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Easy At-Home Pancake Mix Recipes, Including FUNNEL CAKE

Many of us are working from home these days and as all the days of the week seem to blend together, our meals might start looking the same after a while, too. If you’re one who wants to shake up a few things in the kitchen, Foodbeast has been challenging one another to come up with dope at-home recipes with a unified theme each week. This, week: PANCAKES.

Using Krusteaz, who offers a variety of baking mixes that will cater to your pancake cravings, we came up with five recipes that will change how you look at pancake mix.

Foodbeasts Oscar, Marc, Hunter, and Constantine took to their kitchens and came up with four very unique recipes that all incorporate Krusteaz pancake mix. This includes a fluffy omelet, a giant Instant Pot pancake, fish and chips, pancake swirls, and funnel cake.

Check out the video to try and make some of these amazing eats in the comforts of your own homes. As for myself, I’m pretty stoked to try out Constantine’s pancake battered fish and chip recipe sometime this week.

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This Stunning Poster Features 25 Glorious Japanese Egg Dishes

Eggs are one of the most versatile foods around. We, as a nation, have grown complacent with simply throwing a fried egg on everything and anything. That’s fine and dandy for an Instagram photo, but that’s no way to broaden your egg-loving horizons.

Tamago, the Japanese word for egg, is featured in many dishes in Japan. A poster created by a talented designer named Fanny, AKA the Japanese Foodie, highlights 25 different Japanese dishes that feature the beloved tamago.

Items include dishes like egg jelly, egg omelette sushi, omelette rice, pudding, egg rice porridge, and rolled eel omelettes.

With about a week to go, the Kickstarter campaign has already reached more than its intended $1,000 goal. We’ll keep you posted with a direct link on where to buy it when we find out. Until then, there are a few spots left to fund this project and get an early version of the poster through the Kickstarter.

This is a definitely must-have for the ultimate lover of eggs.

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IHOP Threw A Cheeseburger Into An Omelette And It Looks Like A Mouthful

With American diner chains, there’s a Twilight Hour between breakfast and lunch where you don’t know whether to choose between an omelette or a cheeseburger. It’s maddening for anyone feeling those hunger pains tearing through their indecisiveness.

Brand Eating reports the International House of Pancakes has added a new menu item that’s sure to quell the storm in your stomach: a Cheeseburger Omelette.

Featuring the best of both worlds, the breakfast dish is stuffed with USDA Choice ground beef, hash browns, onions, and tomatoes. The new omelette is also topped with American cheese, ketchup, mustard, and pickles.

You can find the new Cheeseburger Omelette on menus of participating IHOP locations for a limited time, likely through the next few months.

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This Chef Cooks The Tiniest Omelette Ever And It Looks Mouthwatering

Mad respect to the dude behind YouTube channel Miniature Space. The culinary giant creates tons of delicious-looking recipes that can all fit on the tip of your finger. Meanwhile, here we are struggling to avoid misspelled text messages with our chubby fingers.

In his latest recipe, the YouTuber creates Omurice, or omelette over rice. The iconic Japanese dish features seasoned chicken cooked with rice and ketchup. An omelette is made and carefully laid on top of the rice, covering it entirely.

Ketchup is then used to garnish the top of the rice.

Check out the peculiar video and see how this guy pulls off such a small-scale feat while still dropping our jaws from how appetizing the omelette looks.

Wonder how many attempts his recipes take? We have to imagine an ill-timed sneeze can destroy a shot.

Culture Hit-Or-Miss Video

Watch This Guy Make The World’s Tiniest Omelette

The dude from Miniature Space probably has the steadiest hands of any YouTube personality we’ve ever seen. You kind of have to, if your channel is entirely devoted to cooking tiny food that’s still delicious enough to make our mouths water.

In his latest episode, he tackles the world’s tiniest omelette.

He starts by dicing up some onions and carrots, then sautés them in a tiny frying pan. He adds meat to the frying pan until everything is caramelized and golden brown. The meat and veggies are then removed from the heat and set aside.

The chef then gets to the good stuff, cracking a tiny quail egg and beating it together thoroughly. The frying pan is cleaned and the egg is added to cook. Once the bottom layer is cooked just enough, he adds the meat and veggies to the egg base. Another couple drops of egg is added to the omelette to thicken it up.

Once the omelette is ready, he garnishes it and serves it with some dipping sauce.

Check out the video to see his exact method. It’s a combination of whimsical and informative, in case you need to make an omelet for fairies or something.

