Don’t Suck at Father’s Day: A Climate-Controlled Box of Bacon


Here’s a fact: Your dad does not want another tie for Father’s Day. He also doesn’t want a pair of socks, regardless of the fact that they’re cashmere and knit by blind monks. He does, however, want bacon. In fact, everyone in their right mind wants bacon (except for those so-called “vegetarians,” but shh, we won’t speak of them), which makes this Oscar Mayer Original Collection set the most thoughtful Father’s Day gift, ever.

The special edition item features 18-20 slices of Oscar Mayer bacon delicately placed inside a plush velvet jeweler’s box and comes in three different sets:

  • The Commander ($22), which comes with a stainless steel money-clip engraved with the words ‘Bringin’ it Home’ and an image of a bacon strip;
  • The Matador ($28), which features two handsome bacon strip cufflinks; and
  • The Woodsman ($25), which includes a rugged 12 function multitool with a bacon strip image carved into the handle.


Unfortunately, the collection is currently sold out as quantities are limited daily, but you can keep checking SayItWithBacon.Com to see when they go back on sale. Also, we recommend just checking out the page to gaze at the glistening, rotating bacon and Kay Jewelers-esque video. It’s majestic.

By the way, Oscar Mayer, where was this pork-packaged extravagance for Mother’s Day? Goodness knows our mums would have appreciated the gesture just as much as our dads. Something to keep in mind for next year . . .

Oscar Mayer Gift Box $22 – $28 @SayItWithBacon


Drive the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile

Looking at your bucket list recently? Obviously one of the highest list priorities is getting behind the wheel of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile. The Oscar Mayer company is accepting resumés until January 31, 2009 for drivers to compile the highly coveted team of weiner drivers.

If you’re chosen, you’ll represent Oscar Mayer as a goodwill ambassador through appearances on radio and television stations; newspaper interviews; and visits to grocery stores and charity functions. You’ll work with professionals in the fields of consumer promotion, marketing and sales; help organize promotions and even pitch TV, radio and print media.

Still interested? Take a look at the interior of the vehicle and then get your resumes in ASAP. Once you’re selected, shoot us an e-mail and stop by our offices with the Weinermobile, we’d love to see it in person! Good luck! (Thx SeriousEats)