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Outback Steakhouse Now Has A Bloomin’ Fried Chicken

Bloomin' Fried Chicken

Despite being a steakhouse, Outback’s most recognizable dish is arguably the Bloomin’ Onion. Perfect for sharing with a group as an ideal appetizer, accompanied by a zesty “bloom sauce,” it’s understandable in being so popular. Outback has recognized the Bloomin’ Onion’s popularity in their newest menu item, with the debut of a Bloomin’ Fried Chicken.

This iteration of the revered appetizer is a boneless chicken breast hand-battered in Outback’s Original Bloomin’ Onion® seasoning, fried until golden brown and drizzled with the spicy signature bloom sauce. A layup on why this new item is a success on concept already, so trust that the Bloomin’ Fried Chicken’s buzz will be well warranted.

This now makes me think how successful a lineup of Bloomin’-style options on Outback Steakhouse’s menu would be. My bet’s on it being more a hit than not.

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Guy Pretends To Be Stood Up, Gets Free Steak On Valentine’s Day

While many reclusive souls spent Valentine’s Day with constant reminders of their loneliness, one man decided to work the system.

Maryland resident Stephen Bosner claimed to have bamboozled an entire Outback Steakhouse on the day of love.

Live Tweeting his night of deceit, Bosner started off by asking, “If I went to Outback Steakhouse by myself tonight and asked for a table for 2, then got progressively sadder as the night went on alone, do you think they’d give me my steak for free?”

Turns out they wouldn’t, but he still found a way to con a couple into paying for his meal, and he let us into his journey, step-by-step.

The Arrival

The ruse started before he even got seated, as there was a 45 minute wait, to which he responded with a, “Oh that’s okay, this works perfectly – she said she was running a bit late anyway.”

He wore a suit, as any self-respecting man on a fake date would, was eventually seated, and even ordered his imaginary Valentine a glass of Chardonnay.

The Appetizers

While his date was “running late,” he still took advantage and started off the night with Outback’s famous bread loaf. Surely she wouldn’t mind, and if she wants some bread on arrival, you can just order some. No harm done.

As some time passed, he ate a second loaf of bread.

Kitchen Closes Soon

The Kitchen was 15 minutes from closing, so he had to eventually order something. Bosner chugged his date’s glass of wine in front of the server, and ordered a steak.

Bosner said that everyone in the restaurant glanced at him at least once, as it was painfully obvious that he was having dinner alone on Valentine’s Day.

The Fake Voicemail

To add a little drama, and really lay it on thick, Bosner jumped on the phone and left a 40 second voicemail, saying that he hoped, “everything is OK, and nothing bad happened.”

He actually recorded himself leaving this fraudulent voicemail, and spoke loud enough for anyone around him to hear.

“I Have Named Her Katherine”

With plenty of time on his hands, Bosner finally named his fake date, and even gave her a backstory. If this is not commitment, I don’t know what is. He has gone through all this trouble, and still made sure to give his non-existing date a full profile.

“Katherine is a consultant at Deloitte. She lives in Arlington, that’s why I chose this spot. We met at the grocery store. We both went for the same bag of shredded cheese. She seemed so excited for our Valentine’s Day date.”

The Restaurant Is Officially Closed

Putting in a late order, Bosner stayed in the Outback a little after closing. While the doors were closed for 25 minutes, Bosner stared down his steak, didn’t touch it, and actually began to weep.

He said he even went as far as to accidentally drop some mac & cheese on the floor, and with zero f*cks given, picked up and still ate it.

Even with this night being a pre-planned ploy, you have to think there was a bit of actual sadness on Bosner’s part, because this is getting increasingly sad.

The Payoff

There was at least one couple left at the bar, and they apparently not only bought the whole scam, but also bought him his dinner. While it wasn’t Outback that paid for his meal, at least someone did.

