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OREO THINS and Barefoot Create a Unique Red Wine

I’ve heard of red wine and chocolate pairings – tried some myself, delicious — but OREOs and wine? I would have never guessed the pairing to be true. In principle it works — chocolate cookies, red wine, sure why not. Which brings us to the unexpected collab between Barefoot Wine and OREO THINS.

This unlikely partnership yields a new Barefoot x OREO THINS red blend wine that features tasting notes of cookies & cream, chocolate, blackberry, and dark cherries.

Since red wine and chocolate are such a great pairing, I’d venture to say that this red blend is a worthy glass on any night. If you’re looking to procure a bottle, this limited batch will be available on December 9 at Barefoot Wine for $24.99.

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OREO THINS Extra Stuf Cookies Are Coming Soon

There’s always been a lowkey debate about what the perfect OREO cookie to creme filling ratio is. When OREO THINS became a thing, it was marketed as an option for adults. But really, OREO cookies can get bites from any age group. As a grown ass man am I really going to complain about too much creme filling in my OREO? Nope.

I’m sure plenty other adults feel the same way I do, which is why OREO unveiling new OREO THINS Extra Stuf cookies is a full on angelic choir to our grown folk ears. This right here is the perfect ratio unlocked. To be honest, kids would appreciate the ratio dynamics at play here, too. More creme and a slightly a little less cookie is flawless.

We’ll all have to wait just a bit longer for this perfection, since OREO THINS Extra Stuf cookies will be a permanent addition to the OREO portfolio beginning in January 2022.