This Little Ice Cream Shop Offers The Most Whimsical Cones In Southern California

One of the best things about working at Foodbeast is keeping an eye on ice cream trends. Whether it be the Afters Ice Cream ‘Milky Bun,’ or the unique texture from charcoal cones, there are always interesting concepts that catch on in the ice cream game.

This will probably be the next trend.

Bumsan Milk Bar in Los Angeles is a little ice cream shop that prides itself on serving organic ice cream, and their new cereal-rimmed cones are creating a buzz in the ice cream world, incorporating some of our childhood favorites, such as Froot Loops, Oreo O’s, and even Cap’n Crunch.

Photo by Evan Lancaster

We went down to Koreatown to check out these bad boys, and were not disappointed.

The cereal is mixed with a gooey marshmallow sauce that sticks to the rim of their cones. After that, you can choose from some pretty unique ice cream flavors, such as dragonfruit lychee, taro milk tea, and even a true milk & matcha swirl.

The ice cream cones are $5.95, with an additional $1.95 for the cereal inclusion. You get a pretty healthy serving of ice cream on it, too.

Photo by Isai Rocha

It’s a modest little mom and pop with the option to add pizzazz to your cones, but at its core, the ice cream is the star, and will probably be the key to their future success in a city littered with trendy ice cream shops.

If you want to experience a flashback to your childhood breakfast, mixed with an appreciation for boba shop flavors, you’re going to want to try this place out.

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After 10 Years, OREO O’s Are Coming Back!

Remember Oreo O’s?

The cult cereal made its debut in 1998 and found a home in grocery story cereal aisles until 2007. Then, it was gone. We soon had to find other Oreo-themed breakfast alternatives to get us through the morning.

Thankfully, Post just announced that the company will be bringing back the beloved cereal for national release. The cereal will hit store shelves on June 10 and will stick around for the foreseeable future.

Finally we can stop pouring milk straight into packages of Oreos like we had been for the last decade.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Oreo O’s relaunch in the upcoming week. For nostalgia’s sake, here’s a nearly 20-year-old commercial for the cereal. Man, what an exciting time.


Today I Learned: Oreo O’s Vanished Everywhere Except for South Korea


Ah, the 90’s. A time when slap bracelets, Daria, world peace, and Oreo O’s existed. Who could forget those sugary bits of cereal that tricked our parents into thinking cookies were part of a balanced breakfast? Oreo O’s were the perfect sugar rush before school. The black O’s were the sweeter, crispy version of the original biscuit and the white “creme” speckles dissolved into your bowl of milk, making it extra sugary.

Sadly, after 2007, Post and Kraft ceased their co-branded partnership. Since Post owned the recipe and Kraft owned the rights to the Oreo name, the beloved cereal was pulled from shelves, never to be seen again. . .

Welp, turns out you can still get ’em in South Korea. Korean food company Dongsuh foods began as a joint venture with General Foods, the latter which was then acquired by Kraft Foods — which in turn made half of Dongsuh Foods’ stock property of Kraft. This allowed Dongsuh Foods to continue producing Oreo O’s, since the company had both licenses required to make the cereal.

Thanks to this fortunate series of events, die-hard Oreo O’s fans can relive the 90’s on eBay for around $10 a box. Now wake up at 8am on a Saturday, throw on an episode of Animaniacs and you’ve got yourself the perfect morning.

H/T Wiki + PicThx A Glutton in London