The Birthday Sex Burger Has a Savory Olive Cake and Truffle Cheese ‘Frosting’


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Don’t Inject Your Penis with Olive Oil to Make It Grow — Or This Can Happen

“I’m just glad that this ended with the removal of my penis,” said no one ever — until now.

According to a Thai newspaper, a 50-year-old man has just had his penis surgically removed after it had become cancerous from nearly 20 years of repeated olive oil injections.

The unnamed man first started the practice after hearing it would help increase the size of his penis, and continued to do so for years, up until about three years ago when he discovered the little guy had become strangely discolored.

He soon found, however, that he could wash most of the color away, and chose to ignore any other symptoms until earlier this month, when tests confirmed the cancer had spread through most of the tissue. You’d think that after the first year without any luck, he’d have gotten the idea.

Thankfully, the cancer was limited only to the man’s penis, allowing him to spare the rest of his anatomy, as well as his life. Considering he’d spent most his adult life still trying these enlargement injections though, chances are things won’t be that much different for him post-peen.

Can you say “extra-virgin”?

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The Evil Snackwich

This sandwich looks mean right down to the pile of yeast that made it, yikes! I never knew pretzels, sourdough bread, one olive and a piece of meat could look so scary! (Thx IW)


Dogfish Head Beer Soap

For some reason anything with the name of Dogfish Head in the form of soap including beer does not sound clean to me. But apparently this soap is made with 90 Minute IPA, ground hops, and barley. It also contains oils of palm, coconut, rice bran and olive, and essential oils of lavender, rosemary, and fir. Wonderfully aromatic and lightly exfoliating. (Thx Dogfish)