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Taco Bell Japan Just Launched An Okonomiyaki Burrito, Complete With Kewpie Mayo

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese street food experience unlike any other. The all-in-one “pancake,” complete with noodles, veggies, meat, and sauce, is a plethora of varying tastes and flavors that pop off all at once.

Taco Bell has taken that classic dish and put their own spin on it in a brand new, Osaka-exclusive Okonomiyaki Burrito.

okonomiyaki burritoPhoto courtesy of Taco Bell

The Okonomiyaki Burrito is a combination of Taco Bell ingredients and Japanese flavors, with a couple of unique sauces leading the way. As for the protein, Taco Bell opted for carnitas, which gets wrapped up with red tortilla strips, cabbage, cheddar cheese, okonomi sauce, and Kewpie mayo. Yes, we’re talking the legit one that comes with a hit of umami and a special creamy consistency.

Taco Bell’s take on the classic street food has been available since January 29th, when their second store in Osaka opened up. For now, it’s a limited-time item in the region, but folks in Tokyo may see it pop up there later this year as well.

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Robotic Self-Checkout Instantly Scans And Bags Your Groceries

Lawson grocery store in Osaka, Japan thinks it has found the future of shopping, as they collaborated with Panasonic to create a check-out counter that will not only scan the items in your basket, but instantly bag them.

The basket itself has sensors that detect the items you place inside. Once you’re done shopping and want to check out, the register has a dedicated space for the basket where your groceries are automatically scanned.

Then the really cool part happens, as the bottom drops from the basket, and your groceries safely fall into a bag.

It’s a pretty neat concept, but it would never work for customers who shop big.

We’d also be more excited about this if Amazon hadn’t recently announced the true future of grocery shopping by eliminating the checkout counters altogether.

Still, this is a busy, anti-social introvert’s dream, until an error occurs and you have to ask a pesky human for help.

h/t cnet

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KFC Japan’s Offering a Free All-You-Can-Eat Fried Chicken Trip to Osaka? #YOLO

In case you just can’t get enough of the Colonel’s deep fried, finger-lickin’ good goodness stateside, why not tweet your way to a free fried chicken eating tour in Japan?

Oh, because the prize is only redeemable by non-KFC employees and people who actually live there? Well, I guess that makes sense.

But for all you YOLO-ing Mayan Doomsdayers, listen up. For the holidays, KFC Japan is running a twitter contest for a free, most-expenses-paid eating trip to Osaka. Just tweet “#KFC食べ放題ツアーin大阪”(KFC All-You-Can-Eat Tour in Osaka) as many times as you want, and on December 20, three lucky winners will be taken along with a guest to the KFC restaurant in Onobaru, Osaka.

Now, since the contest ends on the 20th (the 19th here), here’s what you should do. Renew your passport, move to Japan today, find a sponsor, become a citizen and spend the rest of your time learning Japanese and tweeting. Best of all, if you charge the trip and the world does end, you won’t ever have to pay it back.


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