Here’s How to Transform a Starbucks Paper Bag Into a Wallet


Starbucks drinkers are a crafty bunch right? The kind of people with Pinterest pages who go to farmer’s markets and praise sustainability? Well here’s a neat little recycling trick for any Starbucks paper bags you ‘bucks-heads may have lying around: paper bag origami wallets!

Ostensibly this life hack works with any paper bag, but the Starbucks logo is what makes it Insta-worthy. All you need are a craft knife, double-sided tape, and a brown paper bag wide enough to contain a dollar bill and tall enough to fit the bill after you’ve folded the bag in on itself three times. Then, as per the directions of Youtuber thebigbluevan, just tear a few flaps open, tear some stuff off, fold some stuff in, and tape some stuff together, et voila, an entirely Urban Outfitters-worthy money holder, at least three months before the UO starts carrying some for Christmas.

Full written directions and photos can also be found on Rocket News


Origami Towel Folds Into the Shape of a Goosepimply Chicken


For those days when you can’t decide whether you want to dry your dishes or fold some origami, the creative masterminds at Alt Group have devised a solution: a tea towel that can be folded into the shape of (wait for it . . . . . .) a raw chicken.

Taxi shared the creation, which comes printed with intricate origami-like folding instructions. The cotton towel (pale pink in color, completing the look of a goosepimply, bald bird body) was designed specifically for a Fisher and Paykel sales conference, so it’s not available for purchase. But origami nerds and extreme chicken fans take heart—with some relatively simple instructions, any towel can be folded into the shape of a chicken.

In the long line of awesomely useless kitchen accessories, the raw chicken tea towel is just one more thing you didn’t know you needed. You’re welcome.

H/T + PicThx Taxi


How to Make & Eat an Origami Burrito


When mathematical inspiration meets food art, you get the Tortilla Hexaflexagon. Presented by Vi Hart, who previously bestowed the beauty of the hexaflexagon to more than 4 million YouTube viewers, the Flex Mex is an extension of her marvelous geometric puzzle into the world of food. Vi Hart applies the concept of the seemingly ever-changing paper model to a tortilla shell and creates a tortilla that is able to hold the burrito’s ingredients in two separate compartments.

What we get is an Origami Burrito that is not only simple to make but offers a pleasant geometry lesson as well. Didn’t think you’d be getting flashbacks of your high school math class did you? Don’t worry, we promise this is much less painful and much more delicious than protractors will ever be.

Learn how to make the Flex Mex below:


Origami Animal Placemats

These sheets of paper start off as cheery and colorful place mats, but once the meal is over, they become a fun after-dinner activity for the whole family to enjoy.  Tear off the perforated instruction panel, and you are left with the perfect square required for traditional origami.  Moms, dads, and kids can each fold their mat into a cute little critter.  The set comes with 48 place mats, and each one is rated by difficulty.  Beginners can start off with an easy design, while more advanced folders can do a challenging one. ($12.49 @ Perpetual Kid)


Burger Origami

Been a healthy amount of time we’ve spent apart from our Burger Artist friend Char.L.Ton, but it comes to no surprise he’s still creating amazing works of burger art. In this particular experiment, he’s put together a complete fast food burger meal, complete with soda, fries and a burger that even accounts for those fried egg lovers! Photo realistic take on the Japanese art of paper folding, I’m with it!