Get Your Hands On This Exclusive Cheese Pig

Is there any other food duo more indulgent than pork and cheese? Probably not.

And that’s why we want to introduce you to the Cheese Pig, courtesty of Bosscat Kitchen and Libations.

The Cheese Pig is made up of a four-cheese stuffed biscuit, topped with decadent barbecue pork jam and a velvety four-cheese caramel.

We can’t wait to devour this gut-busting treat, but there’s only one place to get it.

Bosscat Kitchen and Libations created this exclusive, tasty concoction for Foodbeast’s OOZEFEST 3, an all-you-can-consume cheese and beer festival taking place on Saturday, October 14, at MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana.

So if you want to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind deliciousness, visit for more information and tickets.

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This Cheesy Donut Sandwich Is Not For The Weak Of Heart

Donuts have come a long way from the fluffy little dessert that capped off your meal and indulged your sweet tooth. If done right, a donut can be the main course, and boy has it been done right by D.R.E.A.M. Donut Truck.

Feast your eyes on the Cheesy Sujuk Sausage Donut, exclusively available at OOZEFEST in Santa Ana, CA.

The Middle Eastern-inspired dish consists of a glazed donut base, stuffed to the max with Armenian string cheese, and a spicy sausage called Sujuk. It’s then pressed down, damn near grilled, revealing a gooey cheese pull that needs an NC-17 rating for unrelenting food porn.

“The donut was inspired by traditional Armenian breakfast sides that we grew up eating,” D.R.E.A.M.’s owner Vahe Kalli said.

D.R.E.A.M. Donut truck is fairly new to the food truck game, but it’s already making noise in the Los Angeles food scene, collaborating here with local favorite California Donuts to make this mobile donut dream happen.

“The truck idea came from a shirt design I did several years ago. After the design was complete, we collaborated with California Donuts to release it and it was a hit,” Kalli said.

D.R.E.A.M. stands for Donuts Rule Everything Around Me, which is in reference to the famous Wu-Tang Clan anthem “C.R.E.A.M.” It makes sense, because these donuts are a dream.

If you’re up for teasing your tastebuds with new flavors, make sure to get your tickets for the 3rd annual OOZEFEST at MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, where this savory, cheesy donut can be found, along with many more exclusive foods from some of Southern California’s most innovative restaurants. The event takes place Saturday, October 14, and tickets can be purchased at

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A Gooey Gouda Blanket Envelops This Cheesy Tri-Tip Empanada

Crispy cheese blankets are conveyors of some mouthwatering flavors. The gooey cheese’s taste is intensified by getting caramelized on the grill, which develops another layer of texture to add some extra crunch. On its own, a cheese blanket is an irresistible morsel. Take that cheese blanket, make it out of Gouda, and wrap it around a gooey tri-tip empanada, and you’ve got a oozing mouthful of deliciousness.

Orange County-based food truck Tri Tip Man is putting their signature smoked meat into cheese blanket-wrapped empanadas for OOZEFEST, Foodbeast’s all-you-can-consume beer and cheese festival. Apart from the tri-tip, you’ll find bacon, more Gouda, and candied jalapenos inside to match the massive layer of Gouda that warmly envelops the fried pastry. It’s definitely a dairy overload, but the different ingredients inside provide smokiness, heat, and sweetness that balance out the rich flavors of the cheese and give you a dynamite bite.

tri-tip empanada

Those interested in trying out this melty, cheese-wrapped empanada for themselves should head to OOZEFEST’s website to acquire tickets to the cheesy food fest.

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Cheeseburger Egg Rolls Are The Perfect Portable Fast Food Snack

Southern California restaurant The Kroft has impressed Foodbeast fans in the past with their Cheeseburger Fries, a crispy and twisted tribute to the iconic American fast food item. Their team is back at it once again, utilizing cheeseburger egg rolls to turn the classic sandwich into a deep-fried, portable snack delicacy.

