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OREO Reveals That ‘Churro Creme’ Is Their Latest Mystery Flavor

You might remember OREO selling blank packages of “Mystery OREOs” earlier this year, as they challenged fans to guess what the flavor would be. The guessing game came attached with a hefty $50,000 cash prize for one lucky consumer who correctly identified the flavor.

We now officially know that the Mystery OREO flavor was:


The cinnamon-based mystery wasn’t terribly hard to crack. Cinnamon buns could be ruled out, as they’ve already been a past flavor, and something like Cinnamon Toast Crunch was too meta, and the world wouldn’t be ready for that collab.


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OREO is very keen on food trends, and churros have been flourishing in the U.S. of late, with several restaurants revolving around the chewy cinnamon dessert.

It also makes sense considering the inverse already exists in OREO flavored churros.

While OREO said there are no plans to release an official churro flavored creme package, the mystery packages are still available in stores for a limited time while supplies last.

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Brace Yourselves: Official Game Of Thrones OREOs Are Coming

We knew that Game of Thrones was gonna go big on their promotions for the final season, but the writing wizards of Winterfell have conjured up an unexpected surprise nobody expected: Official show-branded OREOs.

First reported on by packaged food Instagrammers like TheJunkFoodAisle and CandyHunting, Foodbeast has received official confirmation from OREO’s team that these Game of Thrones OREO packages are launching soon.

OREO wouldn’t provide any more detail than that confirmation, but promised to share additional details about the HBO collab as soon as possible.

For now, we just know that these will be dropping some time around April 14th, when the final season of Game of Thrones begins.

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Oreos Debuts CARROT CAKE Cookies As Newest Flavor

We’re always eager to see what new flavors the Oreos factory is churning out. Last year, they added some delectable variety to their legion of flavors with the addition of Strawberry Shortcake and Rocky Road.

Now it seems one of the newest flavors to hit the snack aisle will be one for the rabbits. Or at least anyone with a taste for carrots. Yup, Nabisco just dropped Carrot Cake Oreos.

The new cookie boasts a cream cheese-flavored creme that’s sandwiched between two carrot-flavored cookies.

According to Oreos, the flavor is confirmed to be a permanent addition to the line, rather than just a seasonal offering.

Beyond that rich new offering, Nabisco is also debuting a limited edition “Love, Oreo” which features a sweet and tangy pink creme spread in between two cookie pieces with special messages like “Dunk In Love, “XOXO Oreo”, “Let’s Twist”, and “Dear Cupid Send Oreo.” These are also available now and will stay on shelves through the end of Valentine’s Day, presumably.

Carrot Cake Oreos and Love, Oreos can now be found at any grocery retailers that offer Oreos. As a huge fan of carrot cake, it’s nice to see the dessert get some love.

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Popeyes and Church’s Chicken Are Now Both Selling Deep Fried OREOs

Could the newest dessert fast food trend be deep fried OREO cookies? It appears to be starting to head in that direction, as two different fast food fried chicken spots have started selling versions of the state fair treat.

deep fried oreosPhoto courtesy of Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken is selling State Fair Oreos, a product that’s been in freezers around the country for a while but has yet to hit the fast food scene. Available nationwide for a limited time, they’re served with a drizzle of sweet icing and sold in a pack of 6 for $3.99.

deep fried oreosPhoto courtesy of Popeyes

Meanwhile, Popeyes is testing out a deep-fried Double Stuf OREO in the Boston area. Funnel cake batter coats these thick OREO cookies, which are served on their own in an order of 2, 3, or 4 pieces. The 2-piece comes at $1.99, with the prices varying after that. These will only be available in Boston through the end of October via in-store or UberEats.

With the two fried chicken rivals dishing out the treats at the same time, it may only be a matter of time before more competitors, and the rest of fast food, eventually follow suit.

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OREO Mooncakes Are Available In Asia And They Look AMAZING

OREO has dropped some crazy flavors in Asia before, like their Hot Chicken and Wasabi renditions. One of their newer creations, though, merges the cookie sandwich with traditional Chinese/Vietnamese treats called mooncakes.


