) by pouring the uncooked rice in the pot, adding water to the machine accordingly, and hitting brew. From there, once all the water’s in the pot, keep cooking for another ten minutes. You’ll debate buying a real rice cooker for the rest for your life.



Whisk eggs with just a splash of milk in a mug. Add cheese, some vegetables, maybe some salt and pepper, whatever you want, and cook it in the microwave for a minute or so. Slide onto a plate if you’re trying to impress someone, or barge it in said mug if you’ve got an entire season of something to watch alone on Netflix.

French Toast


Batter up your bread until it’s covered in gooey goodness and wrap it in foil to then heat with an iron. Anyone staying over is going to try and marry you. Plan your canned response ahead of time, because this will likely happen every time. You’re the closest thing they know to a wizard.

Taco Salad

taco salad

Take a bag of tortilla chips (or Fritos or Doritos, if you’re really going for it) and — I kid you not — dump in all the goodies you’re going to want to slamdance in your mouth. We’re talking beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos, hot sauce, all the goods. Shake it up, grab a fork, and celebrate your new life as a master chef. Also, you can carry that with you, just in case you want to show off the madcap genius.



There’s a fork in this road, and it’s just up to you to take the one that meets your preference. Either wrap your sandwich in foil and use a clothing iron to heat it or grill it in an adorably tiny frying pan on your coffee maker’s burner. No points off either way. Both will make for good stories down the road, which, again, is long before you become the celebrated chef you’re destined to be.


Following Costco’s E. Coli Scare, Starbucks Is Now Recalling Their Holiday Turkey Paninis


Looks like no quick service brand is safe from E. coli these days. Coffee giant Starbucks has pulled their Turkey Panini’s from 1,347 locations in the U.S., Bloomberg reports. The sandwiches have been tied to the E. coli outbreak from Costco, recently.

The paninis recalled had been a part of the holiday lineup, a Starbucks spokesperson told Bloomberg. West Coast states California, Nevada and Oregon pulled their panini from store shelves. The total was more than 1,000 stores, reports the LA Times.

Celery from the cranberry cornbread stuffing in the sandwich has been identified as the cause of the E. coli by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The celery had also been found in Costco’s chicken salad. Since its discovery, Taylor Farms Pacific Inc. has recalled multiple celery products.

Along with Starbucks and Costco, Chipotle also had an outbreak of E. coli that cause dozens of illnesses.

Harmful forms of E. Coli can cause diarrhea and led to kidney failure in those with weaker immune systems.




We’re no strangers to pressing leftover fast food here at Foodbeast as we’ve grown to be pretty handy with a waffle maker, but Oh, Bite It took that concept and panini’d it.

Amy Erickson at Oh, Bite It took home a Big Mac and pressed the hell out of it with a panini maker.

Not much instruction here, just press it until the bread is toasty and the cheese is gooey.

If you want it Monkey Style, throw in some fries before you press it.


Of course, you can do this with a delicious In-N-Out Double Double, a Shake Shack burger, or even make your own cheeseburger at home and apply the same concept. It’s the concept that counts, not so much the burger.

So if you’re going to leave violent comments about McDonald’s and how much you hate it, have at it, but also know that you can do this with most burgers and receive optimal results.


The ‘Burgini’ is a Panini and Cheeseburger Hybrid, Duh

stefanos burgini burger panini burg-ini

You can’t walk a block on the Internet without seeing a Waffle Taco, a Milky Bun (Ice Cream Donut) or Cookie Cinnamon Rolls. Food mashups have become so ubiquitous with food news that when I heard a restaurant in my California hometown of Yorba Linda was offering a burger panini hybrid called the Burgini, you can imagine I was less-than-impressed. That is until I tasted it.

The Burgini aka BUR-GINI comes with a ground kobe burger, roasted garlic & jalapeño cream cheese, bacon, avocado, tomatoes, onions and cheddar cheese – all atop a traditional grilled panini baguette. The menu item is available at Stefano’s Golden Baked Hams for $10.25 and has apparently been right under our noses near the FOODBEAST HQ for almost an entire year. At least we found it before you did.

Stefano’s Golden Baked Hams

18220 Yorba Linda Blvd.

Yorba Linda, CA 92886



Dousing Alcohol on Your Sandwich is the Only Next Logical Step in Sandwich Evolution

Manhattan Panini shop Salumé is taking the sandwich making game to the next level by dousing their deli meats in alcohol. Featuring liqueurs such as gin, rye whiskey, and scotch, you might need a designated driver to take you back from this shop.

Although they are open with the fact that they drizzle liquor on their meats (not the first time I heard that, AMIRITE?), you don’t have to be 21 to order, and it won’t get you tipsy off of a few sandwiches. I mean, I guess you can try, but you might be better off brown bagging a bottle of booze with one of these sandwiches. At either point, you should really consider having that designated driver, and consider doing something about your life.

The amount of liquor varies from sandwich to sandwich, so it all really depends on what you end up ordering.

Available now, these Paninis might have just made sandwich history as the world’s first alcohol-infused sandwiches.

[Thx: HuffingtonPost via UrbanDaddy]

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Bacon Jam & Cheese Panini

The sheer amount of panini pressed sandwiches my friends and I have been swimming through recently would baffle you. If you haven’t invested in a press of your own (they’re cheap), you’re definitely blowing it on your crispy sandwich game. Even with all the crazy concoctions we’ve been cooking up, none have gotten as crazy as this: a Bacon Jam & Cheese Panini! What we’re looking at are small ciabatta rolls that have been pressed and stuffed with bacon jam and cheese. The bacon jam has a deep list of ingredients that include hickory-smoked bacon, garlic, vinegar, brown sugar, yellow onions, strong coffee and maple syrup.  Make sure to check out ThePerfectPantry to get the full recipe so you can replicate this dish in the privacy of your own house.


Panini Pressed Kurobuta Pork Belly Banh Mi

This sandwich comes from Mendocino Farms and is photographed by unquestionable Foodbeast Vince Domingo, a hybrid panini + banh mi. We’re looking at Kurobuta pork belly, braised and caramelized, then topped with housemade pickled daikon and carrots, cilantro, cucumbers, jalapenos and a chili aioli. Of course it’s on ciabatta bread and pressed, but that’s beside the point. Looks delicious!