Starbucks Tests Order and Pay App That Eliminates Waiting In Line, Possibly Even Cashiers


The biggest deterrent t0 ordering coffee at a Starbucks is the lines. In an age when we’re constantly refreshing our social media feeds, nothing slows us down like waiting five minutes for the dude at the cash register to decide what he’s in the mood for. Things would be much easier if you could order and pay ahead of time.

Luckily, a few folks in Portland are on the cusp of that new world order.

Starbucks is currently testing an order and pay function for their mobile apps that lets “coffaholics” order ahead of time and pay straight from their phones. They’re calling it, of all things, Mobile Order and Pay.

That means customers no longer have to wait impatiently in line to order their lattes. They’ll just roll in and pick up their drinks.

Does this mean that cashiers will no longer be needed? With tons of folks already paying for their coffee with either a Starbucks card or their phone, we could possibly see a decline in cashiers.

With plans to introduce the new app function city by city, Portland is the first beta city to have it available for testing. The coffee company is also working on making the app available for Android phones.

Here’s to a future where we won’t have to interact with another human just to get some coffee. Though we wonder if “e-buckers” will be allowed to use the bathroom.

h/t + Picthx Wired


Hulu x Pizza Hut To Roll Out In-Commercial Online Pizza Ordering


You’re in the middle of a 5-hour, binge-watching session. If you’re on Netflix, normally, the big red screen is nice enough to ask if you’re still alive and watching, but now, green competitor Hulu wants to do streamers one up, by letting you order pizza during your commercial breaks.

At its Hulu Upfront press junket earlier this week. Hulu announced its new “in-stream purchase units,” which, in current partnership with Pizza Hut, would allow viewers to order pizzas for pick-up or delivery in the time they would normally spend hearing about cars or birth control pills or car insurance. Because Hulu’s ads are mostly un-skippable, the announcement is a welcome upgrade to its previous attempts at interactive, consumer-specific commercials.

The pizza spots are set to roll out later this year, along with new cross-platform, multiple device interactive ads they’re currently calling “Hulu 360.”

The TL;DR of it all? It’s official: you really never have to leave your house again.

H/T Venture Beat + Picthx Hulu

Fast Food

McDonald’s Japan Offering Home Delivery for Missing French Fries


You know better, come on man. And yet, here you are, sitting in your car, fry-less, all because you forgot to check the stinkin’ bag. Sure you could buy more, but let’s face it, by the time you’re out of that hellish drive-thru, you know your burger will be dryer than your car’s countless ketchup stains. And you can’t even imagine eating your Big Mac without them.

Luckily for all our Japanese readers, you no longer have to.

Because their business acumen is clearly lightyears beyond ours (twerking pudding, hel-lo?), the Japanese branch of McDonald’s is now offering home delivery for missing order items. And the craziest part? They’ll do it for free.

According to Rocket News, McDonald’s Japan already offers home delivery for regular orders, you know, for anyone really raring to get that Super Size Me diet on the road. But if you were just in-store and noticed your pimply cashier forgot to give you your second order of fries or, even better, simply forgot to order them, all you need to do is call the location and they’ll have your precious golden crispies over in a jiff.

Receipts as proof of purchase are required, but if you did make the latter mistake, a McDonald’s employee will still drop by to deliver a free meal coupon for all the trouble. Heck, you might as well leave out half your order every time on purpose and stock up on free food.

H/T + PicThx Rocket News