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Pancake Cereal Is The Hottest Breakfast Trend Since Buttering Toast


Pancake Cereal might be one of the most innovative and visually amazing breakfast hacks we’ve seen come across this newsroom. Even better, it’s ridiculously easy to pull off.

The trend has been popping up all over our social feeds lately and, frankly, it’s pretty awesome.

As seen by @TheNaughtyFork‘s video, all you have to do is add pancake batter into tiny little coin shaped circles over a hot skillet. Let one side cook then, taking a spatula, carefully flip your mini pancakes over to evenly cook off the batter. What’s left is a ton of tiny little pancakes you just toss into a bowl with a pat of butter and drown in maple syrup.

Wonder how many folks are attempting this viral sensation while working from home?

Feature image courtesy of TheNaughtyFork

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Hot Pockets’ Newest Item Uses A PANCAKE CRUST

With many of us working from home, one positive thing to note is you can enjoy breakfast at practically any time of the day.

Keeping in this view, Hot Pockets appears top have launched a new frozen breakfast entry that somehow uses pancakes as the crust. Called Pancake Crust Stuffed with Bacon, Egg, & Cheese, the new item essentially replaces the flaky crush of a breakfast Hot Pocket and swaps it with the pillowy, sweet texture of a pancake.

First spotted by CandyHunting, the item is believed to be available at major participating grocery retailers in the frozen food aisles.

Set to launch at select grocery retailers in May 2020, Hot Pockets is also debuting a Biscuit variation of the breakfast pocket as well.


7 Tips To Help Nail The Perfect Pancake Stack

Photo: SoDelicious

What do you think of when you’re trying to plan the perfect breakfast? If pancakes are your answer, then we should talk. A nice stack on your plate is not very pretentious, but there are tips and tricks that can help you make better pancakes for your loved ones.

My stomach cannot handle many foods in the morning, but there are some just too enticing to say no to. That is how I trick myself into having breakfast: by going with the classics. A stack of pancakes with maple syrup or fruit is very high on my go-to list. That’s why I had to perfect my process and end up with better pancakes than what I was turning out.

Things aren’t really that complicated. And it will all go smoothly if you follow the next tips and tricks. When it comes to toppings, though, that’s where your imagination has a chance to shine. Let’s get you there first!

7 tips and tricks for better pancakes

1Use a whisk

A spoon is not a good tool for mixing the pancake batter. Get a large whisk and put the batter together like that. Why? Because a whisk tends to whip air into the batter. And that’s how you make them fluffy and airy – good qualities for a pancake.

Stack Your Odds for Better Pancakes in the Morning
Mix your pancake batter with a whisk to get fluffy pancakes.

2. Don’t overmix

Some people might have gluten sensitivity, but you know what? Gluten has a sensitivity to people too. I mean you shouldn’t overmix it or overbeat it. That is how you end up with tough batter and crumbly pancakes.

3. Let the batter rest

After you beat it, give it a break. Let the batter rest for a while, maybe 5 minutes but preferably on the side of half an hour. Mixing the dough activates the gluten, that’s why some rest is of utmost importance. Also, the flour has time to absorb the liquid, which makes the dough thicker and better for the results.

4. Use oil, not butter in the pan

Butter has a very low smoke point and it tends to burn easily. That’s why you should use an oil with a higher smoke point to make better pancakes. Try canola or even olive oil. And you’ve also solved the problem of smoking your kitchen too much!

You can use a bit of butter on top of your pancakes, but don’t cook them in it because it will burn.

5. Coat the pan in oil

Don’t just pour the oil into the pan! That’s a recipe for bad smudging. For greater results, use a kitchen towel to rub the oil on the bottom and walls of the pan. This is how pancakes end up cooked evenly, as opposed to just making them swim in pools of oil.

6. Cook the pancakes on medium

You should not rush the process of cooking the pancakes, even if your stomach is growling. So, don’t turn up the heat, or you’ll end up with raw dough on the inside and burns on the outside of the pancake. A medium temperature ensures that your pancakes end up crispy on the crust and fluffy and airy on the inside.

7. Flip once!

Don’t flip out about this. I understand the urge to flip anything multiple times. But that’s overkill. If you do too much flipping, then the pancake will lose its fluffiness and deflate. How do you know when the flip is supposed to happen? It’s quite simple: flip when the bubbles forming on the pancakes start to burst.

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Article by Ruxandra Grecu from So Delicious. View the original article here.


