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OREO Releases Packs Of Rainbow Cookies For LGBTQ+ History Month

Photo courtesy of OREO

OREO is continuing its history of showing love and support to LGBTQ+ communities for LGBTQ+ History Month by releasing a limited-edition pack of rainbow OREOs.

The packages feature 7 different creme fillings to mark the colors of the Pride flag. You won’t be able to find them in stores, however, as OREO is giving them out for free to celebrate and reward acts of allyship for the LGBTQ+ community.

For this giveaway, OREO is teaming up with PFLAG National, a nationwide organization for parents, family, allies, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. All folks have to do to enter to win is post a photo representing what allyship means to them on Instagram or Twitter. You also have to tag the OREO brand and use the hashtags #ProudParent and #giveaway to take part.

Only 10,000 packages of the unique OREOs will be available, and OREO has no plans to put them in stores. This is similar to past campaigns, including a 2019 set of “Pronoun Packs” of OREOs that were also distributed for free during Pride month.

OREO has received hate for such campaigns in the past, and continues to do so for their newest one. (Seriously, the homophobia in some tweets responding to their above video are disturbing.)

The rainbow cookie giveaway, however, represents a heartwarming to show allyship without attempting to profit off of it.


OREO ‘Trolls’ You With A Glittery New Flavor

OREO’s latest limited-time flavor is a collab with the upcoming Trolls World Tour movie.

To keep with the Trolls theme, OREO’s classic creme will be colored pink, and bedazzled with glitter.


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To ensure the creme’s color pops, they’re foregoing their chocolate wafer and going with the golden wafer instead.

They’ve also come up with a fun interactive promotion for the kiddos, creating an AR experience where you can point your Instagram camera at the box of OREOs and a little Trolls, Queen Poppy, pops up to dances for you. A barcode can be found on the OREO site if you do want to mess around with that feature.

Try out the new OREOs for yourselves, let us know if they’re good and if they turn your poop glittery pink, like the Peeps OREOs.

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Drumstick Unveils New Ice Cream Bar Coated In Cookie Crumbs

It’s hard to improve upon the classics, but that’s exactly what Nestle is doing this spring with the release of their Crushed It! Ice Cream Bars.

Pivoting from the usual faux-Oreo crumb crust that dominates the ice cream bar game, the new bar’s coating features cookies that have been ground into a fine powder. Because of this, the bar has a unique melt-in-your-mouth sensory element uniquely different from Cookies ‘N’ Cream bar’s usual crunchy shell. 

The bars will be available in two flavors: vanilla fudge, which features vanilla ice cream with streaks of chocolate, and Cookies ‘N’ Cream. Both flavors have a component, a gooeyness from the fudge and the crunch from the Cookies ‘N’ Cream, that give the treat some depth beyond the new shell. 

In an economy as expansive as that of the ice cream bar, innovations aren’t necessarily rare. A new ice cream bar pops up in the freezer aisle as commonly as new tweets come on the timeline. Seeing as most of their sole innovations are to slap the face of whatever Marvel superhero has a new movie out on a vanilla flavored bar, an ice cream bar that tries to play both flavor and senses is distinctive. So, it could have some legs to stay around for a longer than most variations of classic flavors.

Crushed It! Ice Cream Bars will be available nationwide, rolling out into supermarkets everywhere between now and April for the price of $3.99.

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OREO Reveals That ‘Churro Creme’ Is Their Latest Mystery Flavor

You might remember OREO selling blank packages of “Mystery OREOs” earlier this year, as they challenged fans to guess what the flavor would be. The guessing game came attached with a hefty $50,000 cash prize for one lucky consumer who correctly identified the flavor.

We now officially know that the Mystery OREO flavor was:


The cinnamon-based mystery wasn’t terribly hard to crack. Cinnamon buns could be ruled out, as they’ve already been a past flavor, and something like Cinnamon Toast Crunch was too meta, and the world wouldn’t be ready for that collab.


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OREO is very keen on food trends, and churros have been flourishing in the U.S. of late, with several restaurants revolving around the chewy cinnamon dessert.

It also makes sense considering the inverse already exists in OREO flavored churros.