To not be a complete dick, Stephen donated $50, which is about the price of an Outback dinner, to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Outback’s Response

At the end of it all, Bosner scammed the Outback employees, the customers, got a free meal, and Outback’s response was another free meal for him and a date.

You’d think Outback would be mad, but it seems they can take a joke, and the whole thing was pretty impressive anyway.

Not everyone was impressed with the joke, some even going as far as saying things like,”You think $20 is good compensation for not letting your waiter turn over his table, on a night that he’s counting on to make good money? for a joke that’s not particularly funny, so you can get some likes on twitter?” and, “You wasted a server’s time and money plus conned a couple of people to pay you for a dinner that you didn’t deserve. Some ‘hero’. Get a life.”

Everyone’s a critic, but Stephen created a memorable night for himself, even if it was at the expense of others.

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Outback Steakhouse Accused As The Illuminati By Wacky Conspiracy Theory

Photo: Mike Mozart on Flickr.

Outback Steakhouse would like you all to know that NO, they’re not an organization that controls the entire way the world functions and exists.

Over the past week, conspiracy theories have been popping up on the Internet that Outback Steakhouse may actually be the Illuminati, a theorized group of people that apparently have control over the entire planet.

The theory began when a Twitter user posted multiple pictures showing Outback Steakhouse locations in various areas popping up in the shape of pentagrams, a star symbol that’s apparently indicative of work by the Illuminati.

The tweet quickly went insanely viral, generating over 100,000 retweets over the weekend. Some of these were more people adding on to the theory with more pentagram diagrams that are apparently evidence that Outback Steakhouse is actually the Illuminati:

Outback Steakhouse has denied the conspiracy theory in a statement made to the Daily Dot, saying they had “no plans other than to bring bold steaks and Bloomin’ Onions” to the people. They also jokingly posted a tweet in reply to all of the Illuminati theories going around:

At least they know how to have fun when accused of controlling the entire planet.

For those of you who aren’t convinced that Outback Steakhouse isn’t the Illuminati, though, some food for thought: if the pentagrams are symbols of the Illuminati’s work, doesn’t this all just mean that the Illuminati controls Outback Steakhouse the way it controls all of us?

Chew on THAT, crazy conspiracy theorists.

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Outback Just Loaded Their Bloomin’ Onion With Cheesy Steak Fries

In honor of the upcoming NCAA March Madness basketball tournament, Outback Steakhouse is topping their classic Bloomin’ Onion with a couple other favorites on their menu.

The 3-Point Bloomin’ Onion will be topped with not just center-cut sirloin steak bites, but Aussie Cheese Fries (Fries with Monterey Jack, Cheddar cheese and chopped bacon)!

Californians have seen steak and fry combos before, such as carne asada fries, but there’s no way anyone could have ever imagined that type of concept would work on top of an onion bloom.

The 3-Point Bloomin’ Onion will be available nationwide from March 15 to April 4, which is pretty much through the duration of the NCAA basketball tournament.

Outback Steakhouse is known for its classic Bloomin’ Onion, and doesn’t mess with it too much, but this is the kind of upgrade that makes you want to toss everything around you and run straight to Outback and try it. Well, at least that’s how I feel.


Here’s How To Get a FREE Bloomin’ Onion® At Outback Steakhouse Today

All you have to do is mention “Outback Bowl” to your server. That’s it. But today, Sat. January 2nd, is the ONLY DAY to do so. So get going already.

For ‘America’s Boldest Rivalry,’ the 2016 Outback Bowl in Tampa, FL matched a team from both the SEC and Big Ten conferences, represented by the University of Tennessee Volunteers and the Northwestern University Wildcats, respectively. A win from Northwestern and the Big Ten would have meant a free coconut shrimp appetizer from Outback Steakhouse. But a dominant, blowout victory of 45-6 by the SEC’s Tennessee Vols guaranteed a free Bloomin’ Onion® to any party willing to utter the phrase.