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We found these OREO Mooncakes thanks to the Instagram twin team behind @mnmtwinz, Marcus and Matthew. While the treats are exclusive to Asia, they managed to purchase a gift set of the mooncakes on eBay.

Traditionally, mooncakes are consumed during the mid-Autumn Festival (also known as the Moon Festival), which is celebrated by both China and Vietnam. This year, it falls on September 24 to correspond with the season’s first full moon.

The mooncakes are meant to be shared with family, as a symbol of reunion and to wish for a long and happy life. These OREO versions were created as a way for folks to both partake in the tradition and enjoy OREO flavors at the same time.

They’re not necessarily new, as Design Taxi reported that China and Vietnam first carried these in 2017, however, other countries like Thailand and Singapore are getting exposed to them for the first time this year.

The dense outside of the cake is usually filled with a lotus seed paste that may come in various flavors. These special versions have that lotus interior, but also contain a second paste inside that provides one of various flavors. The ones that Marcus and Matthew tried included Brownie Chocolate, Double Chocolate with Milk, Strawberry Jam, and Custard and Pineapple Jam.

Those interested in trying them outside of Asia may find them hard to track down, as the eBay user that @mnmtwinz bought its set from, is currently out of stock. If you do get your hands on a set, though, you’re in for a unique twist on a mid-Autumn Festival treat.

Featured image courtesy of @mnmtwinz
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Hot Chicken Wing And Wasabi OREOs Exist And Folks Are Freaking Out

Mondelez has become a culinary wizard when it comes to creating their out-of-bounds OREO flavors. The two newest ones, Hot Chicken and Wasabi OREOs, bring some fire in terms of flavor, but are also catching a bunch of heat from the Internet.

Mondelez announced in an official tweet that the new OREO flavors were released in China, but they can also apparently be tracked down on eBay, according to The Junk Food Aisle. Still, not everyone is keen on trying these cookies for themselves, as Twitter seems to currently suggest.

The spicy flavors may not sound like the best combo with OREOs, but they have some potential to work. Kit Kat has already had a wasabi flavor going for a while in Japan and it’s gotten mostly positive feedback. Hot chicken combined with sweet stuff is a little out of left field, sure, but maybe it’ll resonate like the sweet-spicy combo of chicken and waffles.

Regardless, these buzzworthy OREOs are worth the attempt to secure to at least say you got a taste. Or you could just switch the hot chicken OREOs in with some Halloween-themed ones as an epic prank for trick-or-treaters.

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Fireworks OREOs, Complete With Popping Candy, Just Got Turned Into A DQ Blizzard

Last year, Mondelez sent the Internet abuzz with the debut of their Fireworks OREOs. Imbued with popping candy, each bite set your mouth alight with a crackling fizz akin to firecrackers.

Looks like OREOs’ makers are on to the popping candy hype again, as they’ve dropped it into a new Dairy Queen Blizzard, just in time for the Fourth of July.

fireworks oreos

Photo courtesy of Dairy Queen

DQ’s new OREO Firework Blizzard Treat meshes the two key components of the Fireworks OREO together in a way that gives you maximum fizz and flavor. OREO cookies and individual pieces of popping candy are mixed into vanilla soft serve to construct the Blizzard.

It was a smart move to separate the two individual flavors, over just trying to incorporate Fireworks OREOs. You’re going to get more snapping per sip as the larger popping candy pieces take longer to dissolve and crackle on your tongue. Thus, the sensory contrast this Blizzard provides is pushed to the max, giving you a fun drink to celebrate and sip on for the Fourth.

The Dairy Queen-OREO collab is available now through the end of July, so you can get your Fireworks OREO fix in frozen treat form.

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How Color Can Be Used To Affect Your Perception Of Food

From the beginning of time, color has always been something that has drawn us to particular foods. Nowadays, that attractiveness has evolved into expecting certain hues, brightnesses, and varieties when we select fresh produce from the grocery store or order food off of a restaurant’s menu. We want to see the food before we select it, because we make many judgments about whether food will taste delicious or not based on how it looks. It’s why chefs emphasize presentation in restaurants.

