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Some Major Food Brands Are Joining A New Service That Recycles Used Containers Effectively

As the food industry looks for more and more ways to reduce its waste, a new service called Loop is making it easier on both the industry and consumer end to recycle re-usable containers.

Photo courtesy of Nestle

The service is a mashup of Amazon Fresh and your old-school milkman. When you order products through Loop, you’ll receive them in new, reusable containers inside a special renewable tote. Once the contents are used up, you can schedule a delivery of new products as well as a pickup of the old containers. You just place them back into the tote, and they’re taken back to their respective companies to be thoroughly sanitized and reused.

Loop encompasses multiple industries and product types, including food. Several major food brands have signed on already, including Nestle (under Häagen-Dazs), Hidden Valley Ranch, Nature’s Path, Hellman’s Mayonnaise, and vegan producer Teva Deli. Other recognizable products on board include Tide, Axe, Dove, Degree, Clorox, and Gillette.

The service is powered by global recycling organization TerraCycle, who already has the capability to help recycle these packages on an international scale. As a result, the implications for waste reduction are numerous, since producers no longer need to utilize as much plastic and raw materials for packaging, and consumers will send less of it to landfills as a result.

Other services also exist that are helping to combat packaging waste through recycling. In Southern California, for example, startup BottleRocket will give you money for all of the recyclables you save. You can schedule a pickup through their site, and each time they collect, the resulting sum from the refund values can be converted into cash, gift cards, or a charity of your choice.

Loop is scheduled to launch its service in the spring of 2019 in the United States and France. You can register on the company’s site to join a waitlist and be notified when it’s ready to go.

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Whole Foods Apologizes After Overcharging Customers For Products


Whole Foods has recently been under fire after it was discovered they were overcharging customers. The grocery chain would raise prices for prepackaged foods leaving New York customers unaware that they were paying too much, reports USA Today.

An investigation by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs discovered that Whole Foods stores in NYC had been listing incorrect weights for prepackaged foods that led to overcharges. These prices could range from 80 cents to $15 depending on the item.

Co-CEO Walter Robb has officially owned up to the situation. In a video, Robb admits that the company has made mistakes and that it was an unintentional result of the company’s “hands-on” approach.

The grocery chain is facing multiple fines for mislabeling its products.

Whole Foods stated that it will begin training stores in pricing accuracy and will refund any customer who finds a pricing error.

Photo: Whole Foods



14 SHOCKING Ingredients Your Food Labels Are Hiding [INFOGRAPHIC]


Sometimes, it’s hard enough trying to decide what to get at the grocery store. According to Food Packaging Labels, that decision just got a little harder. The packaging site revealed a very eye-opening infographic that lists 14 ingredients that aren’t commonly found in food labels.

From human hair to rodent hair, these are definitely not what  you’d expect to find in your everyday shopping list. Yet, there they are.

Definitely going to make us second guess the stuff we eat now. At least until the weekend.


Photo: Food Packaging Labels


Tea Brand For Non-Yogis Helps You ‘Calm the F*ck Down’


There are yogis, people who have achieved enlightenment, who wake up and stretch and drink their tea and post #fitspo selfies on Instagram and make everyone else hate them. Then there’s the aforementioned “everyone else.”

Ironically created by a Canadian graphic designer, “Calm the F*ck Down Magic Tea” is a tea for the rest of us. Rather than cover their packages with Buddhist statements and soothing sunset photos, the brand understands that tea drinkers can be just as cranky as coffee drinkers. Their bright orange, hand-written tea bags and cardboard cups implore drinkers to “make karma your bitch” and promise to provide the “gratifying feeling of not giving a fuck.”


There’s also a six step guide to inner peace printed on the back of the cups:

  1. Tell your stresses to lay the fuck back.
  2. Shut down every screen around you… Except for the one that displays a sweet fireplace.
  3. Put on some music that was recorded on LSD.
  4. Boil some water… Make it reaaal hot.
  5. Put that same water in a cup that preferably says : “I’m a Boss”.
  6. Calm the f*ck down & enjoy some inner peace, bitch.

Don’t mind if we do.

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi


3D Printer Creates iPhone Cases Out of Recyled Bottles


You can now 3D print an iPhone case using bottles from soft drinks, water and juices. Most 3D printing is done with plastic materials, and now there is an environmentally-friendly alternative that still makes cool products such as iPhone cases, toys and even shoes.

3DSystems, who claims to be bringing “high school shop class to the 21st century,” using ekocycle cartridges made in part from recycled 20 oz plastic containers.

As told through the fruitful words of, who’s actually chief creative officer of 3DSystems in collab with Coca-Cola, plastic bottles create hundreds of millions of tons of waste a year, so they plan to turn that waste into something productive.

The only available colors at the moment are red, white and black. Hopefully can team up with with those guys printing Nutella too.

H/T Design Boom


Individually-packaged bananas



Incorrectly sliced bread makes for extra-long sandwiches


Picthx hi7en

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Kellogg’s Now Peddling Kid’s Cereals For Late-Night Snacking


Picture midnight in the summer. You’re hungry, but lazy. You could order pizza, or boil water for instant ramen, but your hunger isn’t super ravenous, and you’d rather not wait more than the minute it takes to walk to the kitchen. Enter: cereal for late night. Already the lazy (or enterprising!) man’s go-to midnight munchie cure, Kellogg’s is attempting to boost falling breakfast sales by repositioning popular cereal lines like Special K, Froot Loops, and Frosted Flakes as the perfect “good night snack.” They even have a fancy new moon and star bedazzled box, ooh!

Pitched as an alternative to milk and cookies, Ben & Jerry’s, and lukewarm DiGiorno, new late night Kellogg’s cereals are exactly the same as their daytime counterparts, just in new limited edition boxes to remind everyone that, yes, you can totally eat Froot Loops in the middle of your shameful Power Rangers/Netflix binge.


According to the Associated Press, sales for Kellogg’s U.S. breakfast division fell 5.5% in the first quarter, due to more and more Americans seeking healthier or more convenient alternatives like Greek yogurt, fast food breakfast sandwiches, or cereals made without genetically modified ingredients. The push of cereals as snacks or even yogurt toppings, Kellogg’s hopes, will help abate some of the company’s losses.

Seems reasonable enough, though, as Consumerist notes, we’re not too crazy about letting kids think they can eat sugary cereals for dinner. It’s hard enough getting them to eat their veggies as it is.

H/T Consumerist + PicThx Impulsive Buy