RELATED: The Complete History of Outback’s Bloomin’ Onion®

In 2015, Outback Steakhouse gave away over 75,000 orders of Coconut Shrimp after the Wisconsin Badgers victory. Considering the Bowl’s escalating popularity and this year’s 30th annual game, it is expected that the number of complimentary appetizers will be surpassed.

Created in partnership with Outback Steakhouse


Everything You Never Knew About Outback’s Bloomin’ Onion® [WATCH]

Along with Stonehenge and the Bermuda Triangle, Outback Steakhouse’s Bloomin’ Onion is more or less one of life’s greatest mysteries—and with good reason. For years, the process behind crafting the classic appetizer has been seldom shared with the public, and thus, unanswered questions have clouded our minds. Where did these giant onions come from? Are the petals cut by tiny elves with tinier machetes?

Awesome news: after much begging and pleading, we were finally able to convince Outback to share just a little bit of the magic that is the Bloomin’ Onion. That’s right—Foodbeast went Outback. All of our burning questions were answered, and now we feel, like, 10 times more powerful.

It turns out that no elves are involved whatsoever. Tim Gannon, co-founder of Outback Steakhouse, developed the idea for the Bloomin’ Onion around 1988 after being inspired by a New Orleans dish, and the rest was history. The very first Bloom was first served at the flagship restaurant in Tampa, Florida; today, one out of every four appetizers ordered at Outback is a Bloom. With so many Bloomin’ Onions being cut on a yearly basis, how could one not assume that they’re created with magic?

Ray Forgie of the Buena Park, CA Outback explains that the colossal onions were originally trimmed by hand, but now a special machine called a “Gloria” is used to efficiently transform them into beautiful, 200+ petaled blooms. Thanks to the Gloria, 40 million blooms were served at Outback restaurants from 2012 through 2015, and there are many, many more to come.

With a Bloomin’ Onion Burger and steak on the menu, a mascot, as well as a spot in the annual Outback Bowl (we’ll get into that), it’s undeniable that the Bloomin’ Onion is nothing short of a food icon. Check out our exclusive visit with Outback for the complete Bloom lowdown, and even to find out how to get your very own free appetizer – either the iconic Bloomin’ Onion or some tasty Coconut Shrimp – after the January 2016 Outback Bowl!

Created in partnership with Outback Steakhouse


Halloween Freebies Round-Up 2013

Sweet costume: check. Candy for the kiddies: check. Real food so you don’t starve to death: say what now? As much as we’d love to believe otherwise, you can’t make it through Halloween night on candy alone. Luckily, there are plenty of restaurants out there just itching to throw free (or at least discounted) food at you. And I don’t know about you, but after everything I spent this Halloween, the extra moolah is very much appreciated.


Boston Market:


Free Kid’s Meal with Purchase of Any Individual Meal.




$3 Burrito, Bowl, Salad, or Tacos with Costume, 4:00 p.m. to close.




Free Scary Face Pancake for Kids 12 and Under, 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Krispy Kreme:


One Free Donut with Halloween Costume


Olive Garden:


Free Kid’s Meal with Adult Entree. Newsletter subscription and coupon required.


Outback Steakhouse:


Free Kid’s Meal with Adult Entree



Red Lobster:


Free Kid’s Meal with Adult Entree. Coupon available on Facebook.




$1 Coupon Booklet for 10 Free Jr. Frostys. Proceeds go to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.


Outback Steakhouse Announces Three Course Dinner for $11.99

Outback Steakhouse is helping their hungry guests stretch their dollars while still being able to get enough food to fill them up and stay eating out. Their latest dinner meal is priced at $11.99 and allows customers to choose between a soup or salad, six ounce Signature Sirloin, side and dessert at a set price.

The Signature Sirloin is “hand-trimmed,” and the dessert — apple beignets — are warm cinnamon apple-filled pastries rounds out the offering. Find an Outback Steakhouse location near you if you want to jump on the deal.