Kegerator Hybrid Has 60-Inch Screen, 140 Video Games and a Beer Keg


You might want to sit down for this one. The folks at Dream Arcades have invented the Kegerator Pro 60, aka the “ultimate party machine.” No, it’s not a keg with your favorite brew nor is it a nostalgic video game marathon. It’s not even an HDTV screen of epic proportions.

It’s all damn three, and a fridge, because why f*ckin’ not.

We apologize for any fainting spells of disbelief that may have caused.


The Kegerator Pro 60 features a built-in fridge, a keg with three separate taps, a 60-inch HDTV screen and more than 140 classic video games including Street Fighter, Pac-Man and Centipede. This beer-flowing arcade hybrid also comes equipped with a DVD player, MP3 software and internet capability. So, when you’re not furiously lightning kicking into the air, you can watch TV or listen to music.

Think The Last Barfighter, which debuted in February, but more games and booze.

In an email to CNET, the company promised that “players never have to stop the action to refill their drink” and thanks to the arcade’s two built-in cup holders, “players can keep their drinks topped off while keeping one hand on the joystick.”

Sadly, as Nobel Prize-worthy as the Kegerator is, it also comes with a $5000 price tag. Dream Arcades indeed.

Kegerator Pro 60, $5000 @Dream Arcades

PicThx Dream Arcades


A Nutritional Guide to Popular Video Game Food [Infographic]


With our nutrition label conscious society brimming to a healthy boil, it only makes sense that our video game characters ought to know what’s in their food before they consume it. While the FDA may not approve of magic mushrooms or cannibalism, it’s a video game, so it’s OK. Here are some nutritional guidelines by Complex to think about next time you troll the city playing Rampage and other vintage games:

Super Mario

With the D.A.R.E program in full swing as a kid, it bothers me now that one of my favorite video game heroes could eat magic mushrooms and I was completely OK with it morally.




I’m not saying I’d do it, but there’s never been a better argument for cannibalism than this.



Pac Man

If you think about it, it’s just like eating a lemon drop.


For more video game nutritional information, please see here.

H/T LaughingSquid + PicThx Complex


Score Points With This Pac-Man Cheesecake

One of the most iconic 80’s arcade games was Pac-Man, without question. With the release of movies like “Wreck-it Ralph”, old school video games have had a complete resurgence in today’s pop culture. So why not make yourself super relevant with this easy-to-create Pac-Man inspired cheesecake? Seems pretty self-explanatory, make (hell, even buy one) cheesecake, cut slice out, add tiny chocolate eye. Although the idea doesn’t require you to be Julia Childs, you will probably get a good laugh out of your friends with this one. I guess it could be just as easy to wear a Pac-Man t-shirt, but that’s not as clever, now is it?

Photo Courtesy Incredible Things




He’s a mouth with a new mission. Pac-Man is back, and he’s ready to gobble up your hot pots and pans! Fred’s newest all-silicone HotHead is happy to hang out in your kitchen and bring back fond memories of your many misspent hours at the game console. Score! (Thx Fred & Friends)