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Arby’s and Old Spice Drop a Roast Beef-Patterned Sweatsuit

Arby’s and their proficiency of meats have tapped in with Old Spice to help tackle the meat sweats. The partnership does feel hand in glove the way Old Spice does offer sweat protection via its Sweat Defense Dry Spray.

The result of this new collaboration is a limited-edition Meat Sweat Defense kit that includes a co-branded Arby’s and Old Spice roast beef-patterned sweatsuit and a hilarious new commercial starring the Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa, and actor Ving Rhames, the voice of Arby’s.

Arby’s x Old Spice Meat Sweat Defense kits were available for a limited time at for $60. The kits feature a roast beef-patterned Meat Sweat sweatshirt and sweatpants, a co-branded towel, sweatband and two Old Spice dry sprays — a worthy arsenal to combat the meat sweats after a visit to Arby’s.


Maximus Man Vodka, for Maximus Man Throats

Call me sexist, but for all the complaining about “for her”-branded products, somehow their man-targeted counterparts just come across as funny. Take Old Spice. No diamond-bearing, horse-riding manly man wants to smell like a lady, obviously. So when I stumbled across the new marketing campaign by Maximus Vodka — positioning their 100% vodka-flavored vodka as vodka just “for men” — my kneejerk reaction was: yes! Of course! Absolutely!

And then I went to ask my editors for permission to write about it, but they were all too busy barbecuing and fly fishing to pay any attention to my silly little words.

Drinkers of Maximus Vodka, the campaign seems to promise, will be able to “Raft rivers for breakfast,” find hidden countries and race against whales. The geniuses behind it were also kind enough to include vivid and detailed illustrations, in case the copy is too complicated for all you manly men who are too busy adventuring to worry about things like learning how to read.

Just make sure to enjoy Maximus in a “horde of men,” while you all take turns pouring it down your deep “man throats.” Because it tastes better that way. Or something.

[Via Bhatnaturally]


Taco Bell vs. Old Spice — A Whole New Kind of ‘Flame War’

Taco Bell and Old Spice exchanged some fighting words via Twitter on Monday, starting when the men’s deodorant company called out the Mex-American fast food giant, asking why its signature “Fire” hot sauce wasn’t made with real fire.

See the exchange for yourself here:

Old Spice’s brightest minds have yet to reply. In their defense, however, the original jab wasn’t tagged @TacoBell, so it’s completely possible that it wasn’t directed at any Mex-American fast food giant in particular (or that it was just the passing thought of a single intern who had no idea his wittiness would blow up the internet).

In any case, I’d love to see both companies run with it, especially since Taco Bell has been into weird viral marketing lately. Besides, you have to admit a fight between the Chihuahua and the Old Spice Guys would be pretty freaking sweet.