While OREO said there are no plans to release an official churro flavored creme package, the mystery packages are still available in stores for a limited time while supplies last.

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Beloved S’mores OREOs Are Back For First Time Since 2015


Oreo’s at it again, dropping a line of flavors hotter than the Game of Thrones finale.

You’d think Oreo would eventually run out of flavors, but they keep cranking them out in bulk, this time releasing four new flavors, along with an old favorite.

The new lineup consists of Marshmallow Moon, Maple Creme, Latte Creme Thins, and Baskin-Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip. Coming along for the ride will be the return of the beloved S’mores flavor.

As far of the S’mores Oreo, arguably one of its top 5 all-time flavors, it is already in stores for the first time since 2015. Unfortunately, it will not be around for too long, is it will continue to be a limited edition flavor, so get your hands on it while you can.

The purple marshmallow creme-filled Marshmallow Moon cookies will be in celebration of the Apollo moon landing’s 50th anniversary. The surface of the cookies will have spacey designs, along with a glow in the dark package, for those who like eating their Oreos with the lights off. The mid-June release will roll out around the same time as the Latte Thins, as those cookies look to tap in to everyone’s coffee obsession, and will actually be a permanent flavor.

In July, the Baskin-Robbins Mint Chocolate Chip will channel a classic ice cream favorite, while in late August, Oreo’s Maple Creme flavor will close out the summer, Canadian style.

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Custom Game Of Thrones Designed OREOs Hit Shelves April 8th, Here Is A Sneak Peek

We’ve known that official Game of Thrones OREOs were gonna be a thing since the cookie giant confirmed the news a while back. With that launch date coming soon, though, we’re officially getting a first look at the custom-designed OREO cookies that will be a part of this collab.

Photo courtesy of OREO

In each package of Game of Thrones OREOs, there will be four different types of cookies, each representing different houses from the show. The Starks, Targaryens, Lannisters, and the Night King will be featured, showcasing the Great Houses that remain in competition for the Iron Throne as well as the enemy White Walkers.

OREO has confirmed that these will drop in stores nationwide just a week before the final season’s premiere, on April 8th. They also mentioned that it’s their “largest limited-edition launch” yet, so hopefully that means everyone will be able to snag a few packs to munch on during some of those feature film-length episodes.

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Brace Yourselves: Official Game Of Thrones OREOs Are Coming

We knew that Game of Thrones was gonna go big on their promotions for the final season, but the writing wizards of Winterfell have conjured up an unexpected surprise nobody expected: Official show-branded OREOs.

First reported on by packaged food Instagrammers like TheJunkFoodAisle and CandyHunting, Foodbeast has received official confirmation from OREO’s team that these Game of Thrones OREO packages are launching soon.

OREO wouldn’t provide any more detail than that confirmation, but promised to share additional details about the HBO collab as soon as possible.

For now, we just know that these will be dropping some time around April 14th, when the final season of Game of Thrones begins.

Featured Image courtesy of @TheJunkFoodAisle on Instagram. 

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Oreos New Most Stuf Cookies Are MASSIVE, Packing An Absurd Amount Of Creme

Photo Courtesy of @MunchieBunchie

When it comes to Oreo cookies, the more creme the better. When Nabisco launched their Double Stuf Oreos, our eyes lit up. When Mega Stuf Oreos came out, we could feel the butterflies dancing in our stomachs. So you can imagine how ecstatic we were to discover that Most Stuf Oreos just dropped.

Nabisco’s new cookie has approximately four times the creme of a regular Oreo cookie, dropping in grocery stores aisles as a HUGE kickoff to 2019.

There had been rumors during Q4 of 2018 that Oreo would be releasing such an item, but now we have tangible confirmation for all the Oreo creme filling lovers out there.

Photo Courtesy of @MunchieBunchie

Instagrammer @MunchieBunchie spotted a bag of these new cookies at a RiteAid in Beverly Hills, California, as well as a Target nearby. Because they’re so thick, each bag only comes with about 15 cookies.

Said to have the most creme ever for an Oreo, the new cookies will be available for a limited time. Oreo also launched a few new flavors this month that include Carrot Cake and Love Oreos for Valentine’s Day.