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KFC Sent This Epic Portrait To The Guy Who Spotted Their 11 Herbs & Spices Gag

A few weeks ago, an eagle-eyed fan spotted something curious about Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Twitter page. The account only followed 11 people: 6 dudes named Herb and 5 Spice Girls. Eleven herbs and spices. Brilliant.

For that fan who Sherlock’d this gag, KFC had a special treat.

The fried chicken chain commissioned this epic portrait of @edgette22 being carried by the late Colonel Sanders. Truly an epic sight.

The painting is said to be made by ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, the same folks who worked on the Old Spice commercials.

Man, we hope KFC does another low-key gag soon. We’d love to hang a custom portrait like this over our bed. Gives us something to stare at while thoughts of extra crispy thighs sing us to sleep.


This Brilliant Artist Uses Egg Shells To Recreate Itty Bitty Masterpieces


It takes a massive amount of talent and care to create works of art in such a tiny space. Talent is what Turkish artist Süreyya Noyan has in spades.

She has the uncanny knack for recreating famous works of art in the tiniest canvas ever: the insides of a broken egg shell. Noyan starts by carefully cracking open her egg and dumping its insides. Once the shell is clean, she delicately uses brushes and pens to recreate some of history’s most famous pieces.

Among them are Rembrandt’s The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, Hokusai’s The Great Wave off Kanagawa and van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Check out some of her creations below and follow her on Instagram for more.

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Meet The Artist Responsible For EVERY Custom Mural Inside 1000+ Firehouse Subs Restaurants


Artist Joe Puskas didn’t always start out painting murals. Originally, he began doing T-shirt designs with only one mural and zero art classes under his belt.

However, one mural was all it took. Puskas’ work was discovered by Firehouse Subs Co-founder Robin Sorensen behind a Tom and Betty’s Restaurant. Since then, Puskas’ iconic career as a Firehouse muralist began.

Having completed 1,000 murals at 1,000 Firehouse subs since 1994, Puskas’ and his team are known for their custom paintings that are unique to each location.


The process begins as a pencil sketch. Each mural features a firetruck that’s unqiue to the city it’s located in. Puskas then incorporates some of the city’s history into the mural. Once the pencils are completed, his team works tirelessly to bring the mural to life. Creating each mural can take up to 70 hours.

Check out this amazing video detailing Puskas’ process from beginning to end. Next time you’re at a Firehouse Subs, keep an eye out for his mural.


This Skillful Artist Paints with Melted Ice Cream and Popsicles


The average time for ice cream to travel from the scoop to your mouth is no more than a few minutes. That doesn’t leave one very much time to do much before it melts. Especially on a hot day. If you were, however, to embrace the fleeting nature of ice cream, you could probably do something cool with it. For example, paint.

Artist Othman Toma, created a series where he would paint stunning illustrations from melted ice cream residue. The pieces incorporate a watercolor technique. A major difference, however, is that the water and dry paint combination is replaced with ice cream and popsicles.

There are some that remain skeptical about whether or not it’s possible to create such vibrant colors with ice cream. I, however, am holding out hope that there’s a guy out there that paints with ice cream. Though hopefully not much of those sweet icy snacks go to waste once he’s done.

Ice-Cream-Paint-04 Ice-Cream-Painting-03 Ice-Cream-Paint-02

H/T Design Taxi


San Franciso Cafe Creates Dishes Disguised As Famous Paintings

painting-toastFood art = awesome. Pantone pairings, Nintendo Easter eggs — you name it, the stuff always turns out to be cool. This is particularly true of the culinary creations that come out of Blue Bottle Coffee Bar at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

There’s something that sets these works of art apart, though. The folks over there are taking the culinary concept literally, as they’re recreating famous works of art with edible and delicious ingredients. Fancy Rothko’s artwork? Then you should chow down on the Rothko Toast made with bread, apricot butter and wild blueberry jam. And if you’re a fan of Judd, the joint has recreated his painting ‘Untitled’ with tomato soup and a saffron cracker.

Whether you’re a fan of fine art or not, these creations are amazing, if only for their accuracy and uber-delicious factor. Check out a few of the dishes below.


Art Recreations

Art Recreation

Painting Recreations


H/T Design Taxi + PicThx SFMOMA


World’s Greatest Mom Creates Nintendo Easter Eggs

Mario Eggs

Since Easter is less than a week away, it’s time to start strategizing the egg-decorating situation. Most people (guilty) usually settle for the store-bought dye that usually makes eggs a charming puke color instead of bright magenta. If you’ve fallen victim to said unfortunate situation, you might want to take a cue from Instructables member Imnopeas.

This awesome mom recently surprised her son with these Super Mario Bros. eggs, all hand painted with acrylics. So how did they come out so cool?! Imnopeas explains that she used pictures on her iPhone to replicate the characters and a pencil to do some rough outlines. Then she went to town painting, and the result is pure awesome. Looks like her son has to come up with one heck of a Mother’s Day gift.

As Imnopeas warns, if you take on this Nintendo challenge, don’t eat the eggs since acrylics are involved. They’re way too impressive to chow down anyway.

H/T Laughing Squid + PictThx Instructables


These Frosting Murals Look Good Enough to Eat – But Don’t

Sick and tired of “normal” street art media like paint and yarn? Celebrating your birthday without a cake? Do you like licking walls?


Square Graffiti Cufflinks

I love art, especially graffiti. If I could put any cufflinks on a suit, it would be these for sure. ‘When it comes to occasions that require dressing up, men’s fashion doesn’t exactly lend to expressing your individuality. But when you have to dress like a penguin, at least your cufflinks can show a bit of your color. Designed by college buddies, Ken Leung and Dana Chin, Square Graffiti Cufflinks give a refreshingly provocative streetwise edge to an often conventional accessory.’ (Thx Coolmaterial)