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Viral TikTok Shows How Much Finesse Goes Into Making Japanese Omurice


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Japanese omurice — a velvety soft omelette on top of pillowy white rice, which when cut open, unleashes a a cascade of eggy goodness — is a thing of unending beauty, really. And whenever sliced, makes for a moment that is the embodiment of food porn.

But to make proper omurice, a lot of technique and boundless finesse must be used, as revealed by this viral TikTok clip from omuraisuporo.

Amassing 9 million+ views as of this article, what we are treated to is a mesmerizing display of savvy knowhow, quickness and sophistication, with deft movements punctuating this display of culinary skill.

It’s a clip worthy of repeat viewing, as the soothing soundtrack accompanying the impressive cooking display completes a visual that educates as much as it relaxes.

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This Chef Cooks The Tiniest Omelette Ever And It Looks Mouthwatering

Mad respect to the dude behind YouTube channel Miniature Space. The culinary giant creates tons of delicious-looking recipes that can all fit on the tip of your finger. Meanwhile, here we are struggling to avoid misspelled text messages with our chubby fingers.

In his latest recipe, the YouTuber creates Omurice, or omelette over rice. The iconic Japanese dish features seasoned chicken cooked with rice and ketchup. An omelette is made and carefully laid on top of the rice, covering it entirely.

Ketchup is then used to garnish the top of the rice.

Check out the peculiar video and see how this guy pulls off such a small-scale feat while still dropping our jaws from how appetizing the omelette looks.

Wonder how many attempts his recipes take? We have to imagine an ill-timed sneeze can destroy a shot.