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Fast-er Food: McDonalds Testing Order Ahead App

mcd ordering

Last September we reported that McDonalds had started testing a mobile payment app which must have gone well since the fast food giant has expanded the pilot program to 22 locations in Columbus, Georgia.

Other chains, such as Chipotle and Starbucks, have been successfully using this concept for a while. Dubbed “McD Ordering”, the app is already available in the iOS and Android stores, it just hasn’t been publicly announced yet.

McDonalds is looking for the app to streamline orders more than anything else. Though it’s being promoted as a way to skip the line or drive-thru, according to the tutorial, customers will still have to check in at the curbside pick-up or inside the store to confirm and pay for their order, which will then trigger the order to be cooked up. It will then be delivered curbside or flashed on a screen so you can bypass the main order line. Basically, you’ll still have to wait for your order, you just won’t have to deal with the employees.

If you happen to frequent the golden arches the app will save customized orders but as with every McDonalds visit, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you order.

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Customize Your Pizza in 3D With Domino’s New iPad App


Debuting Monday is a new iPad app that will let you design your Domino’s pizza in style. 3D style, that is. The pizza chain’s new app is being promoted as a “realistic pizza builder” that gives you a better idea of what your final order will look like, aka, you can’t get blame Domino’s if your pie looks a hot mess.

Customizing a pizza on the new app is easy and looks pretty fun. Choosing a topping for your pizza triggers an animation of your chosen topping raining onto your digital pie.

Along with the new pizza customizer the new app will feature an updated tracker system that monitors orders in real time, so customers can drool over their iPads stalking their pizza from the time it’s in the oven to when the driver takes off for the delivery.

This isn’t the first pizza ordering app for Domino’s, back in 2011 the pizza chain launched Domino’s Pizza Hero on the iPad, which was a Cooking Mama-esque game that allowed customers to order their digital creations in real life.

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Chipotle: iPhone Ordering App


If you are a fan of Chipotle, you know that during rush times you do not want to try to go order food. The line is out the door everyday at lunch and peek dinner hours, and you have to wait so long sometimes that you aren’t even hungry anymore. Chipotle has been offering the fax in order option for awhile now, where you can fax in your order and skip the line and just go straight to paying. But my pockets aren’t big enough for a fax machine, they are however big enough for my iPhone. Now presenting the Chipotle ordering app. Check out the details after the jump. (Thx Grubgrade)