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Dannon Drops Cam Newton As Spokesperson Following Sexist Interview Response

When you’re a star athlete in any professional sport, you really have to be careful with what you say. It could get you into some trouble otherwise. As Dannon drops Cam Newton over some controversial comments he gave at a press conference, that lesson rings loud and clear.

Newton’s much criticized remarks to a female reporter, regarded by many as sexist, have cost him a sponsorship with food giant Dannon. Newton has worked with Dannon on several ads relating to their yogurt brand, Oikos, but that alliance is now at an end because of what he said.

Newton has been receiving backlash over the past day for comments made to journalist Jourdan Rodrigue after she asked him a question about passing routes.

“It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes, like… it’s funny.”

Dannon’s statement in response to what Newton said claims that they were “shocked and disheartened” at his behavior, which they viewed as “sexist and disparaging to all women.” As a result, Dannon has dropped him from their advertising. Newton will no longer appear on Oikos ads, but he will still be paid for the duration of his deal, USA Today reports.

UPDATE: After this story went to press, Cam Newton has since apologized for his remarks.


TCBY and Ben & Jerry’s Introduce ‘Greek Frozen Yogurt’ Items

As the Greek Yogurt trend continues to grow, it seems both ice cream and frozen yogurt chains are wanting a piece of the action.

This past Thursday, frozen Yogurt chain TCBY rolled out a debut flavor of their Greek Frozen Yogurt varieties: Honey Vanilla. The debut flavor has eight grams of protein, 100 calories and zero grams of fat per four-ounce serving. The Utah-based chain notes that more flavors of their Greek Frozen Yogurt are slated to arrive this summer.

Ben & Jerry’s also took this week to introduce four new Greek Yogurt varieties to their frozen treats menu. Along for the trendy ride includes: Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Fudge Chunk, Banana Peanut Butter and Blueberry Vanilla Graham. All of these flavors are higher in protein and lower in calories than the chain’s regular ice cream.

We caught wind last month that Ben & Jerry’s flavors would be toying with Greek frozen yogurt, and the expansion seems to make sense at a time when Greek Yogurt sales have risen over 2500% over the past 5 years.

2012 seems to be the year for Greek Yogurt, starting off prominently with Oikos brand buying some Super Bowl commercial airtime and now making some serious waves with notable chains such as TCBY and Ben & Jerry’s.

It will be interesting to see how these flavors are accepted in a frozen format, and see how long this “trend” continues to flourish.



Oikos Greek Yogurt 2012 Super Bowl Commercial — “The Tease”

If you’re up on your Super Bowl Commercial information, you might have heard that John Stamos will be starring in an Oikos Greek Yogurt commercial next weekend. In fact, the Oikos Greek Yogurt ad spot marks the first yogurt commercial to ever air during the big game.

The 30ish-second ad spot features John Stamos, a woman, and her Oikos yogurt. Just when you thought “Unce Jesse” was untouchable, this spunky lady levels Stamos to the ground with one efficient head butt. I guess you’re not supposed to screw around with a woman when she’s enjoying her yogurt.

The Tease” will air during the third quarter of the 2012 Super Bowl. But here it is for those of you who can’t wait (below), and make sure to check out our special behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of the commercial:


Oikos Super Bowl Commercial Starring John Stamos [BEHIND THE SCENES]

Did you know that this year’s Super Bowl be home to the first ever commercial for a yogurt brand? Neither did we…but we know now!

What makes it even more interesting? It will be starring our favorite sitcom uncle, Uncle Jesse…err…John Stamos. The freshly announced Dannon Oikos Greek yogurt commercial will air during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVI, just over a week away. While you’ll have to wait a few more days until the actual commercial airs, we have some behind-the-scenes footage of the actual commercial shoot.

The ad spot was directed by 21-year old Remy Neymarc, possibly the youngest professional Super Bowl Ad Director in History (Guiness World Records might look into acknowledging this). The pretty actress sharing screen time with Stamos goes by the name Jessica Blackmore, and depending upon the commercial’s reception, could get some major positive exposure into the future.


There Will Be a Yogurt Commercial Starring John Stamos During Super Bowl XLVI

Dannon Yogurt company just announced that this year’s Super Bowl will be home to the first-ever yogurt commercial to air during the big game. That’s not the best news (yeah yeah, yogurt commercials get us off too). Dannon has come together with actor John Stamos to promote their Oikos Greek Yogurt brand, and will air during the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVI and will also be pushed through the Oikos Facebook and YouTube pages.

This isn’t the first time Uncle Jesse…err..John Stamos has appeared in a Dannon Oikos’ TV commercial, and if this one goes over well, we’re hoping it won’t be his last.


John Stamos Stars in Oikos Greek Yogurt TV Commercial

Greek Yogurt brand Oikos has recently enlisted actor John Stamos (shout out to Uncle Jesse!) to appear seductively in their new spots for their Dannon Oikos Blueberry products. As much as Stamos keeps busy with his post-Full House career, it’s hard to shake the image of him kickin’ it with Danny Tanner and flinging a young Mary Kate Olsen across a room in her diapers. Or was it Ashley Olsen? Oh well, it was the 90s.

Here’s the new Oikos spot: