Wienerschnitzel Just Put Their Famous Grilled Bratwurst On A Pretzel Bun

As the annual festivities of Oktoberfest continue to rage on, Wienerschnitzel continues to celebrate the only way it knows how — by reintroducing Grilled Bratwurst!

For a limited time, fans of America’s largest hot dog chain can savor the flavor of Oktoberfest by enjoying Wienerschnitzel’s authentic grilled sausage topped with a choice of mustard and kraut or grilled onions, until October 30.

To make this Grilled Bratwurst even more enjoyable, Wienerschnitzel is introducing a brand new soft and chewy pretzel bun to compliment the special limited time item.

Wienerschnitzel has always kept an open mind considering menu options and wants customers to know they can upgrade a Grilled Bratwurst for any hot dog OR upgrade any hot dog with the new pretzel bun.

“It’s like an Oktoberfest in your mouth.” – Funny Guy In Wienerschnitzel Commercial.


Created in partnership with Wienerschnitzel. 

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Wienerschnitzel Adds Grilled Bratwurst For Oktoberfest


With October only a few days away, we’re gearing up to kick off the Oktoberfest celebrations. Wienerschnitzel is celebrating hard this year with two new Grilled Bratwurst offerings.

The hot dog chain crashed our very own lobby earlier and set up a pop-up Wienerschnitzel, complete with grill, inside the building.

We could smell the grilled brats and onions all the way from our desks.


Both Grilled Bratwursts feature a hefty piece of sausage topped with mustard and our choice of sauerkraut or grilled onions. Each are served on a plain hot dog bun.

The bratwurst harkens back to the traditional German dish of veal, pork, or meat sausage.

Wienerschnitzel’s infamous mascot, The Delicious One, even made an appearance. As you can see below, he’s pretty stoked about the new Grilled Brats.


The chain will be offering its Grilled Bratwurst at all participating locations through the month of October. They’ll be available for $2.99 each.





Red Robin Launches Boozy New Oktoberfest Menu, Features An ‘UberBurger’


One of the downsides of the fall is that we have to endure countless entries of pumpkin spice menu items. However, the upside is that we also get a bunch of Oktoberfest-themed menu items as well.

Take Red Robin, for example.The restaurant chain released an entirely new Oktoberfest menu to celebrate the annual celebration.

One of the new items featured on the menu is the UberBurger. The new burger features a half-pound Black Angus patty, candied bacon, OktoberFest-glazed onions, Merkts beer cheese, bratwurst, beer mustard and a toasted pretzel bun.

So…pretty much the embodiment of Oktoberfest jammed into burger form. We can definitely dig this.


Also in the line-up are the Cheesy Beer Brat, a Johnsonville bratwurst topped with roasted garlic aioli, bruschetta, onion, tomato and served on a cheesy baguette. It’s served with a beer cheese dipping sauce.

Then, there’s the Great Northern Poutine Fries. Red Robin’s signature streak fries are topped with a garlic aioli, thick brown gravy, sautéed mushrooms and fried cheese curds.


Hungry yet?

Patrons can find the UberBurger for $14.49, the Cheesy Beer Brat for $9.99 and the Great Northern Poutine Fries for $9.00. The Oktoberfest menu will only be available from now through Nov. 1.




Everyone Is Starbucking Wrong


Picthx ilcorvomuerto


Sometimes, 16 oz just isn’t enough

16-Oz-PoundPicthx MickeyMouse4348


Oktoberfest Stout-Flavored Frozen Yogurt Has Hints of ‘Hops’


If you think your October was just starting to wind down, think again. 16 Handles released a new Oktoberfest Stout flavor, and it’s all you’ve ever wanted from dessert — think beer and cold, creamy froyo. The flavor is “a new spin on artisan flavor by merging the dessert-like base notes of Oatmeal Stout craft beer with farm-fresh dairy. The result is a creamy and earthy blend of Fro-Yo with familiar hints of hops and barley.”

It’s also low fat, so you can get your brew on without all the calories. We recommend topping this brew-flavored froyo with a generous helping of peanuts, which sounds to us like the perfect bar snack.


Drink Beer out of a Horn Like A Proper Viking


Das Horn, created by a NYC start-up of the same name, has designed this drinking vessel made in the shape of a giant ancient horn. Don’t worry about losing or leaving it on the table, because the horn also comes with a neck strap and a display stand.  Yup, they thought of everything.

So whether you’re dressing up as a Viking for Halloween and want to be assured that “no beasts, mythical or real, were harmed” in the making of your drinking vessel, then this might be for you. Plus, it’s made of BPA free plastic, and its dishwasher safe, an improvement the Vikings probably would have loved. What else do we love about this glass? 24 ounces of booze can fit inside. 

Das Horn, $25 @Das Horn

PicThx Design Taxi


Shake Shack Brings Shacktoberfest to London, Boozy Eats Ahead


In an over-exhausted London market, where the city is literally teeming with new chains, there’s a lot of pressure for the food to be phenomenal or at least have some kitschy selling point to reel in curious eaters. Now, hoping to up the ante overseas, Shake Shack London debuted its first Shacktoberfest to celebrate the German holiday of beer and brats this past week.

The menu comprised of special edition biers, bratwursts and burgers including but not limited to, a flat-top griddled Emmanteler cheese bratwurst, crispy ShackMeister Ale-marinated shallots and ShackSauce. For the brats, there were four  to choose from: the Spicy Brat, Currywurst, Bavarian Brat and Cheese Brat. In case that wasn’t enough to induce a food coma, the famous Shake Shack crinkle-cut fries were on deck, in addition to the German-themed dessert menu of an Apfelstrudel Shake and a German Chocolate Pecan Concrete — chocolate frozen custard blended with coconut–pecan caramel and chocolate truffle cookie dough. Did I mention the Shacktoberfest Bier Stein, 20 oz. of ShackMeister Ale (which tasted more like lager, but that’s not overly important), and the mug is yours to keep? Clutch.

Take a closer look at the boozy offerings and meaty eats below.


  Spicy Brat and Cheese Brat


The griddled Emmentaler cheese-stuffed bratwurst was perfectly cooked,  with gross amounts of cheese melted into every bite. We did have one complaint: For a German sausage, it could have been heftier.


Crinkle-Cut Cheese Fries


An absolute winner. Who can resist the good old American gooey, fluorescent orange, American cheese generously melted over a heap of crispy, salty crinkle-cut fries?


Shacktoberfest Bier Stein


Of course, it wouldn’t be Oktoberfest without beer — the best deal on the Shacktoberfest menu by far. A 20 oz. beer mug is yours to keep for only £10. Filled to the brim with Shake Shack’s very own ShackMeister Ale, refills are available for £4.50. We apologize for the blurry picture, we were a few brews deep at this point.


German Chocolate Pecan Concrete


The chocolate custard is amazing in its own right, now overload it chock-a-bock with candy and you’ll be drowning in delicious. Oh, and blending the custard with chocolate hazelnut brownies from St. JOHN Bakery (which arguably makes the best doughnuts in London)? Genius.


Apfelstrudel Shake


This dessert is sinfully sweet, yet quite pleasant. Its smooth milkshake-like consistency blended well with a cast of cozy autumnal spices, making for a comforting and filling dessert.


A prime example of the globalization of food — an American chain, in London, celebrating German heritage and culture. Whether simply a glorified fast food endeavor or an attempt at truly integrating American exports with another country’s celebrations (or both!), if it means more frozen custard for everybody, then hey, who can complain about that?

Shake Shack

24, Market Building, The Piazza, Covent Garden

London WC2E 8RD

020 3598 1360

Photography by Erica Schecter