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This Wild RITZ and OREO Mash Up is the Ultimate Sweet and Salty Collab

I don’t know who in the respective RITZ Crackers and OREOs board rooms were channeling their inner munchies on this one, but thanks to those heroes, we now have RITZxOREO, the ultimate mashup between two snack legends.

RITZxOREO is a a first of-its-kind product mashup that is essentially one part RITZ Cracker and one part OREO cookie, fused by two delicious layers of smooth peanut butter flavored creme and the original OREO creme.

This mad combo is a limited-edition exclusive, with fans given the opportunity to have them starting at 12pm EST this Thursday, May 26th. On that date, RITZ and OREO fans can visit to get one free pack. Simply pay $3.95 for shipping and let the snacking gods shine their light upon you.

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OREO Launches First Official Pride Pack

Pride month is almost here and OREO is celebrating early with the debut of its first official retail Pride pack. Back together for a third year partnership, OREO and PFLAG National — the largest organization for LGBTQ+ people, their parents and families, and allies — joined forces to create a colorful limited edition pack of OREO cookies, with purpose.

The OREO Pride limited edition cookie pack reinforces the importance of active allyship by transforming the cookie pack exterior into a decorated canvas full of authentic words of love for the LGBTQ+ community sourced from real, lifelong allies.

“We’re proud to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and encourage active allyship today and every day, and excited to introduce the OREO brand’s first official Pride pack, made in collaboration with our friends at PFLAG National,” said Olympia Portale, Marketing Director at OREO. “Words of love are needed now more than ever. This pack is our love letter to the LGBTQ+ community and we hope that allies everywhere take advantage of the open space to write their own messages of support and share with family and friends.”

The pack was intentionally designed to be written on and meant to be gifted to your loved ones. The most unique feature yet, the classic OREO cookies each boldly feature a “PROUD” embossment on the chocolate basecake. 

Starting May 11th, the limited edition cookies will be available for pre-sale online at and the cookies will also be available at retailers nationwide starting May 18th, while supplies last. 


The Coolest Easter Candy Picks of 2022

Easter is right around the corner so that means spending time with family, easter egg hunts and for true enthusiasts of the occasion, making awesome Easter baskets. To make one successful, several things are needed: a proper basket, Easter grass, which comes in many colors and most importantly, only the best candies and holiday goodies.

To help bring your Easter basket dreams to life, we felt it was only right to highlight this year’s coolest Easter candy. 


Photo: Bag Of Bunny Farts

This hilarious and clever candy will definitely be a conversation starter. Actually cotton candy, Bag of Bunny Farts is one of several animal farts you can choose from. Who would’ve thought farts tasted so good?


Photo: Galerie Candy

Since the debut of The Mandalorian, Baby Yoda has been all the merchandising rage. Not missing a seasonal beat, this funny chocolate Easter egg contains a cute and edible Baby Yoda. If watching the show is cuteness overload, imagine what eating him will be like. 


Photo: Hershey Land

Reese’s, arguably one of the best sweet snacks of all time, also makes a mean egg. With a chocolate outer layer and classic Reese’s peanut butter center, this is a great addition to any basket.


Photo: Williams Sonoma

If you’re looking to add a classy touch to your basket, Williams Sonoma’s Chocolate Surprise Egg has all the pizzazz. A bite through its chocolate eggshell defenses reveals miniature white chocolate chicks. I’m not sure what type of surprise baby chicks will be, but they will probably be delectable.


Photo: Walmart

Snickers is another sweet snack behemoth that also offers its own spin on the classic Easter egg. These eggs contain the usual yummy suspects that make up a Snickers: creamy caramel, rich nougat, real peanuts and milk chocolate.


Photo: Walmart

With a flavor that works well for almost any confection, OREO Easter Chocolate Candy Egg is an absolute must have for your basket. The eggs are filled with OREO cookie bits combined with rich chocolate candy, further bolstering the belief that it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


Photo: Sour Punch

There’s always enough sweet to go around in Easter baskets, but what really sets thangs off is tossing a bit of sour in with the sweet. Sour Punch Chicks & Bunnies are the brand’s Easter twist on their classic sour treats. Same satisfying kick, same chewy bite.


Photo: Lindt USA

These fun Easter treats are aesthetically cool and easy to scarf down. Lindt is well known for their delicious chocolate and what makes these extra special is what lies inside. It has a festive chocolate carrot shell, surrounding milk chocolate, hazelnut and a white chocolate center.


