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Here’s Why Nutella Won’t Change Its Recipe Despite Cancer Scares


The world found out this week that Nutella uses a controversial ingredient in its spread called palm oil. A recent European study linked palm oil to cancer, if not produced properly, and it prompted Nutella lovers to freak out.

Stores around the world started pulling Nutella off shelves, and everyone’s favorite spread looked to be ready for a change.

Nutella isn’t changing a damn thing, though, and here’s why.

Palm oil is so integral to Nutella, that getting rid of it would probably change it for the worst, as they claim the ingredient provides the creamy texture, and “enhances” the taste we’ve grown to know and love.

“It is the best ingredient for giving Nutella the right smoothness, guaranteeing its special spreadability,” the brand said through its website.


If you’re thinking that they should be concerned about the consumer’s health, Nutella addressed it, deeply defending itsuse of palm oil.

Nutella said:

“The vegetable oil used in Nutella is sustainable palm oil, 100% certified segregated RSPO. This means that the palm oil used in Nutella is kept separated from conventional palm oil along the whole supply chain. Ferrero’s achievement of the RSPO certification has also been praised by Richard Holland, Director of WWF’s Market Transformation Initiative.”

So Nutella believes their use of palm oil is perfectly healthy, and giving in to the study’s claims would basically ruin Nutella.

It’s also good to note that palm oil isn’t banned in the US, and is used in lots of products we use, including Pop-Tarts, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and even Girl Scout Cookies.

It’s up to Nutella lovers to decide whether they believe the hazelnut spread is fine, or if they’ll demand a change that would alter its appeal forever.