To help make food appealing to our eyes, chefs and grocery stores have developed methods and tricks thanks to technology, patterns, or varieties. Here’s just a few of the ones you may have (or have not) noticed that help you pick what you believe to be the perfect steak, juiciest orange, and a whole host of other food options.

Bright White Backdrops

Chocolate dessert by @pastrybydaniel #TheArtOfPlating

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Whenever you go to an upscale dining establishment, there’s a good chance your meal is going to be served on a bright white plate. That’s done on purpose, as white serves as the perfect backdrop to every other color out there. As acclaimed New York chef Charlie Palmer told Today, “When you use a bright white plate, the food really stands out, its colors seem more vibrant, and it makes the food more appealing. It seems simple, but it’s true!”

Strengthening An Orange’s Sheen

You may be accustomed to seeing vibrant, deep orange hues on this classic citrus, but that’s not always the case originally. Oranges from Florida, from example, tend to be noticeably paler, especially earlier on in the harvesting season for these popular fruits. As a result, the FDA has allowed a specific dye called Citrus Red no. 2 to be sprayed onto these oranges to give them their more characteristic shade of orange. This dye is a potential cancer-causing compound (at least, according to the state of California), so it’s best to toss the peels out. But the fruit inside is safe and delicious, and if you’re eating it, Citrus Red no. 2 has done its job of getting you to select perfectly wholesome oranges that just don’t look as bright.

Contrast On The Plate

Roasted lamb, tempura courgette, mint, and hazelnuts by @chefdanielwatkins #TheArtOfPlating

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When plating food, it’s important to play around with colors. Utilizing sharp contrasting, or nearly opposite shades to enhance a plate could help make it look way more delicious. A bright orange sauce, for example, could coat a piece of cooked meat and be surrounded with a dark green, with the orange and green colors playing off of each other perfectly. It creates a visual balance on the plate that helps your eyes draw to each part of the dish better and prepare for every exciting burst of flavor you’re about to consume.

What A Package’s Color Says About Its Food

Did you know that the food industry uses different colors to evoke specific emotions with their food packaging? Sounds crazy, but think about how you feel the next time you look at a box of food colored with a certain hue. Blue-packaged products like OREOs and Kraft Mac and cheese, for example, are designed to be a memorable product because they were the colors originally used to market to children. Green packages represent health and naturalness of the food inside, and yellow should make you feel happier when looking at it. Don’t believe me? Experiment for yourself and see how you feel next time you’re at the store.

The Redness Of Steaks

In the United States, we love to see steaks that are a bright red color, as that is believed to be indicative of the optimum freshness and taste. Grocery stores have caught onto this, and have actually developed a couple of methods to accentuate the redness of their steaks. While one of these methods, spraying steaks with carbon monoxide, has been banned in the US, we can still shine red lights over meat to bring out their red color. Pretty crazy, right?

Show Off Your Caramelized and Cooked Sides

You know how steaks and other meats are typically served in a “fan” pattern on a plate, with slices overlapping each other? That method has been developed specifically to show you the two parts of the meat you’re going to critique the most with your eyes instantly: the sear and how well it’s cooked on the inside. The perfect medium-rare steak, for example, has a deep brown crust on the outside, but a luscious pink on the inside that’ll leave your mouth watering. When both are visibly present at once, you can envision the crunch and caramelized flavors of the sear with the juiciness and flavor bursting from the center of the steak the best, whetting your appetite for the delectable gourmet treat just set in front of you. This works for pork and chicken as well, with the only difference being that you want a moist white interior for those meats. Master the cook and the cut, and you’ll be well on your way to serving up fine-dining quality proteins.

Turning Poorly Marbled Steaks Into Works of Art

One of the best visual quality parameters of a steak is its marbling, or the streaks of white fat that run through the raw piece of meat. Fat translates to flavor, so the more of those you see, the better the steak will be. Some meats of a lower quality don’t have as much marbling, so to help make them look more flavorsome, a technique called artificial marbling is used. Hot, melted fat is injected into freshly butchered meat that then runs throughout the entire cut, creating some additional marbling effects that make meat fattier than it actually was to start with. This kind of meat has to be marked as such on grocery store labels, so if you’re interested in seeing what this looks like compared to other steaks of the same caliber, pick one up and experience it for yourself.