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‘#DiningAndDabbing’ Is A Secretive Trend On IG That’s A Unique Take On Cannabis And Cuisine

With the passage of Prop. 64 in California, and other recreational cannabis initiatives in Arizona and Nevada, the door is now open for Americans in three neighboring states to start taking full-advantage of their new found rights as cannabis consumers.

However, while recreational cannabis use has yet to fully kick off on California soil  —  in terms of storefronts and cafes —  cannabis users are taking it upon themselves to dictate the boundaries of where and when the appropriate places to smoke, vaporize — and dab really are.

It’s 2017 and it’s no secret that cannabis can enhance the user’s eating experience. In fact, Viceland produces shows like Bong Appetite, which documents the process behind grandiose, 5-course cannabis-infused dinner parties, illustrating how food and cannabis can intertwine seamlessly.

Now, within the last year, the hashtag “#DiningAndDabbing” has become a new secretive trend appearing on Instagram. The #DiningAndDabbing trend seems to have been brought to life by Instagram user @Dr.Seuscio, a high-end glass and cannabis connoisseur who clearly loves cannabis, along with Korean and Japanese barbecue spots. 

However, the fun doesn’t seem to be limited to Asian cuisine, but rather anywhere the Dine and Dab can be pulled off discreetly enough to not attract attention.

For those unaware, “dabbing” is the term used to describe the act of smoking cannabis oil. In short, cannabis oil is a very highly concentrated dose of cannabis, which is made by extracting the psychoactive properties from the plant.

With Instagram as his publisher, Dr. Seuscio and his friends have been documenting themselves taking dabs —  without permission — at high-end Korean and Japanese BBQ restaurants while their food smokes and sizzles on the grill using the hashtags “#DiningandDabbing and #KoreanDabBq

Dr. Seuscio said that the cloud of smoke is usually the hardest to conceal — not the smell.  He added that, “good dabbing smells pleasant and doesn’t linger especially in well ventilated spaces.” He also mentioned that there is no need to ask for permission — if you are willing to beg forgiveness.

“It’s the visual from the cloud,” he explained via private message on Instagram. “The smoke from the meat or steam from a hotpot provides cover for the cloud created. Most important, be respectful and make friends through good tipping.”

Could Dr. Seuscio be a pioneer for Americans who have spent decades dreaming of a day when they, too, could pull up a chair at their favorite restaurant and be able to light a joint — or dab — without fear of legal consequences?

The answers is definitely.

In fact, speaking to Dr. Seuscio through private message on Instagram, he explained that he’s in the process of organizing an official Dining and Dabbing event — with permission from restaurant owners.

“I’m actually trying to organize a ganja restaurant takeover sanctioned by the owners, of course,” Dr. Seuscio wrote. “Where we bring our own meds and equipment and can dab at a restaurant while we enjoy a meal off of a limited menu, where everything offered is only the best quality. And if it’s well received, we’ll possibly make it a repeating event.”

You may or may not appreciate his interests and hobby, but it sure gives a unique take on elevating good cuisine.

One thing is for sure — that Korean barbecue looks damn good.