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This Gourmet Popcorn Company Has Its Kernels Wrapped In Different Flavors

To be honest there really hasn’t been much innovation in microwave popcorn in decades. That’s why when I found out about Opopop having kernels wrapped in different flavors, I was intrigued. Because this sort of change and added novelty to microwave popcorn could really shake up that market.

Claiming to be the first of its kind, Opopop has Flavor Wrapped Popcorn Kernels that release delicious flavors once popped. And right now they’re offering a full Opopop popcorn kit that includes the following flavors:

  • Cinnalicious
  • Maui Heat
  • Fancy Butter
  • Vanilla Cake Pop
  • Chedapeno
  • Salted Umami

In addition, the kit also comes with an extra Fancy Butter sachet to test the optimal time on your microwave to ensure no burnt popcorn and a custom BPA-free microwave popper that doubles as a collapsable serving bowl.

This Opopop Discovery Kit is pretty much a starter pack to their innovative popcorn and can be purchased for $40 here.