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Chipotle Rolls Out Gold Foil To Celebrate USA Olympic Athletes

It’s been a decade since Chipotle launched gold foil packaging nationwide, but now is a great time to bring it back with the Tokyo Olympics in full swing.

This is the first time Chipotle has introduced gold foil nationwide since the restaurant chain celebrated its 18th anniversary and released gold foil-wrapped burritos in 2011. The shiny limited-edition gold foil will celebrate American Olympic athletes contending in Tokyo over the next three weeks.

In addition, Chipotle is offering a $0 delivery fee on the Chipotle app and from July 23 through August 1.

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Team USA Oreos, Filled With Popping Candy, Lead The OIympics Snacks Charge

Photo courtesy of Nabisco

With the 2020 Olympic Games, delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, just mere weeks away, many brands are gearing up by debuting exclusive Team USA or Olympics-related treats.

Snack giant Nabisco has signed on as the official cookie and cracker sponsor for Team USA, and as such, has debuted a variety of patriotic products to support the competing athletes.

Chief amongst these is the Team USA OREOs, which get a custom emblem treatment. The USA flag and the Olympic rings are embedded into each cookie sandwich, which is filled with red, white, and blue cremes, alongside popping candy.

Photo courtesy of Nabisco

Ritz, another Nabisco brand, isn’t changing anything up about the crackers, but is selling them in a custom Team USA sleeve.

Photo courtesy of Nabisco

As for Chips Ahoy!, also made by Nabisco, their cookies will feature red, white, and blue candy chips, in addition to classic chocolate chips.

All of these products are now being sold in stores for a limited time, and we’re just an Olympic fanfare away of being ecstatic for the Games of the 32nd Olympiad to start on July 23rd.


Feedback: The Top User Comments Of The Week

Here at Foodbeast, we can appreciate a clever, or insightful comment from our Facebook followers, as they peruse our headlines and check out our food stories.  All we do is write news, send it out into the world and hope it resonates with people, and often it does.

Most of the time, we get the basic feedback of, “Gross”, “This looks amazing!”, or just a crazy amount of tags, but the special ones who take the time to be witty or thoughtful, those are the ones we want to put the spotlight on in this weekly series.

They’re sometimes touching, funny, offensive, and maybe too honest — but always real.

Without further ado, here are the Best User Comments of the Week:


“I might have to start drinking again just to experience this wizardry.” – Katie Honana

beard beer
STORY: Amazon Now Delivers Booze To Your Door in 1 Hour

I swear, this post was not intended to spark up past addictions, Katie. Maybe buy it for a friend? Whatever. Thug Life.

“They were protesting, ‘Fowl lives matter!'” – Dawn Federighi

kfc chickens

STORY: Hundreds Of Live Chickens End Up In Front of KFC After Escaping A Truck

Bruh, you’re gonna have a whole lot of movements after you for this one. Black Lives Matter is one thing, but you don’t want PETA coming at you, throwing that red paint on your kicks.

“Isn’t that like a wall around his salad?” – Nick Variz


STORY: Trump’s Advisers Urged Him Not To Tweet His Infamous Taco Salad, He Did It Anyway

Great observation, Nick. I’ve heard the man does have a ‘thing’ for walls.

“Can you guys not associate HipHop with this fool.” – Jelani Smith


STORY: Rapper Chief Keef Had A Blunt And Lean Birthday Cake, Because Hip Hop

I saw this one coming a mile away. All the hip hop heads who still say “son” and “word is bond” were going to absolutely hate on the Almighty Sosa. I hear you guys, but this is a part of rap culture now.


“I tried to get disability from my job at IHOP for the same condition. They said to get back to work.” – Mark Neal


STORY: Pancakes Scare the Sh*t Out of Kendall Jenner And It’s Actually For A Legit Reason

You gotta march back into IHOP and tell them to put some respeck on your fears.

