Oregon Joins The List of States To Legalize Harvesting Roadkill To Eat

Oh deer. This might be the perfect time for you to think twice on being oblivious about where your meat is sourced. Because the next thing you know, it might say “Harvested off Highway 18.”

This might be due to the fact that Oregon legislature unanimously passed a law which allows drivers to harvest the meat off deer, elk, turkey or any other wild animals colliding with their vehicle. Beginning in 2019, if motorists accidentally hit any wildlife, they must be issued a permit in order to harvest it’s meat.

Government officials state that the law was a deterrent to motorists who were illegally taking roadkill meat as a hunting method. In addition, all antlers must be surrendered to state officials.

While this may be an unusual practice in most states, Oregon is not the first to enact such a law, as Pennsylvania and Washington have already been a part of the list.

It seems that Oregon citizens and representatives alike have mixed feelings about the law, raising concerns on the questionable ethics of serving roadkill.  Coming from California, where there is not much roadkill, this news sounds like a hit-or-miss to me.

Fast Food

Oregon Is Freaking Out Over Its First In-N-Out


Oregon’s getting its first-ever In-N-Out. No more drives down to California for Oregonians as the state will finally boast its very own burger spot.

The new location is set to open in Medford, a city more than 200 miles away from Portland. It’ll feature In-N-Out’s signature look of a red roof and white walls. The Medford store will also feature a drive-thru and patio area.


Image: Google Maps

The grand opening took place on Sept. 9, the late founder Harry Snyder’s birthday, and was definitely successful. Some patrons even began waiting in line the day before to be the first ones in the Medford location.

Medford is expected to welcome more visitors in the months to come as folks head trek from surrounding states to try In-N-Out.



While it was an initial concern to open a restaurant in Oregon due to supply chain problems. However, the new distribution facility in Northern California will be able to serve the Medford restaurant.

It probably helps that the Medford location is pretty close to the California state border and right near the 5 freeway.

Oregon’s first location marks In-N-Out’s 304th store. The regional fast food chain now has locations in six states across the U.S.


Oregon Newspaper Accidentally Tells People to Eat Hallucinogenic Mushroom


Mushrooms are a dangerous game to the unfamiliar. The Orgeonian publication should know this now more than ever after mistakenly running a photo of a hallucinogenic mushroom in place of a safe-to-eat one. The Oregan-based newspaper mistakenly ran a photo of the amanita muscaria, a mushroom that features a red cap and white spots.

What they MEANT to run was a photo of a mastsutake mushroom, which began its commercial harvest season earlier this week at four of Oregon’s national forests. Matsutake mushrooms are whitish in color and browner when fully matured, reports Oregon Live.

While the amanita muscaria is not considered deadly, it is capable of putting people into a deep sleep for several hours. It should also be noted that it looks exactly like the Super Mario mushroom, so curious gamers should proceed with caution.

H/T + Picthx Oregon Live



Bruxie Offers Crispy Waffle Tuna Sandwiches


Bruxie, Orange County’s OG waffle house, has done it again and managed to bring Southern Californians another satisfying dish. This time we’re talking wild albacore tuna coated with melted cheddar cheese and stuffed in a waffle.

The new menu item is a collaboration with Oregon Seafoods,  a company that prides itself on their line-caught Albacore off the coast of Oregon. For those of you familiar with Bruxie’s more indulgent dishes — the Buttermilk Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich or S’Mores Waffle, to name a few — the Waffle Tuna Melt offers a surprising, if not refreshing, meal to dine on.

The waffle itself carries a light crisp, contrasting well with the soft creaminess of the tuna and cheddar. Overall, the waffle sandwich walks the fine line between leaving you satisfied and leaving you stuffed. Although, in our case, it was the latter, as we couldn’t help ourselves from getting seconds.


Oregon Coffee Habit Leaves Fish Swimming in Ocean of Caffeinated Waste. Literally.


The espresso-soaked streets of Oregon’s cities are often hailed as a mecca for coffee fanatics, where the plaid-clad residents enjoy everything from Starbucks lattes to locally brewed artisan coffees. But Oregon’s caffeine addiction has created an entirely new category of unwillingly caffeinated residents — the marine wildlife off of the Oregon coastline.

Scientists studying water pollution have discovered elevated levels of caffeine in the Pacific Ocean around the Oregon coast,  thanks to water-disposal systems that flush the wastewater from Oregon’s cities into the ocean.  Researchers used caffeine levels as a benchmark of pollution because caffeine is both artificially manufactured and easy to track, making it the perfect way to measure human impact on offshore environments.

Though the existence of a caffeine sea might be a dream come true for human coffee lovers who would jump at the chance to marinate in their favorite beverage, scientists interviewed by National Geographic aren’t too sure about the effects that the caffeine could have on the animals living in what hydrologist Dana Kolpin calls “a soup of low-level contaminants.”

Points to Kolpin for finding the nicest euphemism for “thousands of gallons of caffeinated urine,” but it still looks like Oregon’s residents should reevaluate their latte consumption and water treatment methods before a sea of pissed-off fish start demanding a line of underwater Starbucks.

H/T National Geographic

Fast Food

Is Wendy’s Testing Waffle Cones for Their Frostys?

It’s hard to believe this hasn’t been thought of before, but it seems that a Wendy’s location out in Portland, Oregon seems to be testing Frosty Waffle Cones.

Frostys, the famous Wendy’s dessert that brings together a lathery mix of fresh Grade A milk and rich cream, has always been served out of a cup — until now. According to a post on food review blog GrubGrade, the new waffle cones will house both the chocolate and vanilla Frosty flavors.

Only time will tell if the cones become more widely available. Let us know in the comments if they are serving Frosty Waffle Cones in your area, or if you wish they were!


Free Hashish at a New Oregon Pot Eatery

Earth Dragon Edibles Restaurant and Lounge is not the first of its kind in the state, but it’s definitely making headlines. Owners, Kevin Wallace and Michael Shea are actively working to keep their pot eatery up and running!

Restaurants that specialize in marijuana infused foods are slow to emerge despite its appeal due to heavy regulation. However, Wallace and Shea are fighting the man by working around the system! Since it’s “not a crime to share medicine,” offering “free” hashish with orders of stir-fry to cardholders allows these law abiding owners to make a living doing what they love. Well played guys!



Adventures Features Sweets

Adventure: Off The Waffle

If you guys are as crazy as I am about breakfast and actually take the old saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” to heart, then check out one of the best waffle joints I have ever laid my tongue on.