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KFC Pakistan Debuts New Messy Xtreme Sandwich That Has Two Top Buns

KFC Pakistan is getting weird here, friends. Because they’ve got a new sandwich called the Messy Xtreme, which happens to feature two top buns on either pole of it.

The Messy Xtreme is KFC’s first sandwich that features two ‘crown’ buns, and it definitely makes for one oddball visual. Inside, it’s got a Zinger chicken fillet enrobed in the KFC’s spicy signature sauce with onions and tomatoes and benefits from a healthy drip of mayo.

Fans can get the Messy Xtreme at participating KFC locations in Pakistan for a limited time for a price of 495 Pakistani Rupees or about $2.89 US dollars.

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This New Harry Potter Cafe In Pakistan Is All Kinds of Magical

Attention lovers of coffee and Harry Potter, your deepest desire is now officially a reality. A Harry Potter-themed cafe has opened up in Islamabad, Pakistan, and already it’s a must-see spot for wizard wannabes everywhere.

Brothers Hassan and Haider Khan are the brains behind the cafe, citing their own lifelong love of the Harry Potter series as inspiration for the business venture.

“Our childhood has been spent daydreaming about Hogwarts. Turning 11 was a milestone for us while we sat in a corner of our homes with the hope that an owl would tap on our windows with a letter any time; but it never happened.”

Now, the brothers are making their childhood dreams (and the childhood dreams of millions of other fans) come true all on their own. No owl post required.

Hogwarts Cafe

The Khan brothers have cultivated a menu of food and drink that is everything a Harry Potter geek wants out of life: you can choose between specialties like Sprout’s Spicy Chicken Pasta, Mandrake’s Tears Steak, the Dragonfire Burger, or the Forbidden Chocolate Cake. For drinks, you can enjoy a refreshing, frothy glass of homemade Butterbeer, Dragon’s Milk, Unicorn’s Blood, and other amazing themed drinks.

It’s all too good to be true.

HP Novelites

Beyond their magical menu, the decor in the Hogwarts Cafe is on point. Excerpts from the books cover the walls, wooden chandeliers hang from the ceilings, and there’s even the entryway to Platform 9 3/4. Try to contain your emotions. The cafe also sells merchandise, including mugs, t-shirts, wands, Time Turners, and so much more.

Hogwarts Door

As if everything about the cafe wasn’t already near-perfect, the Khan brothers are also determined to make the cafe an experience for every customer. They routinely have “sorting drink” contests, with free meals given away as prizes. The cafe owners even made one Muggles’ day by sending her a super legit Hogwarts acceptance letter on her birthday.

And if you’ve been waiting on that exact letter for over a decade, you know what an act of kindness that truly is.

The cafe has already become such a smash hit in Pakistan that two new locations will be opening up in the months to come; one in the Philippines and one in Toronto. If both of those locations are a little too far for your Nimbus to take you, try the Bad Owl Cafe in Nevada instead.

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Only Not in America: The Domino’s Quesadilla Pizza


Ever been eating a quesadilla when suddenly, you think, “Hey, I could really go for some pizza right now?”

Fear not, indecisive foodie friend, you can fulfill both cravings — at the same damn time.

Since 2011, Pakistan’s popular purveyor of pizza goodness — Domino’s, to be exact — has been offering up the Quesadilla Pizza. According to food news blog Brand Eating, the pizza features “cheese and your choice of various chicken, beef, or veggie topping combinations sandwiched between two thin crust pizza rounds and served with marinara and sour cream on the side for dipping.”

Yes, it’s all of our cravings come true; the only probably is that it’s just another one of those offering not available in America. Shucks.

H/T + PicThx Brand Eating