Angry Orchard Gets Edgy With New Line Of Ciders


Fans of the Angry Orchard will want to keep an eye out for the new cider series Orchard’s Edge. A spin on the classic, the new brand will focus on new ingredients and techniques in cider-making.

Orchard’s Edge will be available in two flavors: Knotty Pear and The Old Fashioned.

The Knotty Pear will lead with ripe apple, baked pear aromas and a bit of cardamom. The Old Fashioned cider will blend American apples aged on oak with dried tart cherries, navel orange peel and charred bourbon barrel staves.

Each flavor will feature a 6.5% ABV.

You can find Angry Orchard’s Edge line at any participating bar, restaurant, or grocery retailer. A six-pack goes for about $10.99.