Craving: Goat Cheese Greens Tart

A rich ricotta cheese accented with currant pine nut relish, egg yolk, olive oil, creme fraiche, salt, pepper, sauteed onions, chopped parsley and reduced balsamic vinegar. A little on the bourgeois side of my cravings, but every now and then, it’s time to feel a little spunky. Eat on! (Thx LisaIsCooking)


Verte: The Two Lipped Non-Dripping Bottle

Designed by Barcelona-based Noro, “Verte” is a bottle that utilizes two lips that keeps any spillage discrete and attracted to the inner portion of the bottle. The Two Lip System is a classy and sheik way of handling business, and by business, I mean keeping my bottle of E-V-O-O (hate you Rachael Ray) clean and presentable (just kidding, I don’t hate you Rachael!). (Thx Wired/Behance/SE)


Crispy Black Bean Tacos With Feta & Slaw

I have a new obsession with pictures of food. Something about how they look, just makes me want to be a chef, or a professional food photographer or just eat. Any of the above would work for me. Smitten Kitchen brings us this recipe for Black Bean Tacos, and man do they look good. Check out more pictures and their recipe after the jump.