Watch The Entire History Of Pizza

If you’re a lover of pizza, you’ll know that there’s so much history behind that cheesy bite. PBS Idea Channel created a 15-minute video chronicling the origins of all the different types of pizza around the world.

Different pies include Chicago’s famous Deep Dish, margherita pizzas, the pan pizza and even fast food pizzas. They also talk about the first pizzeria that opened in the United States and why cold pizza happens to be so delicious.

A History of Pizza in 8 Slices is definitely worth a few moments of your time.

We’d be surprised of you’re not craving pizzas by the end of this video.

Photo: PBS Idea Channel


Peeps Are Useless And Stupid, But Look Awesome Melting In A Pan

If you hate marshmallow Peeps as much as I do, then you should be stoked to watch them be destroyed. Peeps are gross. They are tasteless, sticky and serve absolutely no purpose — until now.

So, for a fun Easter celebration, the geniuses over at The Blaze decided to kill some marshmallow Peeps by throwing them onto a hot frying pan and this is exactly what happened. I’m guessing the purpose of this experiment was simply to bask in the glory of watching the stupid-looking marshmallow birds helplessly disintegrate in agonizingly slow motion. But it’s a time-lapse video, so, go figure.

While there’s really no other point to this video, it makes you wonder, can there be a better use of Peeps? I think not.

But, even in their demise, the Peeps unsuspectingly took one of the Blaze’s crew members down with them.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 6.35.18 PM

Those god damn Peeps ruined the pan. What the hell is that about? Peeps suck and apparently they’re not even gracious in defeat.

Fuck you, Peeps. I hope you burn in hell.


Watch This Chef’s Intense Method For Seasoning A Carbon Steel Wok


There have been many suggested ways to season cooking equipment. In order to create a non-stick surface, a proper combination of heat and oil must be incorporated to correctly season a pan, skillet, or even a wok.

Watch this chef’s intense technique when it comes to seasoning a new carbon steel wok. Definitely not something we can do at home, but still fascinating to watch.


I Don’t Even Know Anymore: Penis-Shaped Egg Molds


The Bachelorette Party industry is really slipping. While it’s easy to understand the appeal of sucking down Screaming Orgasms oozing out of dick-shaped shot glasses, it’s a little harder to think our future husbands would appreciate experiencing a virtual circumcision every time they sit down to read the morning paper.

But it seems nobody told the folks at OMG International that. Dubbed the “Breakfast of Champenis,” their Penis Egg Fryer is exactly what it sounds like – a black, non-stick mold designed to help you make perfectly phallic breakfast foods, including but not limited to eggs, pancakes and pizzas.

Why? Because it’s “erotic” and “eggciting,” the packaging says, which makes total sense if you’re like, fifty, and the sight of solid sizzling egg white is enough to get you hot and bothered. Me, I like to think I’m a little harder to please. As in, it’s a bacon weave dildo, or no dice.


The Penis Egg Fryer: $15 @ Amazon

H/T + PicThx Incredible Things, ebay


Bread Stomping is a Food Fetish for PANsies


Food fetishes are nothing new, psh, dahlin’ please. Bread stomping, however, is something I have yet to understand. Spotted on Bura Bura Browsing by the guys and gals over at RocketNews24a series of pictures titled “Women Stomping on Bread is Sexy” depicted a girl dressed in a kitschy school uniform ruthlessly stomping on pieces of bread.

Hold up. As one commentator noted, “They aren’t even buns filled with curry or jam. Just bread isn’t going to make my dick stand up.” Our sentiments exactly. If you’re going to make bread stomping the new new, at least do it right. May we suggest stomping on  buns stuffed with melted cheddar cheese or slices of buttered, toasted bread topped with warm Gouda and thick, greasy bacon? It’s a starting point, at least.

None of this pansy, plain bread stomping nonsense:



H/T + PicThx RocketNews24


Marvel Superheroes Cakelet Pan

From the same folks who brought us the Spider-Man Comic Book Cookie Cutters, comes a pan to make tiny cakes that look like your favorite Marvel superheroes!  Each pan makes six cakelets: Captain AmericaThorIron ManSpider-ManWolverine and The Incredible Hulk.  Don’t worry about someone losing a nose when you remove them from the mold.  Thanks to the pan’s nonstick finish, the intricate details of each cakelet will remain intact.  Show off your comic book colorist skills by decorating their faces with icing for the finishing touch.  ($36.00 @ Williams-Sonoma)