Photo: Tony’s Chocolonely

It’s normal for eggs to come in cartons, so why not Easter eggs? Tony’s Chocolonely not only knows good chocolate, the brand also supports equality within the supply chain. That means when you’re enjoying one of their chocolate Easter eggs, you’re not only enjoying the dark and milk chocolate blend, filled with pieces of caramel, hazelnut, almonds and sea salt, you’re also helping to highlight an important cause.


Photo: Sees

The most fanciest schmanciest Easter egg on the avenue is See’s Candy Rocky Road Egg. It clocks in at over a half a pound and is filled with honey marshmallow, Cali walnuts, See’s signature milk chocolate, and is hand-decorated with a cute candy bouquet. 

With no shortage of sweet options for your Easter basket, these are great accents to liven things up. Each are available online and most can be easily found at a nearby retailer.

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OREO Celebrates 110 Year Birthday With New Chocolate Confetti Cake Flavor

OREO is celebrating its 110th birthday this coming March 6, and they’re commemorating the momentous occasion with an all new Chocolate Confetti Cake flavor.

This highly anticipated new flavor is the first to feature sprinkles on top of the cookie and mixed in with the creme, and also features a second chocolate creme layer.

These new limited edition Chocolate Confetti Cake OREOs can be had during its pre-sale at at 10:00 am ET on Tuesday, January 11. Availability at retailers nationwide starts on January 31.

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Oreo Cakesters Return At The Last Blockbuster Video

Photo courtesy of OREO

Does anyone else remember Oreo Cakesters? They came out back in 2007 and were essentially a cake version of Oreos.

While the Oreo Cakesters were discontinued only a few years after their debut, the confection is making a quiet comeback and what better way to experience said comeback than by partnering up with the Last Blockbuster.

Blockbuster patrons were surprised Jan. 7, with the redesign of the store’s marquee, co-branding Oreo Cakesters. Within the store, the walls are covered with Cakester-themed movie posters and Cakesters were served to customers in retro VHS-style packaging.

Photo courtesy of OREO

But you don’t have to travel to the last Blockbuster to get your hands on some. Cakesters officially hits retailers’ shelves this week.

Man, I remember many summer nights where all I had were a few bags of Cakesters and some Blockbuster rentals.
The memories.

Photo courtesy of OREO
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OREO THINS and Barefoot Create a Unique Red Wine

I’ve heard of red wine and chocolate pairings – tried some myself, delicious — but OREOs and wine? I would have never guessed the pairing to be true. In principle it works — chocolate cookies, red wine, sure why not. Which brings us to the unexpected collab between Barefoot Wine and OREO THINS.

This unlikely partnership yields a new Barefoot x OREO THINS red blend wine that features tasting notes of cookies & cream, chocolate, blackberry, and dark cherries.

Since red wine and chocolate are such a great pairing, I’d venture to say that this red blend is a worthy glass on any night. If you’re looking to procure a bottle, this limited batch will be available on December 9 at Barefoot Wine for $24.99.

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Did OREO Just Tease New Cookie Shapes?

This morning, OREO took to their Instagram and Twitter profiles and asked their fans: “If there ever was another shaped OREO cookie, which would you choose?”

Accompanying that seemingly veiled question is a graphic of three additional shapes of OREO cookies, hypothetically showing a triangle, square, and oval variant of the original circle shape. Fans had plenty to chime in on, with the Instagram post garnering over 1,600 comments as of this writing.

Has OREO really just teased new shapes are on the horizon? Hopefully this random question posed on their socials is as loaded as we want it to be. Regardless of the shape, fans will for sure eat them all up should they ever make a debut.

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OREO THINS Extra Stuf Cookies Are Coming Soon

There’s always been a lowkey debate about what the perfect OREO cookie to creme filling ratio is. When OREO THINS became a thing, it was marketed as an option for adults. But really, OREO cookies can get bites from any age group. As a grown ass man am I really going to complain about too much creme filling in my OREO? Nope.

I’m sure plenty other adults feel the same way I do, which is why OREO unveiling new OREO THINS Extra Stuf cookies is a full on angelic choir to our grown folk ears. This right here is the perfect ratio unlocked. To be honest, kids would appreciate the ratio dynamics at play here, too. More creme and a slightly a little less cookie is flawless.

We’ll all have to wait just a bit longer for this perfection, since OREO THINS Extra Stuf cookies will be a permanent addition to the OREO portfolio beginning in January 2022.