These Gorgeous Paint-Splattered Chocolate Bars Are Fittingly Artisan


We’re all for combining five different kinds of desserts and calling it art, but every once in a while, it’s nice to see food that’s actually just pretty.

Mexico designer Tatiana Sanchez creates art-inspired chocolate bars for her bespoke gift collection, UNELEFANTE. Designed with chef Jorge Llanderal of Chocosolutions, the line’s first tableau featured vivid pink, orange, yellow, and blue cocoa butter splatters in the style of abstract painter Jackson Pollock. Other designs include melted crayon, crystalized flowers, and curry powdered bark.

Each bar consists of between 50% and 70% Colombian cocoa and is available online in gift sets along with other, equally pretty, bars, balloons, paintings, tea strainers, jewelry, and wine. Check out our favorite designs below:



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Painter Cracks an Egg With Paint [VIDEO]

I’m sure we’ve all seen an egg cracked thousands of times in our lives. Invoking the essence of those ‘thousands of times,’ brilliant artist Duane Keiser takes things to another level as he films himself painting a cracked egg in his video, “Yolk”. Doesn’t sound too exciting? Keiser starts off with a picture of a whole egg and gradually takes us through the process of cracking it with a few brilliant strokes and choice colors of paint.

Keiser is also known for his video “Peel” in which he uses the same concept to show viewers an orange as it gets peeled. I recommend watching “Yolk” with some upbeat tunes in the background, as the video has no audio.

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IDEA: Knuckle “Sandwich” Art

Char.L.Ton‘s quest to stay on his burger game for 365 days a year has led to this rather amusing Knuckle Sandwich piece. Buns, meat, tomato, cheese: permanent tattoo idea anyone? I think it may be pretty rad.