Denny’s Adds Early Holiday Items Including Cranberry Orange Pancakes

While we’re still not quite at Halloween or Thanksgiving yet, Denny’s has already begun preparing for Christmas. The American diner chain has released a duo of holiday-inspired pancake dishes fans can enjoy a few months early to get in that holiday spirit.

Denny’s new featured breakfast dishes are the Cranberry Orange Pancake Breakfast and the White Chocolate Raspberry Pancake Breakfast.

The Cranberry Orange comes with cranberry fused buttermilk pancakes that are topped with orange cream cheese icing. It’s served with two eggs, hash browns, and a choice of bacon or sausage. The White Chocolate Raspberry comes with two white chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes and the same breakfast offerings as the Cranberry Orange dish.

Man, we’d crush an order of either of those dishes. Extra crispy hash browns, please.

Patrons can find the breakfast items at participating Denny’s locations for a limited time. Just be sure to bring a sweet tooth or two along.

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PANCAKE BALLS Are The Ultimate Form Of Pancakes In Bite Size

I love breakfast and everything associated with the meal. When savory items are combined with the sweet components, a perfect meal is born. On a recent food crawl with fellow Foodbeast Reach, we stopped by Grits in Fullerton, CA, to try what the chef proudly refers to as Pancake Balls.

While crude-sounding upon first impression, the pancake balls are so much more than their names suggest.

Chef Cody Storts, the genius behind these balls, prepares the staple three different ways.


The first are the Maple Bacon Coco Puff Balls, for lovers of chocolate. They’re made with candied bacon, ganache, and topped with maple bacon syrup and Coco Puffs. The candied bacon adds the slightest amount of saltiness to an otherwise sweet-heavy dish. Definitely not for the faint of heart.


Next there are the Toasty Balls made with a cinnamon pastry cream, Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and roasted sweet apples. This dish tasted as if we were eating a plate of freshly baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast, but with less butter.


Finally, the best of the bunch brunch, were the Thai Pancake Balls. These are made with fried pork cutlets, cilantro, shallots, jalapeño, fish sauce, and maple syrup.

Now before you lose your minds over the thought of combining fish sauce and maple syrup, Grits does it in a way that they pair so perfectly together, it’s a harmonious bite of sweet and savory.

Seriously, guys. We’ve yet to finish a dish and immediately order another box to-go for later in the day.

Reach had this to say:

Top 3 things I’ve eaten this year.

You can find the dishes available at Grits daily. The two sweet pancake balls are $13 and the savory costs $16. We advise eating them fresh. As awesome as they are, like all pancakes, they’ll get soggy once thrown into a box for a period of time.


9 Insane Shells That Will Change Your Tacos Forever

When eating a taco with a hard corn shell, there’s nothing more satisfying that hearing the CRUNCH that follows the perfect bite. The texture of a corn shell is great when you want to enjoy the savory flavors of a taco.

If you want to get creative, however, the shells don’t just stop at corn. Seriously, there a whole other world of taco shells out there.

Here are some of the most insane taco shells we’ve seen created by chefs and fast food restaurants alike. Some are sweet, some are savory, but all are definitely more creative than corn.


Bacon Weave Taco

Bacon-Weave-Taco LG


Waffle Taco

Waffle Bacon Taco

Taco Bell

Taco Donut



Ramen Taco


The Vulgar Chef

Blue Suede Pancake Taco



Fish Taco


Tym Bussanich 

Ice Cream Taco


Pineapples & Coffee Cups

Biscuit Taco


Taco Bell

Cocoa Pebbles




This Might Be the Thickest, Cutest Pancake I’ve Ever Seen


Holy cow has Mosogourmet been the most slept on YouTube channel of the year.

Just yesterday the veil was lifted on the Baymax cookies they were responsible for, and today we’re revisiting a compact yet extremely thick “grilled hot cake.” Per usual, here’s the recipe in all of its silent, un-narrated glory:


Translated recipe:

*Recipe*(For three pieces)
1.Make a disposable mold with parchment paper and 1 milk carton.
2.Make the dough of pancakes as the direction in the bag of pancake mix. ( 1 egg, 150ml of milk, and 200g pancake mix this time. )
3.Put a non-stick pan on the very low heat.
4.Place the prepared mold(1) on the heated pan(3). Don’t oil the pan.
5.Pour the dough(2) into the mold.
6.Cover it and bake for 15 minutes.
7.After checking that the surface has got dry, turn it over, and also bake for 15 minutes. (When not having got dry, bake it in addition, looking at a situation.)
8.Finished. Please eat in a nostalgic feeling.




Behold the Pancake Lasagna

pancake lasagna

Recipe: YumSugar