This Restaurant Serves a Burger with Bratwurst, Bacon Sauerkraut and a Bacon Pretzel Bun

Biting at the heels of such burger-novation heavyweights as the Sunny Side Up Egg and Donut Burger, the Spiciest Chain Restaurant Burger and the 100% Bacon Patty ‘Merica Burger, the new (and entirely self-named) Wurst Burger from SoCal chain Slater’s 50/50 may seem a little underwhelming. But at least it has bacon in it.

Featuring a 100% German Bratwurst Patty, Swiss cheese, green apple, rendered bacon sauerkraut and original house mustard sauce on a bacon pretzel bun, this Oktoberfest-inspired monstrosity is Slater’s featured burger for the month at $10.95 — (or about $40-45 if you get it with fries and three beers, which you should).

I mean come on, where’s your Oktoberfest spirit?