Silicone Cool Fingers: Microwave Mitts For Your Fingers

When it comes to using the microwave, how impatient are you? Ever punch the ‘open’ button with seconds left on the timer, because one minute is already too long for reheating left overs? Ever reach in to grab the plate and suffer the sweltering heat on your fingers while you bring your plate to a cool countertop nearby? No longer!

These silicone Cool Fingers are a one piece instrument designed to fit your fingers and protect you during those precious seconds between the ‘wave and your place of eating. You can wipe these suckers clean too. ($9.99 @ PerpetualKid)


Clicking Kitchen Grip: Pixelated Oven Mitts

Designer Anderson Horta seamlessly blends kitchen cook-wear with a contemporary technological aesthetic, bringing forth these awesome oven mitts that are made to look like pixelated hand cursors. You can pick up these Clicking Kitchen Grip oven mitts over at the Bazar Design website. (Thx UniqueDaily)