“Skip all the useless tasks related to the making of the burger, just start pouring melted cheese into and all around ur mouth and don’t stop until ur bathing in cheese” – Ayla Miller

VIDEO: Cheesy ‘Eat Famous Burger’

That’s a plan we can all get behind, Ayla.

“Fitting since Taco Bell’s meat is horse shit.” – Audrey N Micah


STORY: Watch This Cowboy Ride His Horse Into Taco Bell After The Drive-Thru Busted

Slow clap.

“Finally, Someone can officially shout ”it is over 9000!!!!” in front of that athlete.” -Setsuna Yuen


“Would have been cool if you changed “than” to “then”‘ – Kyle Marcoux

badminton mcdonald's

STORY: This Olympic Athlete Eats More McDonald’s Than Your Whole Squad/Alt Title: This Athlete’s Cheat Meal Was Over 9,000 Calories of McDonald’s

We posted this one with a couple different titles and both were money with commenters. We got a classic Dragon Ball Z reference, which was set up perfectly by the 9,000, plus our boy Kyle Marcoux, AKA, The Vulgar Chef with a fantastic suggestion for our headline. It would be pretty gnarly if that athlete ate your whole squad.

“So is it supposed to taste better or equally as crappy as del taco soft chicken tacos” – Kari Torres

VIDEO: Del Taco Chicken Soft Pie

Straight shade on the Del Taco. And to answer your question, it is better.


“I will say this, their pizza was overpriced shit before the recession. Now its moderately priced shit.” – Nick Chavalas

Dominos Commerical

STORY: How Did Domino’s Pizza Become America’s Top Fast Food Chain?

$10 for a large pie isn’t bad, bro. Take your ass to Little Caesars for that $5, heat lamp garbage.

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McDonald’s Is Including The Most Basic Fitness Tracker In Happy Meals Now

McDonald’s always seems to be on the cusp of everything trending. Like clockwork, every four years, the Olympics provides the perfect opportunity for McDonald’s to show everyone how much they care about physical fitness, and this year the fast food chain is giving away wearable fitness technology inside Happy Meals.

Now, for a limited time the “STEP-iT” fitness tracker will be included inside every Happy Meal in the U.S. and Canada. Although, before you start getting ready to start tracking your active calories, be warned that this horrible excuse for a new Happy Meal “toy” is just a cheaply built, piece of plastic, that counts a “step” every time it senses movement.

I’ll admit, I thought this was the coolest thing McDonald’s had included in a Happy Meal in many years. However, upon closer inspection, the face of the tracker is very misleading. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that there was only one button — even though it looks like there’d be three. What’s the point of the soccer player and tennis player on the face? There is no tennis or soccer setting. The watch sensors are so sensitive, that in the time it took me to write this post — sitting down — it says I’ve walked 2,000 steps. Way to be accurate, McDonald’s!

It’s great that McDonald’s wants to encourage children to be active, but I think PokemonGo is doing a better job than this thing.


This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has tried to persuade customers with fitness tracking incentives. In 2004, McDonald’s started the “Go Active,” campaign, which was basically a salad in a box and focused on adults as the target demographic. The Go Active meal-in-a-box offered customers a pedometer inside. We are unsure if the technology behind the Go-Active pedometer is the same used inside the STEP-it.

While the fitness tracker doesn’t have the capabilities as a FitBit or Apple Watch, the simple design could be related to McDonald’s new slogan — The Simpler The Better.

Hit-Or-Miss News

This Olympic Athlete Eats More McDonald’s Than Your Whole Squad

This dude looks like me during a cheat meal, except he has a six pack, and is a world-class Olympic athlete.

Sawan Serasinghe of the Australian Badminton team didn’t fare too well in the Olympics, losing all of his matches, but just competing in Rio alone is  quite a privilege, and he celebrated his “L’s” with enough McDonald’s to feed a family of at least eight people.