While The Kroft’s previous burger spin dish featured the flavors of BBQ and Bacon, these egg rolls stick to the classic flavors of a cheeseburger: beef, onion, pickles, and American cheese. They all get wrapped up and sent to the deep fryer for a unique, crispy, and cheesy experience.

cheeseburger egg rolls

If you’re down to try some dope cheeseburgers in egg roll form, you’ll have to come check out The Kroft’s exclusive item at OOZEFEST 3, Foodbeast’s all-you-can-consume cheese and beer festival. Burgers and beer are a tried-and-true pairing, and you’ll easily be able to score some brew at OOZEFEST 3 to wash these cheeseburger egg rolls down with.

Tickets are still available for the cheesy, boozy festival at the OOZEFEST website. Make sure to snag some if you want in on this next-level take on a cheeseburger.

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Here’s Where To Catch These Deep-Fried PIMENTO CHEESE Balls

Over the years, we’ve noticed one ingredient pairs best with cheese above all: MORE CHEESE. So what could go with a bed of baked macaroni and cheese? Perhaps a deep-fried ball of pimento.

Lucille’s Smokehouse created these deep-fried pimento cheese balls served on a heaping helping of mac and cheese. To compliment the crispy sphere of molten pimento cheese, the baked macaroni and cheese is made with pimento, bacon, smoked peppers, and onions.

Boy, we sure don’t envy the lactose intolerant right now.

The Pimento Ball Mac Dish was created exclusively for OOZEFEST, Foodbeast’s third annual all-you-can-consume cheese and beer festival. The cheese festival will be held on Saturday, Oct. 14.

For more information or to purchase tickets head to

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The Cheese Pulls On These Mini Bolognese Pies Are Ridiculous

Bolognese is a classic Italian sauce that originated in, well, Bologna, Italy. While usually drenched over noodles, a bakery is giving it an Australian twist for the third annual OOZEFEST in Santa Ana, California.

Pie Not: The Aussie Style Bakery is taking the meaty bolognese, stuffing it inside a mini pie, and drowning it in more cheese than you’d expect to fit in such a tiny vessel.

The pie crust is freshly made, then loaded with the bolognese, which consists of Italian sausage and marinara sauce. After topping it with a healthy helping of mozzarella, the top crust encloses it, creating a cheese pull that will force you to put your hands up like a bank robber says so.

Pie Not will be handing out these pies to all VIP guests for OOZEFEST at the MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, California. For more information on vendors or to purchase tickets, please visit


This Chili Dog Levels Up With A Gooey Raclette Poured Overtop

Raclettes are some of the sexiest things in the food industry; a wheel of cheese is melted and scraped onto food like a gooey waterfall.

It has been popular in European cuisine, but you can get a taste of it thanks to Haute Production, who created a beef chili Raclette dog for the 3rd annual OOZEFEST in Santa Ana, Calif.

Haute is a catering company out of Orange County which specializes in global cuisine, so it makes sense that they’d take a Swiss concept and seamlessly apply it to an American favorite dish, such as the chili dog.

With King’s Hawaiian rolls as a bun, the hot dog is topped with housemade chili, made by Chef Keith Prante, and consists of chunks of beef tongue. Then the main event comes in, as the raclette cheese is drenched on top, leaving your mouth watering more than a garden hose.

The hot dog is a limited time dish that will only be available Saturday, Oct. 14 at OOZEFEST at the MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana. For more information on vendors or to purchase tickets, please visit

Photos by Michel Phiphak

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This Cheesy Chicken-Stuffed Waffle Cone Is Going To Crush Appetites At Oozefest

If you love chicken and waffles, then get ready for Bruxie’s latest creation. By now, we’ve seen Bruxie work its magic when creating limited-time menu items that instantly become fan favorites.

With that in mind, Bruxie is about to deliver a never-before-seen savory treat to feed the cheese-hungry crowds at FOODBEAST’s third annual ALL YOU CAN CONSUME beer and cheese festival, on Saturday, Oct. 14.

The Kickn’ Chick N’ Cheesy Waffle Cone is just as delicious as it is photogenic. Here’s the deets: A savory waffle cone, stuffed with Bruxie’s spicy fried chicken tenders, and topped with spicy buffalo cheese. So, grab some tickets, and get in line. Currently, this cheesy, crispy chicken-stuffed cone will only be available at OOZEFEST this Saturday.

This year’s OOZEFEST is shaping up to be the cheesiest one yet and will be going down at the MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, Saturday Oct. 14. For more information on vendors, or to purchase tickets please visit