This MLB Player Earned Free BBQ For Life With A Single Punch [WATCH]

I’m not even a really big baseball fan, but I sure as hell might be after seeing Rougned Odor crack Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista in the face. That’s the kind of shit I live for.

Last year in game 5 of the 2015 American League Division Series against the , Bautista served up a three-run-homer at a pivotal time in the 7th inning. After cracking the baseball, he stared down the pitcher for a moment then flipped his bat up into the air as he and his teammates went jogging around the bases on their way to a win. This did not sit well with Rangers fans and players alike.

Well, last Sunday, Bautista was rounding the bases and slid dangerously into second basemen Rougned Odor. This, being a big “fuck you” in baseball, led to Odor first shoving Bautista then clocking him square in the jaw so hard that Bautista’s sunglasses went flying off of his face.

As I’m sure you can imagine, Texas fans LOVED this. They were so happy that Odor punched Bautista that one fan even started a GoFundMe page in order to raise enough money to pay for his fines. The uber fandom doesn’t stop there, however, as Odor had one more enthusiastic fan give him a deal nobody would be mad about.

Travis Heim, the owner of Heim BBQ in Fort Worth, Texas, publicly declared that Odor had earned himself a lifetime supply of BBQ from his joint, all thanks to the smackdown he doled out to Bautista. “We just thought it would be a funny thing if we gave Rougie free food because he wasn’t the only one who wanted to punch Bautista after last year,” said Heim to NBC 5 News.

Heim has even started selling t-shirts honoring the man and the moment Texas fans will internalize and remember for years to come, with at least 200 sold already in the past few days. Now he just prays that Odor doesn’t abuse his newfound privileges. “Hopefully, he doesn’t like barbecue too much, because then we might be in the red,” Heim said. “It’s just a fun deal, you know.”



This Smelly Food Makes Women More Attracted To Men Who Eat It, Study Finds


Garlic breath might scare away the ladies, but garlic body odor will keep them wanting more. Men who eat a sizeable amount of garlic smell more attractive to women, a new study finds.

In the study, published in the journal Appetite, the researchers discovered a positive correlation between how much garlic a man eats and how appealing his body odor is to the opposite sex.

During the experiment, 42 male participants were given varying amounts of garlic bulbs or capsules to consume in three separate phases. Their body odors were collected by the pads they were required to wear for 12 hours after. Those pads were then sniffed by 82 women who rated the smell by their attractiveness, intensity and pleasantness.

The first phase involved 6 grams (2 cloves) of garlic, which the men ate with bread and cheese. The second phase involved 12 grams (4 cloves of garlic), and the third phase involved 12 grams of garlic in capsule form.

For the results of the first phase, women who sniffed the pads didn’t rate the odor any differently than the odor of men who ate only bread and cheese. Their body odors were rated the same as the control group that was not given any garlic.

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When researchers doubled the amount of garlic consumption to 12 grams in the second phase, women found the odor to be increasingly pleasant, attractive and less intense than the non-garlic odor. The women rated the odor from the third phase the same as the second.

The experimenters concluded that garlic and body odor go hand in hand for men when it comes to attracting a female partner. The researchers speculate that the healthy benefits from eating garlic is exuded in body odor. The pheromones from a male’s body is thus a marker of good health and will consequently elicit a response from the opposite sex.

Study co-author and psychology professor at the University of Stirling in the UK, Craig Roberts, noted the pros of eating garlic:

“As the health benefits of garlic consumption include antioxidant, immunostimulant, cardiovascular bactericidal and anti-cancer effects, it is plausible that human odor preferences have been shaped by sexual selection.”

Roberts gave a possible explanation for the results:

“From an evolutionary perspective, formation of preferences for diet-associated body odors was possibly shaped by means of sexual selection. Previous research indicates that many animal species use diet-associated cues to select mates in good physical condition.”

Written by Laura Dang of NextShark 


This Hawaiian Mushroom Makes Women Orgasm Just By Smelling It

I have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good news:

Scientists have discovered an orange mushroom in recent Hawaiian lava flows that can induce instantaneous orgasms in women just from the odor it gives off. That’s right, fellas. You can get your girl to bust nuts all over the place just by having her sniff this thing.

This orgasm triggered by fungus, or “fungasm,” is due in part from hormones in the mushroom that are close in similarity to the same ones picked up by our own neurotransmitters. Basically, the smell of this shroom makes the female body think it’s having sex. Imagine walking into a sorority house with your pockets filled with these mushrooms.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 3.57.14 PM

Mushroom Stock Photo

Take your time, I’ll wait. Really let your mind paint that picture, and enjoy it while you can. Because here comes the bad news:

The orange mushroom smells orgasmic to women and literally caused nearly half of the volunteers for the study to climax. Unfortunately, it smells like week old horse shit to men. In the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, the discoverers of the orange fungus, John C. Holliday and Noah Soule, concluded that all the male test subjects were repulsed by the fetid smell.

So if you’re bad in bed and need a little bit of help, go find these mushrooms and hide a bunch of them under your bed. Then grab a clothes pin for yourself. Thank me later.

Photo Credit: Deviant Art 


Apocalypse Avoided! Judge Denies Attempt to Shut Down Sriracha Factory


It looks like a national Sriracha crisis has been avoided, for now. A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge denied the city of Irwindale’s request to shut down production of Sriracha over complaints that the odor emanating from the factory was causing burning eyes, irritated throats and headaches.

“You’re asking for a very radical order on a 24-hour notice. You probably should have come in earlier,” Judge Robert H. O’Brien told attorney June Ailin, who represents the city.

O’Brien’s ruling enables the plant to finish processing the peppers they’ll need for the following year’s hot sauce supply, with just over a week left in the harvesting period. However, despite the city’s request for a temporary restraining order being denied, another hearing for November 22 is scheduled to determine whether a shut down is needed to fix the alleged odor issues.

When the city contacted the company about the smell last year, CEO and founder David Tran of Huy Fong Foods said active carbon filters were installed in the factory, in addition to an extra layer installed later. Initial reports from air quality inspectors detected no smell 20 feet from the exhaust system, with a mild chile odor — rated 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 — found in the factory’s lobby. As for the nearby streets surrounding the factory, no smell was detected.

Still, as Tran told the LA Times, the chiles pack a punch for a reason and “if it doesn’t smell, we can’t sell.” You’ve got to admit, the man’s got a point.

H/T LA Times