P.F. Chang’s Fall Seasonal Menu Includes Crispy Korean Chicken Wings and Citrus Mustard Prawns [Gallery]


Earlier this month, P.F. Chang’s unveiled its latest seasonal menu for the fall season and boarded the popular Korean-fried-chicken train with its Crispy Korean Lollipop Chicken Wings (pictured above) and also included the pho-inspired Vietnamese Noodles with Steak & Shrimp (pictured immediately below). The additional nine menu items of various starter/entree/dessert/cocktail assortment include the Shanghai Waldorf Salad, Miso Chicken, Citrus Mustard Prawns, Harvest Vegetable Quinoa, Pumpkin Wontons, Caramel Apple Wontons, Apple Cinnamon Martini, Ginger Jalapeño Mule,  and the Rum Chata. 

Check out the photos below for full menu item descriptions. Photo credit to FOODBEAST’s Peter Pham.



Vietnamese Noodles With Steak & Shrimp: Rice Noodles with hoisin, Sriracha, cinnamon, coriander, marinated shrimp, flank steak, Chinese broccoli, carrots, bean sprouts, cilantro.



Crispy Korean Chicken Wings: Lollipop Style Wings with sweet and spicy red chili sauce, scallions and sesame seeds.



Shanghai Waldorf Salad: Kale, endive, radicchio, crisp apples, grapes, celery, grape tomatoes, candied walnuts, miso-lime vinaigrette.



Harvest Vegetable Quinoa “Fried Rice”: Red quinoa, spiced butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, corn, snap peas, carrots, zucchini, and green apples — all topped with a sunny-side up egg. Can be prepared gluten-free.



Citrus Mustard Prawns: Citrus Mustard Sauced Prawns, baby carrots, black beans, ginger, Fresno peppers, zucchini and cilantro.



Miso Chicken: Sliced Chicken Breast with miso-tamarind sauce, baby carrots, mushrooms, bok choy, candied walnuts, corn and cilantro.




Pumpkin and Caramel Apple Wontons




Ginger Jalapeño Mule:  Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila, Fresh Ginger, Lime Juice, Basil Leaves.



Rum Chata: Cream Liqueur, Ice Sphere, Cinnamon Stick, Star Anise, Orange Peel



Apple Cinnamon Martini: Absolut Orient Apple Vodka, Tuaca Liqueur, Apple Juice. Lemon Juice, Cinnamon.



P.F. Chang’s Debuts 4 New Dishes & Pairs Wine with Sriracha [Infographic]

chang 2

And an infographic. Foodbeast loves infographics! They’re like stories for your eyes.

The gist behind this one is simple: P.F. Chang’s is offering a limited-time-only “Inspired” menu with four new dishes boasting “bright, bold flavors” that might otherwise be tricky to pair with wines. No worries, Chang’s takes care of that, too. By first looking at some Asian flavor staples, like lime, mint, and everybody’s favorite Sriracha, and then how they combine in the new dishes (Vietnamese Prawn Rolls, Thai Beef & Noodle Salad, Thai Basil Sambal Noodes, and Sea Bass with Tropical Salsa), Chang’s doles out the pairings with the magic of food science.

See below for more. I do not recommend this while hungry.

Infographic-pf changs

H/T + PicThx PFChangs


13 New Menu Items Coming April 2012 to P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s frequenters will have a lot of new items to look forward to during the month of April. In fact, they’ll have 13 new items to look forward to ranging from Vietnamese Crab Salad to bangers like Caramel Mango Chicken (featured image). Little else is known about the dishes yet, outside of the name and the good looking product shots that have been made available.

All the items will be available beginning April 2nd, 2012.

Lemon Scented Brussels Sprouts:

Vietnamese Crab Salad:

Vegetable Fried Rice:

Thai Basil Greens Salad:

Crab Fried Rice:

Thai Chicken Noodle Salad:

Lemongrass Grilled Norwegian Salmon:

Dali Chicken:

Seared Ahi Tuna Salad:

Philip’s Better Lemon Chicken:

Asian Tomato & Cucumber Salad:

Chinese 5 Spice Duck:

Caramel Mango Chicken:

Packaged Food

OUR LOOK: P.F. Chang’s Home Menu Meals for 2

I’m sure many readers out there love Chinese food, but cooking it from scratch is simply out of the question. It’s just plain intimidating! Not only is a good recipe hard to come by, so are various questionable ingredients. I am self admittedly an Asian person who can’t cook Asian food, or at least very well… So I was glad when P.F. Chang’s Home Menu sent us samples of their new frozen meal line. Pepper Steak with Chow Fun Noodles and Garlic Chicken with Dan Dan Noodles were on my menu tonight.

So how does it compare to your local Chinese takeout spot? Overall, I would say it’s on point! The meat was super tender, the sauce was flavorful, and the noodles kept their shape. And ready in 6 minutes, preparing Chinese takeout at home couldn’t get any easier. Also need I say, there was no MSG to be found? 

The only qualm to be had was that the bell peppers were too soggy for my taste and the noodles could get pretty salty after a few bites, but that was expected from a frozen meal.

Along with 5 noodle meals to choose from, there are also 7 stir fry meals available, for more information and products visit





Adventures Hit-Or-Miss

P.F. Changs – $3pm – $6pm Happy Hour Everyday

I’m not quite sure how long P.F. Chang’s has been running this Happy Hour special, but let me tell you that I am now a huge fan, not that I wasn’t a fan of theirs beforehand. I had the sweet & sour chicken, chicken lettuce cups and crab wantons and the coup de grace was the $2 PBR which you can see after the jump. I also included a list of the rest of the happy hour menu so you can check it out for yourself.


Video: Towelie the Waiter

South Park is one of the funniest shows on television because they have no regard for who they poke fun at! In this episode, the famous weed smoker Towelie gets fired from his job at P.F Changs and decides to get high to see what he should do next!


Craving: Fried Tofu

Tofu is definitely an aquired taste, if you love it you love it and if you only kind of like it, you might not like it with everything. I personally am a huge fan after my uncle got me hooked on the tofu lettuce cups at P.F. Changes. Here we have some stir-fried tofu with a cajun and sesame seed oil dressing.


P.F. Chang's: Happy Chinese New Year!

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, P.F. Chang’s is offering four new dishes for you to try! They have VIP Duck, Traditional Egg Rolls, Sesame Chicken and Mahi-Mahi. Find out all about these awesome new meals after the jump! If you haven’t ever been to P.F. Chang’s you should get on your way and check one out. Find a location near you: P.F. Chang’s