PBR Silently Gave Away Pizza All Month On Reddit

If there’s one thing we can all agree on during an election year as divided as 2016, it’s how awesome pizza is.

For the entire month of October, pie-lovers celebrated National Pizza Month by showing their passion for pizza via social media using the hashtag #InPizzaWeCrush.

While everyone was busy stuffing their face with pizza, no one caught on to what Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer had been cooking up all month, as part of their #InPizzaWeCrush Challenge, according to UPROXX.

As far as cheesy—pardon the bad pun—marketing campaigns go, PBR’s #InpizzaWeCrush stunt should be recognized as one of the most generously epic and ingenious ideas ever.

PBR gave people something that even the biggest pizza companies in America don’t give to people. Free. Pizza.

In near secrecy, PBR utilized a free pizza request line via Reddit using subreddit Random_Acts_Of_Pizza and also an InPizzaWeCrush subreddit, to start fulfilling pizza requests to those that followed a simple set of rules.

redditpizzarulesFor 31 glorious days and nights, random requests for pizza were answered to by adding a “Got Pizza’d” sticker on individual subreddit threads.

What’s more amazing than seeing pizza fiends everywhere trying to come up with over-the-top pizza-based inventions, Josh Elkin’s Pizza Ping Pong Table, and the The Vulgar Chef’s Pizza Beer Koozie?

Watching fellow pizza lovers like PBR keep the pizza love flowing, without even skipping a beer.

We can’t wait until next year.

Created in partnership with Pabst Blue Ribbon