Oreo Creme-Stuffed Chips Ahoy Cookies, Because It’s About Time


Making healthy eating choices can be exhausting. Organic? Gluten free? What the hell are chia seeds? Let’s be real, some days it’s just easier to eat badly. For days you’re feeling especially shameless, Nabisco wants to help you indulge in the most soul-satisfying way possible, with Oreo Creme-filled Chips Ahoy cookies.

Like the Birthday Cake Chips Ahoys we covered last week, these creme-filled beauts are of the chewy variety, featuring a tiny sliver of sweet Oreo filling encased by a pliable chocolate chip cookie shell. Considering both brands are owned by the same company, you can’t help but wonder why Nabsico didn’t just stuff the whole Oreo inside, but for the luxury of (almost) not having to do it yourself, it’s hard to complain.


It’s like having your cookies and milk at the same damn time.

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Packaged Food

Oreo Now Comes in Squeezable Icing Form


The best things in life come in ready-to-eat, plastic bottles you can squeeze directly into your mouth. Pause. The dessert crack in a bottle came our way via our galpal Kiera, who spotted them on the pretty in pink site weheartit.

The 70z packets feature a line of beloved snacks turned dessert icing, including Oreos turned Chocolate Icing, Oreos turned Original Crème Icing, Hershey’s turned Chocolate S’mores Icing, and Hershey’s turned Chocolate Cinnamon S’mores Icing. You can sleuth for some here.

Please note the significance of the Oreo Original Crème in particular. This theoretically means that you can now smother all and everything in just that precious cookie crème, which is all you ever wanted anyway.

We’re now just one step closer to making MOREOs a reality.