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Jim Beam-Infused Pancake Syrup Makes for a Wicked Sweet Hangover


Mornings would be easier if they just involved more booze. For days that don’t start with the letter “S,” though, there’s Jim Beam whiskey-infused pancake syrup.

Unlike the regular saccharine swill, we expect Jim Beam’s take on breakfast toppings to be dark and moody with just a little bit of  heat — perfect for days that you’d rather pretend you don’t have to be a functional human being. Pour over a hefty stacks of whiskey pancakes or drizzle into honey basil lemonade. For $30 you get six whole 16-ounce bottles, which leaves you plenty left over to take a few shots too, if you’re so inclined.

H/T Nerdalicious

*Pancakes completely optional.