After months of training with a clean diet, Serasinghe went balls to the wall and ate six orders of large fries (3,060 calories), six brownies (1,680 calories), 40 McNuggets (1,920 calories), 2 hamburgers (500 calories), three McChickens (1,080 calories), a Big Mac (563 calories), a large shake (about 510 calories) and some water. The total calorie count adds up to about 9,300 calories.

Wow what a week it has been in Rio! Have to say I am disappointed about the match today. We definitely had a good chance to stretch the match to three sets toward the end of the second set but couldn’t close it out. We would have loved to end our first Olympic campaign with a win against a much higher ranked pair. Although having said that, there are lots of good things to learn from the matches in the last three days playing against more experienced pairs. Can’t wait to go back home to start training and keep on improving! Just want to say thanks again to everyone back home for the on going support. Definitely motivated me to fight hard on court everyday! ❤️ Now it’s time to eat some junk food after months of eating clean! 😀

A photo posted by Sawan Serasinghe (@sawansera) on

It’s interesting to see the insane amount of food these Olympic athletes can scarf down, as we also saw swimmers Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte chowing down on a huge container of spaghetti, right after they competed last week.

I’m not sure if McDonald’s is looking to support badminton players, but this dude looks like he would be the perfect candidate for not only a sponsorship, but high blood pressure.

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Meet Kellogg’s Team USA Featuring Only Olympic Hopefuls

Kellogg's Team USA 2016

It’s not unusual to see Team USA Olympic athletes lining cereal boxes in the weeks following the Olympics, but this year, Kellogg’s Team USA will feature Olympic hopefuls on their limited edition boxes.

The boxes, which are now available nationwide, feature five Team USA Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls. According to Kellogg’s, first-time Olympian in the past four Olympic Games, over 55% of Team USA have been first time competitors, but this is the first time a brand will feature only Olympic hopeful athletes.

The boxes are meant to celebrate the daily motivations of the athletes with the idea and hashtag #GetsMeStarted. Team Kellogg’s athletes will be started and driven each day through videos and socia media.

The first time hopefuls include 19-year-old gymnastics star Simone Biles, 24-year-old soccer defender Julie Johnston, 24-year-old swimmer Tom Shields, 22-year-old middle distance runner Ajee Wilson and 33-year-old Paralympics discus thrower Natalie Bieule. Kellogg’s Team USA will also feature team captain and swimming legend Dara Torres.

Natalie Bieule_Cereal Box

In addition to supporting Team USA, Kellogg’s also encouraged people to use #GetsMeStarted and share what drives them to get up and be extraordinary.


Obama Bets Beer in US-Canada Olympic Hockey Game


“For a very brief period of time, I may not feel as warm towards Canadians as I normally do, at least until those matches are over,” Obama joked with Canadian Prime Minister Stephan Harper during the North American Leaders Summit.

In what has become an Olympic tradition between the two leaders (Obama sent a case of Yuengling to Canada in 2010), the President and Canadian PM bet cases of beer on the US vs Canada hockey matches.

Of course, the leaders wagered the bet via Twitter:


At the moment, Harper is one case richer as Canada’s women’s hockey won the gold in Sochi after scoring in overtime for a 3-2 victory. Still, there’s room for redemption as the Canada and US men’s teams face off in the Olympic semi-finals on Friday.

Although, they should raise the stakes: Losing country keeps Justin Bieber.

Picthx @barackobama


There’s Free Beer in Sochi, but You Have to be Canadian


Spotted in Sochi, the return of the famous beer fridge only accessible to Canadians. In the spirit of the Winter Olympics, Molson has sent one of their beer fridges to Russia for the games. Canadian visitors will be pleased to find their exclusive homeland brew of Molson free of charge after a quick test of national belonging.

Molson’s only requirement is that you are a citizen of the great frozen land up up North. To unlock the fridge, a Canadian passport must be scanned before beer is available. Once proven Canadian, the door will click open and cold beer is made readily available.

Check out this video below and see Europeans try to get access to beer they can’t have. Sochi sees you, Molson.

Picthx Molson Canadian