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You Can Panic: Starbucks Is Raising Coffee Prices By 1 Percent


Though coffee commodity costs are in decline, Starbucks Corp. announced that they will be raising prices of select beverages by 1 percent. So if you’re a heavy Starbucks drinker, you might want to set a little more money aside.

While not all drinks will cost more, some will rise anywhere between 5 cents to 2o cents. Fans of simple brewed coffees will have to pay an additional 10 cents for a small or large cup.

However, the prices for the more popular cold drinks are said to stay the same. Because Frappuccinos are expensive enough. Expect to see the changes at locations across the nation.

Starbucks locations in Seattle, the company’s home state, will face a 3.5 percent increase.

Sorry, Seattle.


How to Eat Chicken Wings with One Hand [VIDEO]

To say that chicken wings are delicious is an understatement. But do you ever hate the grease and sauce left behind all over your hands after chowing down on your favorite deep fried poultry? What if your phone rings and both your hands are covered in a combination of hot sauce, chicken bits, and ranch? If only there was a way to gorge to your heart’s content and still have one hand bone dry. Oh wait, there is.

Check out the video below for some simple techniques that might make your wing experience a little more convenient.

via: LifeHacker