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Kinda Funny Launches Their Own Cooking Series In ‘Cooking With Greggy’

We were always hoping Kinda Funny would delve into the food scene. The online treasure trove of video game, comic book, and entertainment content has always been a guilty pleasure of ours to delve into after a long work day. We never thought they’d have time to step into an entirely new medium. Looks like our prayers have been answered.

Not too long ago, Greg Miller found a passion for cooking that had him sharing his home cooked meals on his personal Instagram account under the hashtag #CookingWithGreggy.

Just one more meal to make and then #cookingwithgreggy is in the books. Been great so far. Hope people watch. 😅

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Now, the co-founder of the immensely popular online entertainment company has his very own cooking show: Cooking With Greggy.

In the first episode, Greg creates the “perfect breakfast” of omelettes and potatoes. Between his nonchalant cooking style, his banter with cameraman Nick, and his TEAM FAT apron, we can see this new series being a humorous breath of fresh air in the YouTube cooking space.

Check out the first episode in the video above. Patreon subscribers can also get each new episode a week early.