Hit-Or-Miss Products

This Machine Claims To Make Omelettes On A Stick


Making an omelette can get messy. If you’re not one who dreads tackling those dishes after making a hearty breakfast of eggs, maybe there’s a machine that’ll keep things simpler.

The Rollie creates an egg dish simply by cracking a few eggs into the machine and uses what they call “vertical cooking technology” to take the breakfast staple the rest of the way to flavor town ville. You just leave a skewer stick in the middle of your egg and when it’s done, the machine spits it back out in a cylindrical form that pretty much resembles … a log.

Yes, you can now eat eggs in long churro-shaped logs. While supposedly retaining the taste and texture of an omelette, the breakfast protein can be eaten on a stick or cut up like mini banana slices.


Because sarcasm doesn’t transfer too well in textual form, we think it’s gross AF. We’re just going to deal with doing those dishes and eat some real eggs.

If you are interested in the Rollie, however, you can purchase a unit from their online store for $25.

Fast Food

We Tried McDonald’s Breakfast In Italy: NUTELLA-stuffed MUFFINS!


Fellow Foodbeast writers Isai, Elie and myself were on day two of our European cruise when we ported in Italy. The agenda of the day was to have a slice of Italian pizza near a bunch of landmarks and buy Leaning Tower of Pisa souvenirs for our moms.

As we were herded by our tour guide, along with a thousand other cattle, eagerly looking to Instagram the great monument, a familiar sight caught my eye: McDonald’s.

I’m in Italy for the first time in my life. There’s a pizzeria behind me, a gelato cart to my right and yet there’s something about those two golden arches that draws me in. No, this wasn’t a super flashy McDonald’s with two separate drive-thrus. Rather, it was an old building with the McDonald’s logo slapped onto the walls.

“Hold up, guys. I’m gonna check out this McDonald’s real quick,” I say to the other two. The guys follow me into the restaurant.

Le Omelete


Two things caught my attention the moment I set foot in the building. A few kiosks centered by the doorway that let you customize and build you own meal, and a bright, aromatic display case full of warm breakfast pastries.

Since our Italian-speaking skills were as good as the Mario Brothers, nonexistent, we decided to skip the machines. Maybe we’ll fare better with actual humans.

Isai ordered the Le Omelete, a breakfast entree that consisted of eggs, priscuitto and cheese. It came with a toasted English McMuffin for 2.80 euros. I’ll admit, I was pretty jealous.

Lactose intolerance really sucks sometimes, but I was gonna be on a 2 hour bus ride. Pick your battles, Pete.


The squared pieces of eggs sandwiched together a slice of pork. It was both covered and filled with cheese. Isai was pretty pleased with his breakfast choice. The Foodbeast What’s Up? editor said:

“I didn’t feel like was gonna die. Usually when I have McDonald’s I feel like my heart’s gonna explode.”

He even made a sandwich from the materials he was given. It was a thing of beauty, and quite fitting for such a beautiful country.



There was a display case full of mouth-watering pastries. This included brioches, muffins, macarons and donuts. We grabbed a few, eager to sink our teeth into

After Isai ordered his meal, I try to order some breakfast pastries. The cashier tells me to come with her to the pastry section where she takes my order in a completely separate area. Turns out the restaurants divided into fast food and breakfast pastries.

Makes sense for those looking for a balanced breakfast in the mornings and those looking to grab a quick muffin.

Speaking of muffins, check out some of the goodies we got.

Nutella-stuffed muffins


Nutella-anything is pretty much a winner in my book, but if you stuff it inside a soft butter muffin, you pretty much nailed pastries.

Chocolate tortes


Probably the richest thing available in the pastry section. I could feel my veins thickening with milk chocolate.

Marshmallow-covered donuts


For something that sounds so magical, it definitely could have been better. Still, it’s pretty photogenic, don’t ya think?

Our bellies content, having overslept that morning and missing breakfast, we cleared our tables and rushed off to fulfill the day’s original agenda.

Crushed it.



Meet The Cat That Can’t Take Its Eyes Off Its Owner’s Omelette

Pet owners know that once you start cooking up something delicious, you’re going to have an audience. YouTuber JunsKitchen sets a perfect example of this law of nature when he sets off to make a fluffy Japanese Omelette.

Known as omurice, the dish features fried rice that’s topped with a an omelette with ketchup (or some sweet sauce) drizzled on top. Super fresh.

This dude’s cat knows for sure. As you can see throughout the video, the ever-watchful kitty doesn’t once take its eyes off of the omelette-making process.

Hilariously enough, the cat doesn’t jump at the chance to take a bite once the dish is completed. Maybe it was just more interested in the process.