Cravings Sweets

Craving: Deep Fried Oreos


I tried these yesterday and yes I know the picture quality isn’t that amazing, but the iPhone doesn’t have a macro feature. Trust me I wish it did because then you could see a closer and clearer version of why these are so incredible. Deep fried oreos covered in powered sugar and chocolate syrup. The oreos melt on the inside and the cream filling turns warm. I need a deep fryer at home pronto!


Craving: BBQ Turkey Leg


I’m at the Orange County fairgrounds all weekend for the Maloof Money Cup, but no matter how good the skateboarding is there is always time to go walk the fair and see the amazing food. Turkey legs the size of my arm are in abundance as is every other type of weird fair foods you can think of. Considering I’m still pretty hungover from last night, this just sounded really good to me.