Kevin Durant And His Restaurant Are Getting BLASTED On Yelp

By now, you might have heard that NBA superstar Kevin Durant announced he would take his talents to the Bay Area and become a member of the Golden State Warriors.

It should be noted that business is business, but some salty sports fans took to Yelp to express their disapproval of Kevin Durant’s decision, by attacking his restaurant, KD’s Southern Cuisine.

OKC fans weren’t the only people trolling the page. Die hard Golden State Warriors fans jumped in to Welcome KD, while savagely mocking Thunder supporters. It got to the point where Yelp Support had to clean up the mess.


Within the past 24 hours, Yelp! users have been writing their in length about apparent disgust with his restaurant and him as a person. To be fair, KD’s has a 3.5 star rating, which is average. It seems unclear if KD’s name sake will depart from it’s home on Johnny Bench Ave., anytime soon.

Although it’s hard to believe that the majority of reviews aren’t even from people that LIVE in Oklahoma City, or really even about the food in general — but the trolls keep coming.

User BB (Canucklehead) H, gave KD’s 3 stars, but made a snarky comment about serving Kraft Mac n’ Cheese in a Klay pot. Although, the account’s location is set to Canada. Umm, okay.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 1.48.33 PM

Yelper Jordan C., from Ohio.,  gave a 1-star rating and talked about his dreams getting thrown in the toilet. How can someone be this upset after the Cleveland Cavaliers won the championship? Um, Jordan, you know Cleveland is in Ohio, right? Why are you here?

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 1.53.03 PM

Troy A., got super metaphorical. Even found a photo of Kevin Durant in a chef’s hat — or made it. Either way, we’ll be over here if you need us, Troy.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 2.09.17 PM

Charlie S., from Mill Valley, CA said the  restaurant was, “great” but STILL gave it 2 stars!? C’mon, fam!

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 2.18.51 PM

Warriors fans didn’t seem too eager to try KD’s but welcomed him in the form of a Yelp review. Because how else would you welcome a new player in 2016? So, yeah.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 2.32.23 PM


On Thursday, as Kevin Durant was introduced to the media by Golden State’s management, he referred to meeting the Warriors as an, “organic” experience, which is ironic because the Bay Area is (probably) full of hipster vegans on organic-only diets. That’s a far cry from the southern home-style cooking his restaurant was serving up in Oklahoma.

Hey, if can’t take the heat — get out of the kitchen.

Fast Food

Taco Bell Unleashes a Breakfast Quesarito with Scrambled Eggs and Nacho Cheese


Remember when Taco Bell stuck it to Chipotle and made their own not-so-secret-menu quesarito? Well, apparently patrons dug it enough to inspire the chain to expand testing with an AM-friendly version: the Breakfast Quesarito.

Spotted by GrubGrade reader Aaron, this double-layered beast wraps a nacho cheese quesadilla around a burrito filled with scrambled eggs drenched in melted cheddar cheese. You can get it stuffed with either sausage or bacon for $1.99 or steak for $2.79. Or, you can just say fuck it, I’m at a goddamn Taco Bell for breakfast and get all three meats at once because protein (bro).

While there was no definite mention of where this new item was spotted, we’re assuming it was Oklahoma City like its less-eggy predecessor.

Picthx GrubGrade

Fast Food

Taco Bell Now Testing Quesarito (Burrito + Quesadilla)


While most fast food fans have heard of the quesarito from such illustrious establishments as Chipotle and Freebirds, Taco Bell is now trying their own hand at this hybrid item.

The chain is currently testing their new Quesarito only in Oklahoma City. However, rather than keeping this item on a not-so-secret menu as in the case with Chipotle and Freebirds, the Quesarito would be added to Taco Bell’s permanent menu if successful. Taco Bell’s version wraps their regular-item beef burrito in a grilled quesadilla loaded with melted cheese. Patrons can choose to swap the beef with shredded chicken or steak, and the test prices range from $1.99 to $2.99, depending on your choice of protein.

The result, as expected, is fantastic, inglorious food porn.